June 9th, 2010 | 293 Entries

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293 Entries for “strung”

  1. clotheslines are beautiful
    so many colors and patterns
    all strung up on one line
    it’s a peaceful harmony of all different sizes
    and styles
    and makes
    i wish the world could be like a clothesline
    everyone peacefully hanging side by side

    By Marguerite URL on 06.10.2010

  2. I have no idea what to say about this word. High strung? Whatever.

    By heatherteaching URL on 06.10.2010

  3. sting it along , high strung, charlotte from seex and the city, something i dont want to be ever. laundry on a string, tired out… scared

    By chris on 06.10.2010

  4. “She’s so high-strung, that one,” he said around his bit of hay in his mouth. “You gotta be real gentle with ‘er. Take a strong hand, but be gentle, or she’ll toss ya. She’s got a mind of ‘er own, she does.”

    By Heather Jackson URL on 06.10.2010

  5. I am high strung, never low strung, sometimes stress makes me feel strung up with nowhere to go. Strung tight like guitar strings ready to pop. Can you tell me tests today got to me? Stop stringing me along!

    By Alexis URL on 06.10.2010

  6. i’m kind of ‘high’ strung… i’m not sure what that means but it sounds like it means i’m either high maintenance or really uptight. both are pretty true. i’m probably supposed to write actual … writings for this but i don’t really give a shit… oh, is that bad? ahaha. never mind, maybe i’m not high strung.

    By velveeta styrene URL on 06.10.2010

  7. he twisted around, trying to get free. his bonds cut deeper into his skin, his breath became tighter…and it was all in his head…how much more pressure could he take?

    By Otempera on 06.10.2010

  8. The beads were strung on a thin piece of rawhide, but the beads were beautiful, and handmade.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 06.10.2010

  9. i was stung by love.

    By chelsea on 06.10.2010

  10. i un strung my beads of love from my heart.

    By chelsea on 06.10.2010

  11. I feel tired as a fish that has swam a thousand miled. Tired as a rabbit that has hopped a thousand pases. Tired as a bird that has flapped a thousand clouds. I am as strung out as clothes on a washing day.

    By gwen stormy leifer URL on 06.10.2010

  12. Strung out? haha, that reminds me of being spun.. have you ever been spun? I tell you, that was the worst moments of this year.. I guess you could say… I’m glad I got away from it.

    By Chelle on 06.10.2010

  13. strunng along I suppose would be something I would think of or strung out or strung up even, though none are exactly positive, or are they muhahahaha!

    By Mel on 06.10.2010