April 13th, 2015 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “strain”


    By gcwayte on 04.13.2015

  2. Not easy to do.

    By Dimitrinka on 04.13.2015

  3. straining to meet the edge of the cliffside, she pulled every muscle to make the ends meet — but they would not meet. With a sad look, she let the branch go and with her fell the prophecies that had gone to waste with her passing.

    By Christina on 04.13.2015

  4. It is mean That Pulling something. I CAN use ut like That I strained thé wire.

    By Tae on 04.13.2015

  5. this strain again, the strain of a million air particles pushing against walls but cannot seep through. The air pressure is gaining weight, it presses down on every student as they hunch over their exam papers. Sweating bullets.

    By Christina on 04.13.2015

  6. I stopped reading after feeling strain behind my eyes, and as I sank into the mattress, the ceiling appeared to open up above me like the cracked white lips of an angel. I expected its gaping maw to expose stars and constellations above my head, even though I knew all too well that the sky outside was choked with browns and grays and everything dull and uninviting to the visual aesthetic. When I took off my glasses, everything still seemed just as clear, the fissures in the wall tricking me into thinking they were widening, rather than merely blurring.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.13.2015

  7. strain through the pain wavering through the brain to reach the name that is lagging at the back of the film reel — in black and white, flickering scenes, it falls back into brighter schemes, plots of pleasure and games of glory — its the same old selfish story.

    By c99 on 04.13.2015

  8. The mouse strained against the clever trap that held his hind legs fast in metal jaws, captive. Unlike other traps, this one was especially cruel — Dennis had specifically designed it. Designed it to bring out another tone of suffering in its miserable victims.

    By c99 on 04.13.2015

  9. It’s a pull away and away and away, and I try, I do, I try to run, but… there it is. The aching feelings of yesterday straining to break out of my chest and burn through the numbness heartbreak brought me. Falling out of love left all kinds of stretch marks in my chest.

    By darseyrsm URL on 04.13.2015

  10. The strain of having to deal with angry people all day was getting to Marcia. She knew that when she became a customer services rep she would have many people who would bitch and moan at her, But at this point in her life, with three children to raise on her own, she just didn’t have the heart to deal with other people’s issues anymore.

    By Gabiroba on 04.13.2015

  11. “Take the strain!” shouted the man in charge. So we all did, even though most of us didn’t really want to, the rope representing our anxiety, our tension.

    By Steve URL on 04.13.2015

  12. It is often too much for me to push and fight against so many things in life, but if I look at it with a different perspective I can change the thoughts about strain to be helpful, like straining out the bad stuff instead of fighting against it.

    By robyngirl on 04.13.2015

  13. He strained as he reached for the piece of paper. He would need a hockey stick or something else long to reach it, he decided, but as he was at and ice rink, a hockey stick would be most conveinent.

    By ifes on 04.13.2015

  14. Is it the same word all day. Is it too much of a strain to come up with different words, because now you are making me strain to say something fresh about something I already wrote about. I think I will wait and write again tomorrow. If it is the same word I will hang up.

    By robyngirl on 04.13.2015

  15. Is a daily occurrence. It’s what makes us stressed, causes us to experience pain, but also what makes us stronger and feel accomplished. The best things in life come with some degree of strain. If it doesn’t it probably isn’t worth doing. At least, you certainly won’t feel very accomplished.

    By Leigh Ann Link URL on 04.13.2015

  16. “God damnit!!”
    Benji popped his head up from the chest he’d been digging around in. Looking around the corner, he felt a laugh bubble up in his chest at the sight of Strippin bouncing on one leg, holding his foot to his chest.
    “What happened?”
    “Fucking strained my foot. What does it look like?”

    By Ron Leigh URL on 04.13.2015

  17. After working for 14 hours straight, Jim was feeling very tired. He was also feeling a little strain in his lower back. But, he was really happy because after today’s overtime, he will finally have the amount which he needs to buy that beautiful dress which he wants to give as a gift to her wife on their wedding anniversary. He was feeling tired but proud that he worked hard to earn this.

    By yas on 04.13.2015

  18. Straining my neck to see the board, I peak over my large glasses and squint at the board. Its hopeless, I’m defiantly blind and sitting at the back of the room doesn’t help. Without these notes, my grades will drop, and I will suffer the consequences when I’m expelled. Scooting my desk over, I lean forward, praying that my dear eyes could just see! I fumble with my papers and drop textbooks and paper creating a mini hurricane around me. The boy in front of me turns around, raises an eyebrow, and grabs my fallen red pen saying “You might want to move closer.”

    By thirteen on 04.13.2015

  19. I strain my eyes to see the screen. I’m only in the third grade and all of my friends say that the trees have many leaves. I only see blotches. I strain my eyes to see in class, I don’t see the teacher do the math problem. I feel different because I can’t see the same.

