June 16th, 2013 | 182 Entries

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182 Entries for “strung”

  1. strung,, high stung? maybe strung up? both seem to describe me right now or always I guess. always strung up over grades, boys friends, really the negative things. strung strung strung.

    By nisha behrman on 06.17.2013

  2. Placating in my heart like a heartbeat. I am afraid, I’m scared, and I want to evaporate. I want to disappear in a vast abyss or a black hole. Your voice strung in my mind like an uncontainable current.

    By Ana Steele on 06.17.2013

  3. on your wonderful face. never stop smiling you beautiful star in the sky make everyone want to sing sinatra, but yet you are sooo sad inside, deeply and utterly sad.

    By bree URL on 06.17.2013

  4. strung up, stringing
    hope from one building to the next
    maybe a better life
    takes another hit
    shuffles out
    strung up
    above this city

    By mouse on 06.17.2013

  5. High strung, loosely hung from a neuce that no one tied. If I ever said a word, I lied. Wait – I’m lying. Wait – I can’t remember. I cried. Wait – can I? No, I lied. I am gone.

    By Tangles on 06.17.2013

  6. I strung my Cello and commenced to play. The audience watched me, yet I transcended past their reality. The music bounced my head beyond the confines of the room. I smiled, they were all eyeing me, and I knew them not.

    By Alejandro Curchitser on 06.17.2013

  7. They call her highly strung and I do not understand why. See- she may be nervy, but she is hardly a puppet. I would go so far as to say she had snipped off those gossamer strings with a sharp silver knife and gone off running. She is scared of the world, fine, but there is something wild in her that I cannot understand.

    By F on 06.17.2013

  8. Strung. Struuuung. I doný know what Strung is, because my language is spanish, so, I´m trying but I know nothing about this word. anyway…

    By Bob URL on 06.17.2013

  9. i dont know what is this word. So what can I write about this work? What is to do here? It is a stupid task to write about a word which you even do not know. So you write and enjoy. I am not writing anymore.

    By Santosh URL on 06.17.2013

  10. I’ve stopped taking my pills. It was an accident at first. Now my heart is strung from a noose struggling for freedom. I just want the life put back in me.

    By anna on 06.17.2013

  11. it’s like you know how bad you are for me (you know it don’t lie) and yet you carry on as you do and i’m strung up here (hanging on) (just hanging on) and i don’t know how to do this and i don’t know what i’m waiting for anymore.

    By louchelush on 06.17.2013

  12. I was hung
    I was strung
    I waited
    the bee stung

    it wasn’t fun

    By Lisa on 06.17.2013

  13. I ran all the way – six thousand miles away so I could be away from you – and I sat in a museum and I saw this painting strung up on a wall, a beauty – a goddamn beauty in this alien place. It was you in that painting, you in the string, in the frame, in Picasso’s signature.

    It’s you everywhere.

    By louchelush on 06.17.2013

  14. i have no idea what this could mean, i’m terribly sorry. this reminds me of a beautiful afternoon when i was taking a test during high school. i knew every damn question. i was only missing the meaning of one word. and that was enough to fail.

    By terrucha on 06.17.2013

  15. Balls of string can become unstrung. Women are said to be highly strung. Men are not. If a woman becomes unstrung, does that make her more relaxed then, or mad?

    By julesedwards on 06.17.2013

  16. when he strung his guitar it felt like the world wasn’t there any more. he was alone, he didn’t need to think or feel. It was him and his guitar. The stings beneath his fingertips felt like home to him and canceled out all other feelings. He could be dying for all he knew, but that guitar meant more to him than dying. It meant unlimited freedom and the chance to do something else for the rest of his life

    By Mae on 06.17.2013

  17. He got strung.
    Strung along to where the edge of the earth meets the edge of the ocean.
    She strung him along.
    She had no where to go but the edge, where earth meets water.
    Left for good.
    Alone in a place with the world around you.
    Never forgotten.
    Always together.

    By Mae on 06.17.2013

  18. i’m totally strung out at work today. There isn’t anything meaningful for me to do and yet there is so much of it, piling on top of me, covering my limbs and my windpipe and drowning me. I can feel the strings of my consciousness slowly coming loose, the stitches that were once so beautifully in place now unraveling at a speed that I cannot control

    By Amanda Chan on 06.17.2013

  19. I think I’ve strung along too many guys in my time. I should have learned from the beginning though but I didn’t. Maybe because I never felt what they felt then. Now I have though. Thank goodness, Fate was merciful enough to give an end to what would have been an ellipses of emotion – forever pining, forever wanting, forever strung along like a marionette willing to dance for your whimsy. Thank goodness, I got an ending.

    By shesokaye on 06.17.2013

  20. I was strung on this idea that I would pass into this role. I am bigger than what I’ve always been, I will be ready. Well the dream has passed, I’m too scared and lost at bay. I was strung on petty praises and grandiose dreams and now to realize I am just as ive always been. I am here.

