December 22nd, 2014 | 62 Entries

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62 Entries for “stunt”

  1. actors primarily use stunt doubles for dangerous moves in action movies. Some stunt doubles risk their lives. It is a very dangerous job. But it also seems very fun.

    By crystal on 12.22.2014

  2. “A stunt double?” cried Lorry skeptically. “What the Hell makes you think I need one of those?”

    “Miss Ames,” the director protested, “I understand that you’ve been in a lot of action films. The script, however, calls for a lot of acrobatics and risky moves…”

    “To Hell with risky. Did you not see me in ‘Selma’s Revenge’? I could wrestle a live bear if you brought me one now. No stunt double. I’ll quit on the spot if I have one.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.22.2014

  3. Stunt. The stump is stunted. Grow into a tree, you lazy piece of shit! You’re living on knobs, at the expense of others. I don’t mean to be so blunt. But you’re stunted, stumpy cunt.

    By Yami on 12.22.2014

  4. every day, every fight, my insides freak out. run away, cause a scene, pull one of your disappearing acts, pull a stunt you know they always hate, but every day, every fight, every storm always ends up calm, and i stay and every night, you’re there. you made me change, you made me grow. and for that i’ll thank you forever.

    By Kelsey-Lynn URL on 12.22.2014

  5. …Beautiful Chaos of the Soul.

    By liz on 12.22.2014

  6. The stunt he had to do was daunting. His entire life had led to this moment. Bungee jumping off the Eiffel Tower. It was too late to back down now.

    By dan URL on 12.22.2014

  7. The stunt had left him winded and more than a little bruised. And judging from the pain in his side, the very real possibility of several broken ribs.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.22.2014

  8. “Ricky, I swear, if you pull another stunt like that you are gonna be grounded for a week,” she shrieked as they pulled out of the grocery store parking lot. Ricky, cheeks red but eyes lit up with satisfaction and excitement simply hung his head. He know what he had done was wrong, he did not care.

    By Jill Penley on 12.22.2014

  9. you stayed for a year and promised me the world. i believed every word you whispered to me and i loved every minute of it. you were my light, my world. but when you left i realized i was nothing more to you than a stunt.

    By Greta on 12.22.2014

  10. How could he? This stunt has gone way too far. He once knew the boundaries in these situations, but this girl is too much.
    Ha. Understatement of the century. Him actually kissing her on the show?? That is too far for me. I love him, and he does this? He’s gonna get it.

    By Sarah on 12.22.2014

  11. “You could’ve died out there!”
    The blonde shrugged, her expression blank. “It wasn’t that big a deal,”
    “It was! Gods, do you know how easily you could’ve been KILLED, Cara?!” she said, her voice rising wildly. “Just one wrong move, ONE, and you’d just be…you’d be GONE!”
    “But I’m NOT gone,” she protested, “‘m here and I’m FINE,”
    “But what if you weren’t? What would I-” she cut herself off, turning away and, for the first time since the brunette had pulled her away from the crowd, she understood what she was trying to say.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.22.2014

  12. After that little stunt he pulled in the grocery store, I can say with full affirmation that I have never been more embarrassed in my life. It’s like he lives to cause a scene, or to make other people look on. I’m wondering if he has some deep seated desire for negative attention or notoriety. Any time anything good happens between just the two of us, he’s this wonderfully optimistic person, but the second any other party comes around he has to look at the negatives and make “it” seem as much worse than it may be, if at all. On top of that, he has to emphasize ME as the fool or perpetrator behind it all.

    By Illiana Wu on 12.22.2014

  13. Derick isn’t entirely sure he can explain why he became a stunt double. Something about being able to do all the /actually/ dangerous things in films without people being concerned about just who the man behind the flip had been had intrigued him from a young age.

    By Dallas on 12.22.2014

  14. Stunt. Stunted. I am cut off. Halted. Stopped. The cancer won’t grow, but it won’t die out. Maybe it’s a heros act. It takes a stuntman to make it happen.

    By Swing through on 12.22.2014

  15. That’s the last time he would ever pull a stunt like that again. Sure, it had worked the first time, and the second time. And the third time. But this time, for some reason, something went wrong.

    By L on 12.23.2014

  16. It shouldn’t be so difficult. A stunt of life to survive. I feel like everyday there is anew challenge, another new hurdle. The days of peace there is always an underlying sense of fear and waiting. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because we aren’t deserving of peace. We aren’t allowed to have moments of pride, happiness and relief. We are people who struggle. Maybe not as much as yesterday, or last month or last year; but always struggle.

    By chris on 12.23.2014

  17. A stunt can be done by anyone and is just a thing that can be used to get attention. It is a difficult trick that the person performs to someone or something (e.g. a camera) Stunts can be any trick you like though and are not limited- many people think they are.

    By Samantha URL on 12.23.2014

  18. Stunt according to me is an action pulled smartly and by someone who knows how to do very well. To me this word reminds me mostly a physical one, a physical stunt.

    By Khushi on 12.23.2014

  19. was it stupid? yeah. did it pay off afterwards and leave you in some ethereal risk-taker glow? well, no. but what matters is that you got outside of your comfort zone! everyone says to do that, and you weren’t quite sure how, but you figured that as long as it got your blood pumping you’d be fine.
    and two broken ribs later you figured that, well, you were wrong.

