November 22nd, 2011 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “study”

  1. I should be studying now, but I;m not. I’m wide awake and all I can do is think of you. I wish you were here. I want you to be here, because the only thing I want to study is your body.

    By Emily Claire URL on 11.22.2011

  2. Study hard, keep your nose in a book and hopefully you can catch a ride on the scholarship train. Because let me tell you, I ain’t paying for it. You want to better yourself, change your life, great! But do it yourself, and on your own terms.

    By jasmith URL on 11.22.2011

  3. It takes practice to study well. Distractions are your worst enemy. It’s the hallmark of a good student, in school and in life, if you can learn to study productively.

    By lil_nail URL on 11.22.2011

  4. i dont like to study, but with all honesty they ought to havep icked a better word for today. it’s a verb, or a noun

    By Valeri URL on 11.22.2011

  5. Study. I am sick to death of study. All i do is study. When i want to take a break i come here and write and now i find myself writing about Studying. Ah well, they say knowledge is power. Perhaps there is some truth to that.

    By Jaclyn on 11.22.2011

  6. The room at the top of the house where daddy spent all his time. We aren’t allowed in there now. It makes mummy cry. I can’t remember what it looks like anymore.

    By Laura URL on 11.22.2011

  7. A magnifying glass, tweezers and comb
    she filed away each turkey feather, bone
    and beak – she saw conversation gaps
    so many a pyre, and kept it under wraps

    By gsk URL on 11.22.2011

  8. to work for a test or project.

    By chapman on 11.22.2011

  9. I study in study hall all the time.

    By joshua on 11.22.2011

  10. you will say it and look over it then someone will quiz you on it..>3

    By dylan shuler on 11.22.2011

  11. when you have a certain paper to study from for something.

    By bob on 11.22.2011

  12. Sometimes no matter how hard you study it doesn’t pay off. Hours are spent cramming as much useless information that you’ll never use again into your head. But for what? To please your parents? To look good for colleges? In 10 years, will the 95 you got in chemistry really matter? Will anyone care?

    By Vanessa URL on 11.22.2011

  13. i some times feel like studying is a waist and tests are to, most people think that home work is, i guess im just odd.

    By emily :K on 11.22.2011

  14. I study you. I won’t admit that to myself. I am not in love with you. I am in love with the idea of you. What it could mean. How your words form in the shape of your mouth. I want to crawl into the lines of your brain and find all the secret things you thought that you might hide from everyone.

    By leah URL on 11.22.2011

  15. I don’t like to study. When I study I forget everything so I choose not to study. My little brother also hates studying but he has to because he’s not very smart.

    By Yadi.M URL on 11.22.2011

  16. I had to study for this big test that I had in english. All the studying helped me and I passed the test! I was so happy that I passed and my mom was very happy too!

    By Drenna(: URL on 11.22.2011

  17. Ugh studying is so boring. I sometimes study but not very often.

    By ashlea.schweigert URL on 11.22.2011

  18. You have to study if you want to pass a test. thats what I think of when i see the word study.

    By tori URL on 11.22.2011

  19. Study means to work hard to rember something for a test the next day
    or if you have to know what 2 + 2 =4 .

    By cando URL on 11.22.2011

  20. This is something that is happening right now.

    As we speak your time is trickling away from you in a way that the younger do not understand and the older do not care to remember, and you will look back to find this time both more difficult and easier than anything else you will ever have done.

    Where were we?

    By Tianwei Liu URL on 11.22.2011

  21. look, listen, think; again; test yourself; change the order; put your resources aside and write what you know or pretend to teach.

    By Mortoni URL on 11.22.2011

  22. i studied him from across the table. he was fidgety, and his eyes kept shifting. and that’s when i knew he was cheating. from the way his hands held the fork too tight, white knuckles against cold silver

    By kate on 11.22.2011

  23. Even the most studious of people are overlooking proper study in their life,
    How can you be nose deep in a book and ever expect to see people for who they are?
    No fabricated textbook based off the notions and perceptions of one individual author
    will ever bring you life experience.
    Is 100,000 worth knowing useless facts that you’ll never regurgitate in your life?
    Don’t get me wrong,
    I love to study and learn and urge everyone to do so.
    But paying money to learn isn’t the real way to live.
    Knowledge should be free.
    And you should follow your heart at what you want to gain knowledge in. Not your wallet.

    By artfulataraxia URL on 11.22.2011

  24. Are you kidding me? Exams start in ten days. Feels like my whole life is studying at the moment. I’m freaking out. Thanks for reminding me.

    By Andrea URL on 11.22.2011

  25. jljgljl

    By Janellekm URL on 11.22.2011

  26. Study? What is study to know what you are suppose to……. When you nee to at the time you need to.

    By babyboo1232 URL on 11.22.2011

  27. Study is something that you do to make you smarter.

    By cheychey URL on 11.22.2011

  28. studying is where you look at a book and read it over and over again to review things.

    By clarebear22 URL on 11.22.2011

  29. When you study you prepare for something. Like maybe a test at school or a dance. Something that you have to know in order to do.

    By Bub :D URL on 11.22.2011

  30. You can study for a test. You can study for anything that needs to be memorized.

    By mango1209 URL on 11.22.2011

  31. Study means when you try to remember a certain thing, where you keep going over the thing.

    By kiwi URL on 11.22.2011

  32. study means to sit down and practice something like math you sit down and study it so you can get better at it. You also can study animals so you learn more about it.

    By inforser URL on 11.22.2011

  33. Study is when you study for a test or for something that you need to pass or something you want to learn or something like that (:

    By exploding chicken 2 URL on 11.22.2011

  34. its when you work hard and think about it before you do it and you get ready to get an a so you do not get an f.

    By lovebunny13 URL on 11.22.2011

  35. its when you get ready for a test you need to study information to be able to pass it. one day had a big test and i passed it because i studied for it

    By countrygirl12 URL on 11.22.2011

  36. when you study for a test you are pretty much trying to remember stuff for a test most of the time.

    By maxamillion URL on 11.22.2011

  37. to study is to like prepare for a test. If you study, you can get better grades on the test and just better grades in general. studying can be fun and it can suck.

    By Vanilla URL on 11.22.2011

  38. study means you review what you learned . like you study for a test .

    By dub42 URL on 11.22.2011

  39. i study hard when i have a test to take in school i study on the weekends i study all the time thats what study means! !!!!!!!! study is when u foucus in somthing really hard and u study it to learn what it means study means to remember somthing that u studyed before and u re sttudy it when u study somthing u learn new things when u study somthing u get new vocabularyes i think im not really sure about these things yet but i can try and try and try to learn what they mean

    By picklebounce1 URL on 11.22.2011

  40. Study like you have a test and you need to study.

    By NOM NOM DUDE URL on 11.22.2011