    By micheline on 06.17.2013

  21. like pearls . all thoughts free of fear and loathing
    shimmering uneven and imperfect
    waiting to be worn for the day

    By angie on 06.17.2013

  22. The stars were low bright in the sky, sparkling like a string of great diamonds. She felt as if she could pluck them down, put them about her neck and arms and scatter them in her hair.

    By mrsmig on 06.17.2013

  23. strung up with bee stings stung in the lungs. the last rung of the ladder leads to what? the top of the tree where the beehive heaves and skin is reminded of just how thin the line between it and everything is.

    By lebaronrogue on 06.17.2013

  24. Strung along a string to find something im not ,looking for about to fall onto my bed and see the stars above me also falling down like a waterfall and singing like bees in a hive.

    By Jemma on 06.17.2013

  25. Strung out, strung up by the heels, strung along by pretty boys on Gazette into stone offices, strung and hung and would he ever learn? No, not with free cigarettes and much more coming down the pipeline, so he’d heard, been promised. When sunlight failed at last, at last, he put up his hands, ready for the cat’s cradle. Ready for the string to bind him tight again.

    By RS Bohn URL on 06.17.2013

  26. She was strung out, unable to focus, every bit of stimuli too loud, too distracting, unbearable. Everything hurt and she just wanted to shut it all down. “Get it together,: she muttered to herself, her old roommate’s words echoing in her ears. “Get it together and keep it together.”

    By Ara on 06.17.2013

  27. She wears hickeys on her neck like a string of pink pearls, a gift from her beau, relics of kisses spun visible from the passion in her lover’s breath. In French class someone says “L’amour est vraiment chere.” and she pulls down her collar to let her baby bruises show for her seatmate to see, like a bride showing off her diamond ring. Love bites like candy, a string of rubies on her collarbones. She feels expensive as hell.

    By Perri on 06.17.2013

  28. The building materials for the church dome was not strung up properly and collapsed on the men standing in the room below. It was an error that could have been avoided.

    By victor URL on 06.17.2013

  29. He was strung up in the tree like a scarecrow hanging off it’s place in a field, dead man, obviously. His eyes were half open, staring at something far other than we can see. Poor man never stood a chance against the foreign creatures coming down to us.

    By Miranda URL on 06.17.2013

  30. i’ve adjusted to the isolation. don’t you dare welcome me home now. i was strung along by the rope, tied to the end of your truck. you drove all day, until the sky went orange and purple and blue. i feel a little bruised, i guess. i feel a little indignant.

    By genahtastic on 06.17.2013

  31. The violin was ready to go. The audience was attentive. The chair was set up in the middle of the room. All he had to do is walk to the chair, sit down, and begin playing. He was ready.

    By SraHartman on 06.17.2013

  32. The wires were strung from one side of the the room to the other, wrapped around and tangled through each other, one giant ball of mess. I stare hopelessly through it to the other side. This was a worse security system than lasers.

    By Serryphae URL on 06.17.2013

  33. She had been strung out for the last few days. so many exhausting things to do, so many draining thoughts. It was getting closer, she knew that but she dared not look to see how close. She was afraid to make the call that would tell her when it was due to arrive. She busied herself with whatever she could but her skin itched and she felt distracted, She wanted to stop it all but knew how impossible that would be. Instead the dire worry clung to her like mucus

    By twistedideas on 06.17.2013

  34. Strung. That’s how life felt to her these days. Like every single thing that happened was being plucked at on an instrument by a stranger. She lacked control. All the events in her life were strung like an endless harmony, strung together by a faceless being. A masked being that she wished to unveil. To unveil the disguise and see the intentions.

    By komal.veronica on 06.17.2013

  35. I’d been strung along this whole time. I thought I was in with a chance, when really that wasn’t the case at all. I was simply the lowliest pawn in the game and I hadn’t seen it coming. What a waste all this was. Sometimes I don’t know why I bother.

    By Amimee URL on 06.17.2013

  36. she strung him along as long as she could. any day now she would have to admit her dirty little secret: she already had a job. but, she needed to learn more about his industry so she could write the newspaper article with inside information. she pretended to be a job seeker to get a personal view of working for a mobster.

    By l on 06.17.2013

  37. I don’t need drugs to get the effects that people are desperately craving for. You make me as chill as those on mary jane, you get me as excited as those on coke, you get me as crazy as people on lsd. i’m so strung out on your love that i feel all i ever wanted to feel and more.

    By justpanky on 06.17.2013

  38. Hey man, you’ve got five bucks? Even one, man. I’ve got needs, you know? You’ve got a nice suit, and nice shoes, and you’re walking out of a nice restaurant, so I know you can spare it. Hey man, c’mon? Don’t be like that.

    By JV on 06.17.2013

  39. I don’t need drugs to get the effects that people are desperately craving for. You make me as chill as a stoner, you get me as excited as a coke-head, you get me as crazy as people on LSD. I’m so strung out on your love that I feel all I ever wanted to feel, and more.

    By justpanky on 06.17.2013

  40. I am still strung out! School is over but I am still constantly biting my nails. My second degree test is over but I am still freaking out. I dont even know what I am freaking out about. But Im all strung out.

    By jehaan on 06.17.2013