March 7th, 2014 | 82 Entries

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82 Entries for “stubborn”

  1. She only existed for the frustration of other people, one would assume within seconds of meeting her. The woman was truly incorrigible, all spine and bravado, without the reason to enforce her arguments.

    By Nicholas on 03.07.2014

  2. Ok ok so I’m a Taurus. Dang it. I’m pissed. What’s the point.

    By melodyroop URL on 03.07.2014

  3. the cracks were starting to get beyond a little dry wall.
    her hits were thudding from across the hall.
    the other sister sat with her back against it
    and felt the harsh beat of life.
    this was it
    this was what she was missing.

    By Kairn on 03.07.2014

  4. He said I had a way of being stubborn. I wouldn’t call it such. I’m just open to the idea of doubt. Reality is based on perception. But sometimes all is not as it seems. So I question. Asking is an act of reasoning. It’s much easier to skip reasoning and go straight to the conclusion if all you need is the resolution not to back down from your position.

    And this is how he stood in front of me now, arguing that I was the stubborn one for asking so many questions in effort to stall what was to happen next.

    By Intuition on 03.07.2014

  5. I’ve been called stubborn. I’ve seen stubborn. Stubborn in horses and stubborn in the ignorant. Being stubborn for the wrong reasons holds up back. Being stubborn for the right reasons can take us places we never imagined.

    By Savannah on 03.07.2014

  6. such people are harrasment to their famioily. normally they are depressed. their teachers hate them. they do not get along with their mates or brother-sisters. they should be treated with repect an d love. they have no limitaions. they can take advantage of their stubbonness b cz it help them in to be determined about something. if they want then they can become very good bodybuilders or artists. normally singer who are very famouse are of such nature and without being stubborn this world will only fuck you!

    By vishal URL on 03.07.2014

  7. He stubbornly turned his back. I wouldn’t ask him to come back for me this time though. He had ruined it all when he had made this decision. There was no arguing, no compromise, just his angry stare at the wall. And my angry stare at him.

    By Cecilia on 03.07.2014

  8. The stubborns stains remain where they spilt from when I dripped some drabs onto the fabric. Stubborn as I am I tried every stain removal idea known to man, but the stain wouldn’t budge. Stubborn stain, you are.

    By Burger Clap on 03.07.2014

  9. The feeling grew inside of her like the sea in high tide. It consumed here. She didnt recognize herself anymore. Who was this person inside of her? Why did it want him so much? Why was it so difficult to let go of a dead corpse of a relationship?
    Why did she long for something that was going to harm her? her stubborn heart was preparing to suicide.

    By inkyveins on 03.07.2014

  10. I’m not stubborn. In fact, I’m criticized often by my parents because I give into things easily. I easily give up. I have a hard time maintaining a habit. I act on impulse often, and quickly lose interest in things. I am also very fickle.

    By thedarkestsheep on 03.07.2014

  11. He was immovable from his course. there was nothing behind him or what lay on that strange horizon that would turn him back. He was certain the better days that had nearly been washed from memory and from their homeland were out there, a dangerous hope he had grasped upon and inspired us all to believe in.

    By eyeballkid on 03.08.2014

  12. The man just wouldn’t give in. He was barraged with people trying to tell him how to do his job. He stayed steadfast and stubborn as a mule. This led him to become one of the greatest entertainers in the industry. He worked from his heart, not from other people’s criticisms.

    By Paul Tilley URL on 03.08.2014

  13. What can I say about the word stubborn. I guess I would start by saying that in my family stubbornness is an inherited trait. Growing up my mother always told me that my father and I were like a couple of rams, smashing horns over and over after every conversation we had. Eventually these conversations turned into fights and my father and I grew apart. As of late though, things between us have been much better. The amount of stubbornness has been decreased among us.

    By Joseph Wittenbrink on 03.08.2014

  14. She grit her teeth stubbornly, pain still radiating up her leg. “I am perfectly capable of getting myself home,” she snarled. “You don’t need to help me!”

    By WearyWater URL on 03.08.2014

  15. My family is very stubborn. But none of us think we are. I don’t think I am- but I secretly know. I think we all do. We all try to hide it so deep. Pretending that we are each more reasonable than the next.

    Oh I love my family!

    By amy on 03.08.2014

  16. Some people will just not consider all options. They think that whatever they decide must be the right thing to do and are so stubborn that nothing you can say will change their mind.

    By Alexandra on 03.08.2014

  17. Stubborn. That what he was.
    His hollowed face and droopy eyes were pressed against the glass like kid outside a candy shop.

    By Jessica Irish on 03.08.2014

  18. My friend Clara is stubborn. She doesn’t like anyone telling her what to do. Clara’s parents raised her to be an independent thinker, and she has done very well doing that. Her sophomore year, she decided to do a year abroad in Germany as a foreign exchange student. She did it with flying colors. She also decided to climb buildings in Chicago, and did a great job with that.

    By Holly on 03.08.2014

  19. he won’t move. we need to get some more men over here – or a forklift. fat people shouldn’t be allowed at sit-ins. no peaceful protests. jeez, he must go 400-450. i shall not be moved!

    By Lee on 03.08.2014

  20. When Hermione reach the point of understanding of what Ron just said about house-elf, she said “Ron, how’d you be so stubborn all this time?” Then she is not thinking about anything than a kiss. A kiss for Ron.

    By Eligia V. A. on 03.08.2014

  21. She was as stubborn as a horse, or was it a donkey? who knows… today the olden day expressions are so out of date and lost their meaning that nobody even remembers them correctly… i mean, when was the last time you’ve heard someone use this phrase?

    By redeye on 03.08.2014

  22. immobile. paralyses by the paraplexise of self perpetuation. Hitting toes and cutting noses. fucking cnunt. you cannot stand againts time.

