November 21st, 2011 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “laughter”

  1. I watched him in horror as he moved the scalpal down the middle of my friend’s chest.
    His laughter pealed through the air,
    ricocheted through my bones.

    I screamed.


    By Karsen Meredith URL on 11.22.2011

  2. Laughter has been called the best medicine. Sometimes when I laugh I find it clears my head and allows me to start all over again. Unfortunately, laughter truly does not solve all problems. But it does allow for a moment of relief.

    By Barbara on 11.22.2011

  3. is the best medicine. It’s true. One always feels better after a good laugh.
    Especially those shared with friends. Relieves stress, makes you smile, helps to forget your worrries, etc, etc, etc

    By ces on 11.22.2011

  4. Laughter makes me happy, crying makes me sad. Yawning makes me sleepy, anger makes me mad. Or so said the lyrics to a song from my 4th grade play.

    By RWMiller URL on 11.22.2011

  5. He laughed meniacally, holding his hands over his ears, backing into the corner of the little “room”.
    “What have you done to my brother?!” I yelled lifting the doctor off the ground by his lab coat collar.
    “We haven’t done anything. He’s not even taking our medications. He attacks anyone who enters the room.” He said, his voice shaking slightly.
    “I want to talk to him.”
    “Sir, I must warn you he -”
    “Let me talk to my brother.”
    His eyes locked with mine, pleading for me to back down, but he finally gave and let me in.
    “We can’t allow any other orderlies to get hurt. So you have to go in alone. We will be right outside if anything happens though.” He opened the door and walked away.
    He stopped laughing, looking straight at me his once blue eyes were now a swirl of red and blue.
    “What the hell happened to you?” I stepped closer to him.
    He lept forward thrashing me with unbelievable strength. The door quickly flew open as two security guards threw him against the wall.
    “I told you, sir.” The doctor said to me, us both staring at the crazed man through the camera screen. Listening to that crazed laughter.

    By Brandon Adams URL on 11.22.2011

  6. Laughter is good! Eases stress, good for pain management, promotes feelings of closeness. The only negatives are if your work suffers, or if the laughter is at the expense of someone’s dignity.

    By elizabeth b URL on 11.22.2011

  7. a giggle, a smile,
    a relaxed brow,
    a forgotten frustration
    melted away
    with ironic banter
    or sarcastic nothings,
    each blasting away
    things we all took way too damn seriously.

    By NuSol URL on 11.22.2011

  8. Echoing all over is the sound of laughter,
    Haunting my sad soul,
    Its me they are coming after.
    Laughter i too shall use as my weapon, for i am faster!

    By MoeVanGo URL on 11.22.2011

  9. Laughter. The good times’ melodious soundtracks. Times with friends and family, good food, good weather, beautiful places. Some days I get too tired to laugh, some days I forget that there’s such a thing as laughter. It’s a beautiful sound, we need it in our lives. Spread the love and share a laugh.

    By idiosyncratic eye URL on 11.22.2011

  10. Laughter is joyful. It sounds like a crystal bell ringing. Laughter is what you do when you’re happy. You laugh when something’s funny. You laugh just to laugh.

    By Damaris URL on 11.22.2011

  11. i can hear the laughter in the back room. everyone is so happy to be here and to be together, and here i am finding myself alone hiding from everyone in the kitchen. if only i could laugh along with their stupid jokes, and pretend i don’t have much more serious things going on in my mind. they have so much laughter, and none i can share with.

    By Abra URL on 11.22.2011

  12. She heard laughter echoing from the bottom of the stairs. It was so child-like and free. Her hands grazed the cold stone walls as she tentatively took her first step in to the blackness.

    By Nikki on 11.22.2011

  13. I tip back in my chair, laughing so hard that tears run down my face. I gaze around at my friends, filled with joy at us all being together, working together as one. After we all finish laughing till our guts hurt, I continue smiling. They all talk amongst eachother, but finally find me still smiling like an idiot. They ask me what’s so funny. It’s nothing, I tell them.
    Pure happiness

    By Isabella on 11.22.2011

  14. Laugher :) laughter saves so many things. If you can laugh in the middle of an argument, I believe the argument lessens tenfold. That is why it is the key to a successful friendship. Also, laughing in the face of a serious situation helps you realize life is good. That is why laughter is the most important thing!

