January 19th, 2014 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “strive”

  1. what will become of their souls
    striving for the daylight
    lust becomes the sun, seeking to ignite
    blinded by the chance to change left to right
    this is now their souls
    clinging to the daylight.

    By Tas on 01.19.2014

  2. There is nothing redder than rage.
    Mindless, eye-widening anger shows not strength but the lack of it.
    Arms are swung, and words are sprung. But try, just try to tame the darkness and I guarantee you will have less red in your ledger.
    Please, try.

    By Alok Motikane on 01.19.2014

  3. i strive to win this sandwich. I strive to eat this sandwich. I strive to bite into its soft bread, and lick its soft cheese off my fingertips. And this sounds weirdly erotic. And oh my god it really just is a sandwich. A sandwich that I want to eat goodbye

    By Sophia URL on 01.19.2014

  4. and we keep on keepin’ on, don’t we? upstream we row, against the wind, sometimes just to do it, sometimes for spite, often ’cause we gotta.

    By Lee on 01.19.2014

  5. He would kill for his life. It wasn’t much of a morals issue, he was not heartless, but he valued his life more than anything else. He could put a gun to his friend’s head, he could apologize, but the trigger would still be clicked back and he would live. Ironically, he was striving to understand the full meaning of life and he swore that would not die until he found it.

    By CiaoChau on 01.19.2014

  6. We strive to be good people in the face of adversity. When someone breaks your heart and doesn’t bother to clean up the mess he made, you’re grateful when someone else hands you the broom and dustpan. And then they’ll do their damn best to repiece the shrapnel of cardiovascular craziness left behind.

    We try to be good people when our friends are at their lowest point. It’s a shame, then, that we become lackluster when everything seems to be okay.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.19.2014

  7. she strove as a tide strove for the seashore, relentless, overcoming only to pull back. there was no success or light at the end of her striving and her work, she fought and fought with no intention of reward but for the thrill of the fight itself. the day to day rigor of her existence. she fought like the dinosaurs fought extinction, with thrill and vigor and futility.

    By Hannah on 01.19.2014

  8. He strived. Yes that’s what they all said behind his back. They all said, he’ll be sucessful. Yes he will, one day reckon. He strived for good. He strived.

    By Katie Bryant on 01.19.2014

  9. “STOP IT!” She screamed and covered her ears. “NO!” They surrounded her. She ought to be dead by now, but not until they had their way with her. Not until they finished what she had strived to start. She reached for the rope and when she brought it into her hand it burned her skin with hot coke red flashes. She hissed in pain and recoiled her hand. Oh God, she thought. and cool wet tears coated her eyes.

    By Katie Bryant on 01.19.2014

  10. we strive for peace and perfection in our life together. peace will come sooner than perfection.

    By charlotte on 01.19.2014

  11. For the best, the most important, the loudest. Always competing. The word “bitch” hot on her tongue like a habanero pepper. There’s no way her enemy is better than her, she equivocates. She can’t make up for the lost time. The intelligence and beauty that her sister was given and she was denied.

    By Madi on 01.19.2014

  12. I’ve always strived to be a better man no matter what, but lately things have been getting rough. Everyone is always trying to bring each other down while I’m stuck in this crowd trying to figure out how I got here in the first place. I deserve more than a worthless place filled with lost hopes and dreams. Please oh please save me.

    By Aletha Hines on 01.19.2014

  13. He strived to be a musician but he never became one. He dreamed of it as a child, of his fingers caressing the piano but life got in the way and he became a banker. He sighed. “At least I wear similar attire in my real job than I do in my dream job.” He knew it was no use to contemplain what could have been and what was but he still did it. Every. Damn. Day.

    By Viviane on 01.19.2014

  14. Have you ever strived to be someone or something? You put your heart, sweat, and tears into something and come out with nothing. We all strive to be different and we all strive to progress but progression is the strive itself.

    By Jasmine on 01.19.2014

  15. While it is often said that there are two sides to any story, politics, and those who practice it, seems incapable of seeing that other side. In an America which strives to create “a more perfect union” through its constitution, division over the interpretation and implementation of that constitution is almost absolute.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.19.2014

  16. to win to be the best. One of the essential values in life.

    By Scott URL on 01.19.2014

  17. When I was little I went through
    Many career options as to what
    I could be when I grew up. Midwife
    Chef, Astronaut, and Zookeeper are
    a few examples. People say
    to strive to be the best you can be
    but now that I’m in my twenties
    I realize the thing to is just strive to be who you are.

    By Ellie Gr. on 01.19.2014

  18. To push, to reach for, strive for everything you’ve ever wanted. Why not? After all they could easily be in your reach.

    By AlexC on 01.19.2014

  19. strive for the gate. don’t think about if you’ve gotten through. strive for the gate. strive for the goal.
    don’t focus on movement. focus on the gate.
    focus. strive.

    By Tobin smith on 01.19.2014

  20. for this end,
    they said. dangling the taste at the end of hot wire.
    lightbulbs, you thought dully.
    these thoughts you once fancied
    have all but failed to draw another breath.
    lack of oxygen in the brain, they said.
    the doctors with the needles that
    should go fuck themselves.

    By Kairn on 01.19.2014

  21. Strive to achieve. Strive to earn. Strive to contribute. Strive to be successful. But don’t strive to be an individual. Dear God, don’t you dare strive to find yourself. Don’t you dare strive for answers, real answers.

