January 24th, 2015 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “induce”

  1. Not.

    By Swing Through URL on 01.25.2015

  2. i dont know what is the meaning of induce but i shall try write about it. like what im doing right now. two or three sentence seems good. maybe i should add some more. like, what is the meaning of induce? sorry, english isnt my first language.

    By baekhyun on 01.25.2015

  3. I don’t know the meaning ò this word but I think it related to produce. And, maybe it í an introveted word

    By Thanh Van on 01.25.2015

  4. I don’t know the meaning of this word but it has two vocals and its stress is on the second one

    By thanhvan191296 URL on 01.25.2015

  5. In the hospital I was never aware that labor can be induced. One mother is already due but still her baby didn’t come out. The doctor and nurses had no choice but to deliver the baby with the help of medications.

    By Ria URL on 01.25.2015

  6. He doesn’t know what induced him to talk to that one pretty boy, but he did not regret it. The moment the pretty boy looked up at him (as he was shoter by 10 cm or so), he was sucked inside that pretty eyes. Drown. He fell in love.

    By luhan on 01.25.2015

  7. she walked up to the bar, and looking a him, it appeared that he had induced her into some strange coma – she suddenly felt in lovehim. confused – because this was not how she felt about anyone. And she knew that he was not attracted to him at al

    By booka on 01.25.2015

  8. Through the powerful sensation that had stripped her body bare of any notions of self, she felt her self falling through the cracks of the floorboards. The labor had been induced and her body, alien to herself and the people around her bulged in anticipation.

    By Teal URL on 01.25.2015

  9. At various times in our lives and in our day to day activities, we try to induce ourselves into learning certain things, or adopting certain traits so that we can become successful in the mainstream way. Does that make us happy? Will that make us successful? We have yet to see, but one can hope.

    By bobo on 01.25.2015

  10. My brother induce me to smoke cigarretes with him, but I resfuse because it is bad for my heathy.

    By Diego Marcondes URL on 01.25.2015

  11. black tea

    holding onto death while biting your lip

    irrelevant whether you live or die

    you say goodnight

    By Hayden URL on 01.25.2015

  12. “Just breathe,” he said in a soothing tone. Natasha inhaled as she stared at the web of pale fingers stretched over swollen belly. Closing her eyes, she tried to follow the doctor’s voice to a peaceful place, far from fear and pain. When her water broke, so did tranquility, and she screamed in pain.

    By Soft URL on 01.25.2015

  13. i induce with seductive juice, i hang loose on ceiling roofs, get depressed and hang a noose, im playing dead in my possum boots. @grldg

    By grldg URL on 01.25.2015

  14. Induce. This reminds me of digestive systems. This reminds me of weird disgusting stuffs. This reminds me of food that were not meant to be eaten. Or something dangerous.

    When all in all, induce just really means that you intake something.

    By Yuuki Asuna on 01.25.2015

  15. έπρεπε να ψάξω την σημαίνει η λέξη induce. Επάγω… λογικό είναι να μην γνωρίζω. Επαγωγική σκέψη. Τι είναι αυτό;

    By Alexandros URL on 01.25.2015

  16. nothing can induce me

    not even the constant assault

    of pop music on the radio

    and the kind attempts

    of my sick friend

    By Tish on 01.25.2015

  17. Arlessa wasn’t sure how it happened, really. How she’d changed from a defender of the people to the one whose name alone was enough to induce a state of quiet terror. Honestly, she wasn’t sure that SHE had changed at all. She still followed her code in every aspect, still stopped to help the poor, to defend the weak. She still claimed only that which she and Xion carried and yet, mothers still tugged curious children from her sight and nobles clutched gold-filled purses in too-fat fists.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 01.25.2015

  18. Subjected to change are lot many things and more and more new things happen everyday. To get induced into doing something new can be more of a choice than by chance and it is at this moment in time that it becomes very important to understand as to what to do next.

    By aniketnikhade URL on 01.25.2015

  19. It’s not proper to induce vomiting during a fine dinner like this. We can’t have your kind at our parties anymore. If the commodore found out how you were eating kitty litter with a fork instead of a spoon, he would have your head!

    By Rover URL on 01.25.2015

  20. The doctor decided he would induce labor because I had a contract to begin teaching school in a few weeks and the baby was taking its own sweet time in getting there. My first brush with medical decision for convenience sake rather than for any other reason.

    By norma on 01.25.2015

  21. He watched her as she slept, the way her eyelids fluttered and her lips were parted. A sugar-induced sleep looked good on her. He ran one hand gently through her tangled blonde locks, trusting her to not wake.

    By Genevieve on 01.25.2015

  22. what dose induce evan mean… dose it mean how annoying someone is. Or dose it mean who long you can last, what dose induce evan mean?

    By maddy URL on 01.25.2015

  23. i wonder how much he can remember, or if he will be fine, he was in induced coma for a couple of days. the doctor said that the procedure will temporarily stop his brain. sounds like they are temporarily killing him. i really hope he is fine. the doctor said he was very sick. he was shaking uncontrollably. i did not understand much of what was said. look at me i’m shaking. perhaps they should put me on induced coma as well.

    By edrianredentor URL on 01.25.2015

  24. As she placed the vial in his hand she began to speak in a sultry voice, “Once she drinks this it will induce feelings of euphoria, of happiness and joy. Are you sure this is what you want to do at a time like this?”

    By MsLanaK URL on 01.25.2015

  25. What will it take to force yourself on reality? People create people, that I know. I just never figured out what of that is free will.

    By Samsara on 01.25.2015

  26. OH MY, she said. IT was a very big glob on the kitchen counter. What is that thing, she thought and just before she could go on with some more thoughts the thing jiggled and sent her a thought. I’m Elroy. and I’m hungry.

    By Daniel on 01.25.2015

  27. Inducing a sigh is my troubles and pains.
    Making me yearn for soemthing else.
    Life is full of inducing.

    By Kat on 01.25.2015

  28. I have no clue what induce means so I guess I will guess… wow. I suck at this! To induce is to..? To what? I

    By okayokaycalmdownlol on 01.25.2015

  29. Induce vomiting. Ewwwww.

    By itsgonnacatchon URL on 01.25.2015