    By letitbe URL on 11.22.2011

  15. Now, what was I going to write about laughter? Some say it’s the best medicine, but I say, “Nay, nay.”

    I mean does an already happy person need medicine? No. So laughter is not only medicine is just plain good for you. Don’t know what to laugh about? Just look around. Life is pretty funny. Why, just take a look at the person next to you. Pretty funny, compared to you, right?

    By Ilike Toast URL on 11.22.2011

  16. He laughed and laughed and laughed, but there was something wrong with it all. It was something joyous turned scared and devastated. He was clutching his stomach, getting blood on his abs as he cried and laughed over the body of the one he loved. He laughed so hard that his cracked and broken ribs protested violently and pierced him inside. He laughed and laughed as he bled to death internally.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 11.22.2011

  17. Oh shit how do I do this when all I feel inside is dread? How do I look normal? Why are they all laughing? Life is goddamn hard and I want to scream in their faces, in their shiney happy faces. It’s not bloody funny. I need you to help me not gurn and chortle like a moron. But I do. I gurn and chortle and laugh like a moron… and I’m normal again.

    By lizamajig URL on 11.22.2011

  18. WE laughed all night. WE made it through all the tough times with our numerous sounds. I can’t laugh without them, because my laughter comes FROM them. They were my friends, still are my friends. And without them I would have nothing. WE always come back home. They are my home.

    By William Gruber on 11.22.2011

  19. She giggles and helps me set the blanket down. ‘Yeah, um. Sorry,’ she mumbles and I roll my eyes. ‘You apologise too much,’ I tell her. She shrugs. ‘Um, sorry. I mean, wait. Darn it. I guess I don’t like being…not…sorry?’ she asks, seemingly confusing herself.

    By India on 11.22.2011

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    beads and beans

    By michael URL on 11.22.2011

  21. Laughter. The sweet sound of laughter keeps the world going around. If we didnt have anything to laugh at, the world would be a very boring place. I love laughing with all my friends at inside jokes and just plain weird things that we say or do. It’s refreshing.

    By k18 on 11.22.2011

  22. what you do when someone does or says something funny.

    By nathan on 11.22.2011

  23. Ringing in trees, the humming of bees, the feeling of my body blushing between my eyes and circling my knees, I think of you and laugh.
    I laugh in memory, I laugh in mirth. I laugh for the sake of feeling cool, damp earth
    Between my feet like a child’s bed
    I could think of sadness
    But I choose laughter instead

    By MorganLovell URL on 11.22.2011

  24. I love laughing, it’s the most precious and beautiful thing in the world. When you feel like you burst into happiness and gratitude and love for all things joyable. Sharing those moments with close friends and friends-to-be is my favorite activity of all time. Ha ha ha ha ha. Hahahahahahah. Ha!

    By Ava on 11.22.2011

  25. The say laughter is the key to life and I agree. I feeli like whateever kind of day I am having one simply laugh can cure any hurt doubt or pain. I hate poeple that don’t have a sense of humor and they seem to bring bad spirits when they come around. It’s best to be around people that love to laugh and can make you laugh.

    By Domonike on 11.22.2011

  26. Laughter makes me think of love. I think that everyone who is in love, laughs. Or anyone that laughs should be in love. Because laughter means happiness. If the world knew happiness, you would not go around hearing screams or bickering. You would go around hearing life and love not fearing whats out there. Laugh often, love much.

    By Laugh on 11.22.2011

  27. I would say that the best thing in our lives is to laugh. The more laughter you are, the happiest you live. That’s why I usually try to keep laughing, though my life is not always good.

    Move on whatever happens! don’t forget my advice.

    By Gonzalo URL on 11.22.2011

  28. One of the things l look forward to during the holidays is a house full of laughter. That’s the best. I don’t care about the food or the gifts or anything else. My kids’ laughter all around me is like heaven. That’s what makes it all worthwhile. I am really looking forward to it this year.

    By CorinaJoyC URL on 11.22.2011

  29. If mermaids could be real, what else could be real? She thought to herself.

    It had been a beautiful summer day on the coast and while snorkeling she had felt something brush her foot. Right there, just RIGHT FUCKING THERE in front of her was a mermaid, covering her mouth to hide her undersea laughter.

    God, the girl thought, I must look like one goofy-ass creature to her.

    By Tim URL on 11.22.2011