January 19th, 2014 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “strive”

  1. My New Year’s Resolution for 2014 – I shall strive to improve my photography and writing skills, while also striving to be a more generous person with my time. Also, I shall strive for more passion in my life. How? That I do not know. Yet.

    By Yas on 01.20.2014

  2. I strive to become something more than I was yesterday. Not everyday is like that. But on a Blue Monday as it is today, the only way to go for me is forward. Leaving everything that was familiar behind took guts, but it was a good decision.

    By herfst on 01.20.2014

  3. You must strive for perfection. That was always his father’s motto. So why then was he, his father’s finest creation, so imperfect?

    By sitara URL on 01.20.2014

  4. She was a happy lady. She worked hard, was a great mum and loved to bake cakes. She was very popular and would always strive to succeed in everything she did.

    By Alexandra on 01.20.2014

  5. I strive to be better than everyone else
    I strive to earn my spot on the top shelf
    I strive to know deep in my soul I am worthy
    I strive to know that in the end I will be ok

    By Ethan hood on 01.20.2014

  6. Always striving to be better
    Better than his brother, his sister and definitely his father
    Knowing he’s never enough.

    By Angie on 01.20.2014

  7. Aiming to reach a goal that may be unachievable yet satisfying all the same. For example striving to be happy. Essentially bettering yourself of making yourself feel fulfilled. Determination for something worthwhile.

    By Aliyah on 01.20.2014

  8. I always believe in strive to succeed in life. No strive no life. Always strive to better yourself and others in order to achieve suc

    By 60sec2mars on 01.20.2014

  9. Today we strive, from yesterday’s five. This was my life, before you came in and still survive

    By Nadhira Rakhmi Yusuf on 01.20.2014

  10. To strive is to achieve something that one wanted to do with great efforts.

    By Sourabh Raj Jaiswal on 01.20.2014

  11. I, you, she, and he are all strive to be happy. We deserve it. We should remember this, don’t we? I love you my friends.

    By Eligia V. A. on 01.20.2014

  12. Strive. I strive. right now I am striving like have never before striven and it feels frightening and unrewarding much of the time. I want to take a break from it but I know I have something I need to figure out. A mountain to climb and I can’t give up before I reach the peak and can see to the other side.

    By Erica on 01.20.2014

  13. striving…always striving to get their acceptance. For them to acknowledge that you have actually done something right, and that they are proud of you

    By Sara on 01.20.2014

  14. /initializing ‘strive’/
    a skin breaking out into hives-
    blood running alive
    /uninstalling drive/

    don’t you dare take five.

    By Ollie on 01.20.2014

  15. Welcome. We strive to make this a perfect, happy place. Perhaps you misunderstand our intentions. Perhaps you do not appreciate what has been given to you. That is common, and we are here to help. We know that in time, whatever it takes, you will come to be grateful for what we provide. We know that your last words will be, “Thank you.”

    By RS Bohn URL on 01.20.2014

  16. It is important to always strive to do your best. Put in the work and the effort and always strive to be the best you can be. Sometimes it gets hard and becomes difficult but keep at it and always strive to be the best.

    By Taylor on 01.20.2014

  17. I don’t know what strive is and I’m. bad at spelling sorry about that. U might not be able to read this and I don’t know how to spell jk I do. tee hee

    By sierrabird on 01.20.2014

  18. hi this my second time.Writeing about this witch sucks a lot bye.

    By me on 01.20.2014

  19. Some strive for power. Some for strength, and others for love. I strive to keep my fangs from showing whenever I get angry. It’s not easy, because I get angry a lot.

    By mrsmig on 01.20.2014

  20. worry wonder work whistle wile away but always drive to strive and live your life like it’s but a breath ‘cuz before you know it: death.

    By Christian Fattoruso URL on 01.20.2014

  21. i strive for a lifetime of happiness and sometimes i don’t always get what i want. i think that in this day and age it is hard to aim for something you truly want for the basic possibility it may not be cool

    By awien on 01.20.2014

  22. In chapter one I left her to become a better friend. I ran my hand through my hair and caught the small specks of dust that had gathered from my prolonged stay indoors. I could not hear her calling.

    By aria autumn on 01.20.2014

  23. I was really striving to pass the test and do all the housework my mum was asking me to do at the same time, but in the end, I got to do everything on time and passed my tests. I felt really happy afterwards. Next time, I will prepare better not to feel so overwhelmed. Striving to get to do everything made me learn a lesson.

    By Loli on 01.20.2014

  24. Ce la faranno? Siamo sicuri che le loro capacitá siano adeguate? Forse sí forse no. D’ altronde non sono cose che accadono tutti i giorni. Comunque é il concetto che conta. Crescere. Non importa quanto e dove.

    By Enrico Banchi URL on 01.20.2014

  25. Gabriela sat at a desk. Her perfectly straightened hair hung over her shoulders and fell in lengths onto her piles of paperwork. The office was modern, with clean lines, and simple decorations.

    By Mary on 01.20.2014

  26. After sitting down at the same desk for countless times, she didn’t know what to strive for anymore. Habituation kills ambition.

    By misstyrious URL on 01.20.2014

  27. I strive to become something more, something great, someone who impacts this dark world and adds some light. But with that comes expectation, which as Shakespeare supposedly said, “Is the root of all heartache.” It seems that it becomes an unbearable pressure; one that causes my knees to buckle, stomach to knot up, and heart to race. Failure is unacceptable and that’s what holds me back and makes me weak. We must fail many times before finding success, right? I must accept that concept in order to move forward.

    By foost URL on 01.20.2014

  28. Take a deep breath. It takes effort to strive in the game of life, that’s what we’re looking at. There are winners and losers, there are the ones with all the prizes and the ones who have to pay a price that can sometimes be too much to handle. But then when the winners and losers are named as such, we start doubting the system, as it is with any game – but especially this one. So we doubt if the winners and losers exist in themselves or how much of it is just us giving things names, consequently heavy with meanings and consequences. The future is always given such a terrifying connotation and as you grow older you realize: it is actually that terrifying. They weren’t exaggerating.

    By Constança FS on 01.20.2014

  29. I strive to become the best person that I can be. But is it enough? The world is such a cynical and dark place filled with heartache and hopelessness everywhere. In the end, what are we? Does what we strive to become and do matter? Does existing mean anything?

    By Nicole on 01.20.2014

  30. “Strive to do your best today” was the advice in Martin’s horoscope. Strive to make it through today would be more like it, he thought. Strive to stay alive, actually. It was shaping up to be that kind of morning already.

    By Mexichick on 01.20.2014

  31. She strives to be the best. Strives to keep going. Strives to provide for her family. Strives to finish college. She strives. Every day, she keeps going. She works. She works. She works. Yet everyone believes that she is lazy. That she can’t do it. But this is her dream- and she isn’t giving up. She is striving. Strive isn’t just a word to her- it’s her dream. Her strive.

    By Sydney Beaver on 01.20.2014