November 22nd, 2011 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “study”

  1. I do not like to study. Period. :b

    By ***nika'sflylikeag6***(: URL on 11.23.2011

  2. When people study, they do well in life.

    So if a beach hobo studied would his life turn around??

    Unnnnless you want to be a beach hobo when you grow up I suggest that you grab your books and limit you trash talking towards you teachers…

    But you might say, “What if I WANT to become a Beach Hobo?”

    Then ditch the books and try to get a plane ticket to Hawaii as soon as possible:) and GOOD LUCK:)

    By *B-Fabb* 12 URL on 11.23.2011