    All this is avoidable. In reality, the strive is unnecessary. Maybe we all should just be.

    By Jesse B on 01.19.2014

  22. I strive to succeed, but procrastination keeps bringing me down.

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 01.19.2014

  23. Those who strive to be the one who dance the most beautiful and seductive are those that find life to be a chase and pursuit, her mother used to say, and she felt relieved at his current skills and his current endeavors not to become a great dancer for her, but only to be with her at this moment.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 01.19.2014

  24. I strive for greatness.
    Passion, dedication, and a heart.

    By Lauren on 01.19.2014

  25. I strive to be the greatest “me” that can be accomplished. To lay at my deathbed, in perfect harmony with who I was, what I became, and what I leave behind. I strive for a legacy.

    By nekofic on 01.19.2014

  26. I’m running as fast as I can – no – even faster, is this me?
    I’m presenting myself as best as I can – no – even better, is this me?
    I put on a face every day, I hide my vulnerabilities, I put make up
    on my fresh wounds to disguise them, oh how it hurts. Why is it
    that I have to strive, I don’t think this is life.

    By Jose on 01.19.2014

  27. I strive to impress you, to be everything you’ve ever wanted in a person, it’s just that I’m not good enough and I know that.. I don’t feel like I will ever be worth your time or your smile, but I want you to know that I love you and I will always strive to be your angel

    By Madison on 01.19.2014

  28. “We strive for perfection here at Westboro Academy…” the headmaster continued, head held high as he strode purposefully down the hall. My parents followed a step behind, heads bobbing in time with his words, while I trailed along behind them, eyes moving between cold, stone pillars and the lush landscape beyond.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.19.2014

  29. For years, I’ve strived to capture your heart the way you’ve captured mine. But no matter what I did or said, you never reciprocated what I felt…you always loved her. Not me.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 01.19.2014

  30. “You must try.” He told me.

    “Try?” I replied, and then scoffed, “You try under these circumstances. You, the one who strives for nothing. Or, rather, things that amount to nothing. Like you’re a good judge of these things.”

    “Better than you, I’d say. You leave things be, until they rot under the circumstances.”

    By Kaitlin on 01.19.2014

  31. Always strive to be a person that others will find intriguing. Never feel that you have to conform to a mold that is supposedly what one might deem “attractive.” Strive to make people want to know more about you, but don’t show them everything. Make it a mystery that is worth solving. Strive to make them wonder…

    By Theresa on 01.19.2014

  32. I run faster. Push harder. Go farther.
    I strive to be better.
    I need to win.
    I wanna be the very best.
    Like no one ever was.
    To catch them is the test.
    To train them is my cause.
    I will travel across the land.

    By HedrBear on 01.19.2014

  33. All we need to do in life is strive for success. It will not be possible without hard work, but striving starts with becoming a better person. Strive to be greater than who we are today. Do something we are afraid of, smile more, laugh more, cry more. Let the world know what we are capable of. Do not hold back. Take a step forward, but stop when we need to and “smell the rain.”

    By Kim on 01.19.2014

  34. Strive for a better life, but don’t forget what you had when you were living alone in the wilds
    Underneath the covers, blind by the lightning you found yourself hiding deep in the dark
    Under the caves and the caverns of old you found yourself hiding under the dark
    and you knew no one was calling your name
    calling your name
    Strive to find out what you held before in your hands
    Like a diamond shining in the light
    You reflect it
    And it shines on you
    Only you
    It strives

    By Anthony Ross - on 01.19.2014

  35. “You know the difference between us,” she said quietly. “I apologize for making it rather explicit. That is, I strive and you do not. People like you, well, you’re content with whatever you can get. It’s all about how much you want it.”

    Julie put her head in her hands. Her music played on.

    But why did she have to make friends with people like her? “You’re right, Jasmine, I don’t want what you have. I don’t want your perfect grades! I want more important things. Like friends.”

    By Holden URL on 01.19.2014

  36. I will strive to make you guys proud. I have always been below your expectations, but I am trying. Trying to be your obedient, smart, opinion-less girl. If that’s what you want, it is what I will be. I just want you to e proud of me for once.

    By Coolio is Cool on 01.19.2014

  37. She strives to make everything seem like its alright—if not for the children, for her own sake. After all, they couldn’t afford to fall apart now.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.19.2014

  38. I’m living through a count down. Each passing day should be easier as time falls like
    sand through an hour glass. But the burden to see it through to the end, I’m afraid it’s tearing me up inside: no respite, no outlet can quite tame the wild variable that I’ve reigned in. For now. But as the months roll on, my grip falters here and there when my wandering mind thinks of
    loopholes, possibilities, or outright violations. My heart strives to meet the challenge, but the imagination does not care. It fills the void with daydreams of opportunities that are impossible. This is what prison must feel like, I’m certain.

    By Intuition on 01.19.2014

  39. Believe, don’t let go of what you want and work harder than physically possible to get what you want. Never stop trying, leap for all that you want in life and have faith that what you are working for will be worth it in the end no matter the pain or angst it causes.

    By Haylee on 01.20.2014

  40. When the light at the end of the tunnel is worth grasping for. We strive to be stronger, smarter, healthier. But in our attempts to always be better, in our constant need to strive. One forgets. To sit. And be. And know what already is. Enveloping.

    By a. word URL on 01.20.2014