    By Anna Rieser on 03.08.2014

  23. We’d call her stubborn all of the time. It’s a big word for a five-year-old to contextualize, really. “I am NOT a stubborn!” she would say, which would make us laugh even more. At least she had some balls and could stick to her guns–look at me. I’m as soft and as malleable to the will of others like a ball of dough.

    By asavas on 03.08.2014

  24. i stuck my hand in and felt a giant waste of space. every two seconds that passed i considered stopping. my expectations had not changed.

    By casey on 03.08.2014

  25. why are you so stubborn my friend? That’ll be
    the end of you

    By Corrina Vali on 03.08.2014

  26. She was stubborn- little fingers, milk teeth, her hands
    They gripped the grass too hard
    She wanted to live in the sky
    But she was too stubborn to move

    By Ariel Eastman on 03.08.2014

  27. The stubborn ox would not move any farther down the path. Thomas sighed when he realized his incessant patting of the animal’s bony behind would not get it to budge.

    “Help, you need?” asked a small voice. Thomas turned and saw a Chinese girl. She was probably one of the daughters of the railroad workers.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 03.08.2014

  28. What’s the yank Daddy-O I ain’t even halfway through my first drink – before you holler your head off, why don’t you use it to think? Things not going according to your foot-stomping clock is insignificant compared to the world falling apart, and on those grounds, I could let it go, but I’m too stubborn to. I’ll just sit here ‘til you see the light, ‘cause I know, on principle, you’re too stubborn to leave here without me.

    By Miss Alister URL on 03.08.2014

  29. He told me I was stubborn. That I never asked for help or let him help me. I didn’t see it that way. I saw myself as headstrong, determined, and self assured. Who wants to always help someone anyway?

    By Jordan Renee on 03.08.2014

  30. The little boy sat in the corner of the room, has back half – turned to his mother.

    “Put your things away please James”.
    “No”, said James.
    “You’re just being stubborn”, if you can’t put them away then we won’t be able to go and play football with your friends this afternoon.
    “I don’t want to go anyway”, he said.
    His mother just sighed. “Suit yourself”.

    By Fiona on 03.08.2014

  31. Halvor was stubborn. Am I subborn? What’s the difference between strong-will, opinated and stubborn? Stubborn is certainly negative. The other’s aren.t.

    By Jim on 03.08.2014

  32. She clenched her jaw and kept walking despite the rain that pattered down against her head. Who was he to tell her when she could go home? The party was loud and crowded. She hadn’t wanted to go in the first place. Yet there he remained chatting away with the bartender as if there was nothing wrong with it. For crying out loud the woman’s breasts were hanging halfway out of her shirt! And he had the nerve to tell her they weren’t going home yet. Well she would show him. She would walk the half a mile, in the dark and the rain back to the apartment. And maybe she’d lock the door so he wouldn’t be able to get in. That would show him to flirt so blatantly in front of her.

    The woman huffed in further annoyance and held her hands over her head. They didn’t do much to shield her from the rain. Not anything really.

    By Danielle on 03.08.2014

  33. You know how she’ll react, because she’s stubborn and willing to show every ounce of such determination where it strengthens each bone. Still, you take a tentative step forward and hope for the best, hope for huffing but eventual resignation. Adventure, after all, is not meant to be found alone.

    By sheonaid on 03.08.2014

  34. The stubborn weeds grew all along the edges of the garden. I pulled them up by the roots, viciously yanking the unwanted vegetation, thereby releasing a small part of my frustration.

    By Ama Marie URL on 03.08.2014

  35. Penelope was stubborn, and predictably, whenever I brought that up, she’d argue that no, I’m not stubborn and you’re in fact the stubborn one, so go away now would you Alexander and please stop playing with my hair. I’d then proceed to tickle her instead of leaving until her pout disappeared, changed into her beautiful, radiant, smile I loved so much. I’d tickle her stomach until she kicked me and begged me to stop, so I would stop, because then I’d kiss her, feel the curve of her lips against mine, leave a trail of kisses down her neck towards her chest, feel her panicking subside into love. I love Penelope, I really dio
    Even now, after… that stubbornness still stays with me… her, maybe, I don’t really know… preventing me from crying or feeling or even visiting her grave.

    By cinderella on 03.08.2014

  36. “Yes. I know I am. Only one word would describe me. It isn’t mischievous. You’d have to be clever for that. It’s stubborn. How I”m I doing on time?”

    “Stil good.”
    “Great. So now you want to hear all about my messed up child hood, right?”

    By Ariaroo Efe on 03.08.2014

  37. He was stubborn, that was something that had been said about him over and over again. But what did they mean? With the water battering down on his shell, the weapons clenched in his fists, he thought it might be something about this. Something about the unrelenting force that ran in his head and did not allow for the question.

    He felt it as the crush of reality threatened to drag him down, he felt it as he pushed through legions to find his brothers, to save them. Was this stubborn? Was this crush of force that he embodied bad, wrong? No, he was determined, he fought with fire. And he won.

    By Simone Robinson on 03.08.2014

  38. Sunggyu is stubborn. He’s at the point that, even if Woohyun begs, he won’t budge. He just tucks his chin into his chest and pouts in that adorable way he does. So Woohyun decides he’ll just continue leaving teasing touches and soft kisses that get Sunggyu panting.

    By M on 03.08.2014


    By MAQUITA HILL on 03.08.2014

  40. yeah this is basically me. i thought i would be able to write something really witty but all of a sudden i got this word and i came up with nothing. but, me being stubborn, I had to go ahead and log in to and type something. well, at least my actions pertain to the word of the day. guess that makes me witty after all.

    By Meghan URL on 03.08.2014