    By rhey quaza on 12.23.2014

  20. Whether or not you were impressed with the performance of the actors in the film, the stunt that we saw was done with great care and precision.

    By victor walkes URL on 12.23.2014

  21. often seen in movies, quite selden done by the actors but often the best thing in the whole movie. Often there are physician on the set to coordinate them.

    By Thia on 12.23.2014

  22. “Don’t pull that stunt on me,” he told her straightforwardly.

    He appeared annoyed at her little antics. In fact, he wanted to appear annoyed. But there was something about her that filled him with wonder and awe; She was a strange creature he had only been recently acquainted with.

    It was more than just her aura. It was the way she approached things–as if she cared very little for herself and a little too much for the world around her. It was her smile that could not be instantly read. It was the way she manufactured her actions–with a lot of intent, but without trying too hard.

    He was struck and in a daze. He knew for sure–but he didn’t have the slightest clue why.

    By ina on 12.23.2014

  23. Stunt is the feeling you get when one is not given the chance to explore his or her full potential. This may be because of factors like inequality, lack of opportunity and simply because there is no chance.

    By alma on 12.23.2014

  24. A fat pig asked an orange why he pulled that stint he did; the Orange replied that he had nowhere to go and was consumed by a passion for vandalism and terror.

    By Mikki on 12.23.2014

  25. stuntman jumping off cliffs I want to do that too jump off the internet and just vanish just disappear no debris no remains no blood just oblivion and yet it is never that simple is it its so messy

    By apatheticfreak URL on 12.23.2014

  26. i do a stunt with my skateboard over a ramp, i jump around 50cm high and drop down on the ground with a crack. i stumble while the board leaves the space beneath me.

    By Nils on 12.23.2014

  27. Risks that come with rewards. Rewards that come with risks. The question is, “do we sacrifice it all for nothing?”.

    By Edwin Charles Fletcher Green on 12.23.2014

  28. Stunt. Jak mám vědět, co znamená slovo “Stunt”? Zas tak dobře anglicky neumím. Sice se mohu dívat na filmy v originále a bez titulků, ale všechna slova opravdu neznám…

    By Nobody4U URL on 12.23.2014

  29. stunt ……..

    By teagan URL on 12.23.2014

  30. And he pulled the most amazing stunt ever seen! It was death-defying, e , over lava and everything! What was it, you ask? OH, well, no one knows, you see, because we’ve only ever heard about it.

    By Sarah on 12.23.2014

  31. She didn’t know what kind of stunt he was pulling, and she didn’t like it. There was something about his grin that made her feel suspicious, maybe even overly so, but still. She’d heard the rumours about this guy. She knew he wasn’t the most trustworthy person around.

    And yet she still finds herself hand-in-hand with him, running from camp and into the woods.

    By Sophia on 12.23.2014

  32. He was a daring man. An artist of sorts, some may say.
    He never thought, as he performed.
    Yet he was impossibly brilliant

    By Kim on 12.23.2014

  33. Abner smiled wiping the cheeto powder off his fingers and staring at the jump it would be difficult but hey he shrugged whatever it might just be fun.

    By Mr. Beagle on 12.23.2014

  34. Por um instante eu parei e olhei para trás. Era curioso tudo que tinha acontecido comigo desde que ele apareceu na vida do Clube. Dei uma última sacada e continuai em direção à porta. Não havia mais nada ali pra mim. Ninguém precisava ouvir minhas opiniões. Era meu fim.

    By Gabrielle on 12.23.2014

  35. The guy looks like he just did a really bad stunt. He didn’t knew what he should do and there for he decided just to do the most stupid and ridiculous thing in the world

    By Mille Clausen on 12.23.2014

  36. What a stunt you pulled,
    like an acrobat flying through the air
    You flew threw my life
    without a care

    What a stunt you pulled
    Going insane
    Making the change

    By Toomuchmadz on 12.23.2014

  37. What a stunt you pulled
    Like an acrobat you flying through the air
    You flew through my life without a care
    you pulled all the stunts in the book
    and left me without having a second look
    what a stunt you pulled

    By Toomuchmadz on 12.23.2014

  38. His fist collides with my cheek. I tumble onto the floor, nausea bubbling in the pit of my stomach. Even from my place on the floor, I can smell the alcohol on his breath.

    “What the hell were you thinking, trying a stunt like that?” he bellows, his voice pitching up somewhere beyond disbelief.

    I wince, touching the bruise on my cheek. As far as I can tell, nothing’s broken, but it feels like my cheekbone has moved up several inches.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 12.23.2014

  39. She was riding her bike down the street. Thinking it would be cool to show off to her friends, she took her hands of the handle bars…a stunt. Not the best decision she could have made. As she hit a rock, without that extra balance, she flew head first over those bars. When she woke up a minute later, the boy down the street was staring down at her with concern.

    By Lisa Hamer URL on 12.23.2014

  40. what you pulled on me
    what coffee will do to me
    the absense of growth
    death that you can recover from

    By Corinne on 12.23.2014