August 9th, 2016 | 60 Entries

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60 Entries for “structure”

  1. They always say–in organic chemistry–that molecules are named after structures, or rather, you can tell a molecule from it’s structure (duh). Well isn’t it the same with people? Can’t people’s names tell us their structures? No. That is stereotyping.

    By Audrey on 08.10.2016

  2. The structure was dilapidated. Jaehyun looked at it nervously, then he turned his gaze towards Taeyong. The older male didn’t seem to notice his nervousness

    By no URL on 08.10.2016

  3. school, military, authority, feeling organized, in control, always having a plan, plan A, Plan B, the inside of a building, refering to a building, part of the english language, a word, having a stable life, having a stable relationship

    By Alina Gallegos URL on 08.10.2016

  4. Presupuesto:
    Es un plan de acciones mencionado en términos monetarios. Incluye las diversas actividades a realizar y los recursos económicos necesarios para realizarlas.

    By Diego on 08.10.2016

  5. She was wild, free, nothing to worry about! Single, independent & couldn’t care less. But then, he came along! Life got structured!

    By Varun Painter URL on 08.10.2016

  6. A structure is a composition of plan,idea and creativity.A structure is the basic step of any idea like buildings.

    By Daniyal on 08.11.2016

  7. The structure of a building is beautiful to some. I find it boring. Body structure. Brain structure. Humans are art. Thoughts lead to actions.

    By Liz on 08.11.2016

  8. Living in a world with too much structure, sometimes living in a world with too less. That’s what makes us crazy. Structure where structure needn’t be, caging us.

    By Pyschos on 08.11.2016

  9. Human structure. Bodies and brains. People are art. The way they move and think. Thoughts that lead to actions and actions that lead to thoughts. Mind games in which bodies are pieces to mess with people’s minds and bodies. The structure of people. Together. The structure of society.

    By Liz on 08.11.2016

  10. part of a building that is the framework.

    By Joe on 08.11.2016

  11. it felt like sadness, in the end
    there was no structure for his madness, for his rage
    he was a hurricane, and she was a volcano and they would always try and destroy this structure that tied them down to this earth

    By Karolina on 08.11.2016

  12. It stands, towering, amid its neighbours, in full resplendent onomatopoeic vigour. The word structure sounds like a collection of city buildings, and if placed side by side in a row, would remind a viewer of a city-block, beams if iron,

    By Raija on 08.11.2016

  13. He handed him the same plans from last time. The artifice had caused him dread and pain and even depressed sleepless nights. But he took it in his hands and, after he cursed, vowed to make it better.

    By ml on 08.11.2016

  14. The building was crumbling, the once beautiful architecture soiled by the explosion. It was a shame, really. The building had been known locally as the One who would last Forever. It had stood in the same spot for a couple hundred years, never wavering. The town was built around it, and the children grew up to admire the structure of its beautiful archways and intricate pillars. The explosion wasn’t an attack, the news reported shortly after the building fell, it was an accident. The townsfolk never believed that, they knew what had happened to their beloved building, but wouldn’t release the truth to any outsiders.

    By Bea on 08.11.2016

  15. I have no structure when I’m writing this novel. It comes in parts. Wishes and kisses and flashes in my brain. There it goes again. The novel I need to write. The one that flows through my veins. Out it comes. Out and out and out.

    By Wonderlion on 08.11.2016

  16. Structure is necessary. without it there is no path. most of the time people want to create their own type of structure without thinking how it will affect others

    By aekell76 on 08.11.2016

  17. The structure of the house is falling to the ground.

    By Jamesrotties on 08.11.2016

  18. I was awed by the structure. Standing 3000 feet tall, Burj Khalifa was a wonder in the world. “Wait”, my son asked, “how do they clean the windows” ?

    By JayaK on 08.11.2016

  19. It was just the way she was. She would line up her Impulse bottles in a neat orderly row, perfectly angled so you could see the front, like soldiers.

    By Fluff on 08.11.2016

  20. She craned her neck back and studied the structure of the giant archway

    By Sophia Emille URL on 08.11.2016