April 5th, 2011 | 654 Entries

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654 Entries for “strength”

  1. The innate ability to withstand all that life throws at us, good and bad without giving in or giving up.

    By valentine URL on 04.06.2011

  2. Views. Opinions. Sharp edges of a glance. A victory. A defeat. Poetry.
    All strong, all strengthening.

    By Aditi URL on 04.06.2011

  3. The bite of muffin I’m chewing is really the only place I’m getting any strength from. I’m a tree uprooted, groping for family, friends, love, affirmation, vindication, strength. The only thing keeping me grounded is this bite of muffin.

    By used URL on 04.06.2011

  4. I am strong because i can move forward no matter what happens.

    By Amber on 04.06.2011

  5. When my son was born, we were amazed by the quiet strength we could feel from him. As he’s grown, we’ve seen that strength grow with him, he is truly a force to be reckoned with.

    By Heather on 04.06.2011

  6. It is needed everyday. Mental strength is sometimes more needed than physical strength. The strength to hold onto love is great. you need not be a body builder to show off your stregth.

    By Pau on 04.06.2011

  7. with the strength of a lion, i’ll fight for you.
    with the strength of an eagle, i’ll hunt for you.
    with the strength of a butterfly, i’ll give in to you.
    with the strength of all things on earth, i’ll love you forever.

    By Allison Schultz URL on 04.06.2011

  8. She focused on the penny with all of her strength, trying her best to simply move it. She never knew such a simple task could be so complicated. She closed her eyes, took the deepest breath she could manage, and sharply exhaled. And suddenly, the penny went soaring. Matt looked at her with pride. This was her best accomplishment in death so far.

    By Amanda on 04.06.2011

  9. When I see the word I think of my mother. Her determination to overcome all things made me the person I am today. Her strengths gave me strength. I think she is the strongest person I know.

    By Candice Danielson on 04.06.2011

  10. The one thing that keeps you going. Some people have it, others don’t – but you’ll respect yourself more if you keep on going. It’s courage and leadership. It runs through your veins. I’ll get where I want to be because I have strength, and I can be who I am because of it.

    By Alli on 04.06.2011

  11. i once had the strength to go into a fire and pull myself out of it. the fires called out to the people below from the windows as the wall began to burn from the inside out. i didn’t know i was being enveloped by the flames, but i was guided to finding myself and getting out

    By charles on 04.06.2011

  12. i wish i had it. first of all. alot of people say tell em that i am very strong, and i dunowmaybe i wouldnt have been able to get through everything that I have in the last year if i didnt have a little bit of it inside me. I dunno i just feel like someone who had it wouldnt have had to cry every day for like six months because of a stupid guy. any girl who has it should need a guy in her life just to feel like she means something. is that how i am?

    By Suzie on 04.06.2011

  13. it’s all I have to face the day. To love, it takes a lot. I don’t have it without the man who’s by my side. I don’t have it without Christ. I don’t have any on my own.

    By Heather Franks on 04.06.2011

  14. It is all I have. But the strength of my pride is such that I can not let it go, I will not let it go. My pride was never one to please, and my strength was never known to break.

    By carter URL on 04.06.2011