    By Kylee on 04.13.2015

  20. It had been a strain on their relationship for a while. He liked a little distance, but she wanted to be as close as possible, whenever possible. To be honest, he was starting to feel a little strangled. Love and affection had never come easily to him, and the sudden closeness only reminded him of how far out of his depth he was. Maybe it would be better to tell her, but he knew there was no wining that battle.

    By Victoria on 04.13.2015

  21. he bends, twists, curls himself around, but it’s too much. his body breaks under the strain, cries out, destroys itself and he falls, burns, dies. he lays, unheard, uncared-for, alone until he drifts away from himself, lost to himself, nothing but the sound of himself

    By WrittenOut on 04.13.2015

  22. The pain. It was unbearable. I restrained from giving up. For my family. hey would die if I did not stop resisting. The strain that I had to fight back…… I decided that I should fight back. Save them. If I die, so be it. And then I went.

    By Trace Gregory URL on 04.13.2015

  23. you feel but not wholey or fully. you are not able to give something your 110 percent and this makes you anxious and not fuffling your worth or what you think you can be worth. strain is not to be gaining but rather stuck.

    By Sarah on 04.13.2015

  24. Living under the strain of oppression leads to broader shoulders than originally intended. While such anatomical fixtures may, upon initial consideration, seem desirable, it is actually quite impossible to shrink them back down again once they have become overgrown.

    By Jessica Black on 04.13.2015

  25. “This particular strain of the virus is…difficult to combat. If we’d caught it earlier-”
    “Are you-” her words were cut short by a particularly jarring cough, “Are you saying…am I out of options?” she asked, once she’d regained her voice.
    The doctor didn’t meet her eyes and she felt her heart drop even before he spoke. “I’m afraid so,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 04.13.2015

  26. its difficult not to feel it, yet i smile. the strain reveals itself in a few microscopic li on my forehead and corners of eyes. that’s all. the visible cracks belie the tension within.

    By siverline on 04.13.2015

  27. He heaved and shoved the massive load that was burdened unto him. Sweat pulsed from his brow with every strained breath from his exhausted body. He kept going, he was so close to the top. Inches from the end point, he felt his feet start to slip, the incline working its cruel magic. He slipped and he watched powerlessly how his large boulder rolled back down. He knew he had only one option : go and try again. The God’s idea of apt punishment.

    By Babet du Toit on 04.13.2015

  28. I am strained by society, the fight to fulfil its constant engagement and expectations, I strain to understand, strain to care. The strain that is upon us all will soon fall apart because we cannot live in a world that is not filled with freedom and love.

    By Dustin on 04.13.2015

  29. I strained my eyes to see, but I just could not decipher what these blurry blobs were. It was really frustrating, but I guess it was time to face the inevitable: I had to start wearing glasses.

    “It won’t be too bad,” my optometrist tried to console me.

    Eh, we’ll see.

    By Sarah on 04.13.2015

  30. He strained at the leash. He hated it , but he loved his walks in the after noon with Teddy. Today was sunny and the sky was a deep blue. The birds were flitting in the trees and the lake was clear.

    By DolphinDreams on 04.14.2015

  31. What new strain has come
    To infect the world of man
    Memetic humor

    By Brandon Steward on 04.14.2015

  32. I strain the milk while the dog humps the cow. My wife comes in through the door after completely losing control of her mind to the Wahami brain bug and is foaming at the mouth with each syllable. On the brighter side, I’m so hard right now…

    By SutterWog on 04.14.2015

  33. i pulled a muscle climbing the tree in your back garden. it was a strain, trying to get your attention. exhausting, i should have given up at the first hurdle.

    By mary on 04.14.2015

  34. “Train” that is the first word that popped in my brain they have to strain to get going and to stop.

    By Brandon on 04.14.2015


    On and on and on.

    Tighten, stretch, reach, one step at a at at at a PULL don’t stop until you burst and then just keep going! Go on! Free from your skin, ruptured and left behind! Run! Run on! Run on!

    By Benjie on 04.14.2015

  36. They both strained their eyes, looking into the darkness. Shining flashlights did not help, there was nothing to be seen. After ten minutes or so, Morris was ready to give up and go home, but he didn’t want to appear like he was doubting Clara. Eventually, she lowered her flashlight too, and looked at him sheepishly. “I guess I must have imagined it.” He put his hand on her shoulder, and said; “Come on, let’s go home.” Deep in the dark zone, the creature remained motionless, not daring to move until they were completely out of sight. Her instincts told her to get as far away from them as possible, but her curiosity would not let her comply.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.14.2015

  37. The strain in Ushio’s pants met max resistance against his jeans, his cock fully hardening in an instant. The big man grabbed Yusei by the shoulders and met the young man’s kiss with the force of a hurricane. He leaned forward until he had the teen pinned beneath him on the couch. It wasn’t long before he had managed to wedge himself between long legs, their hips grinding together.

    By Kleptomaniac Can Opener URL on 04.14.2015

  38. teethy smile. like the sound of a popped balloon. like your heart in a pile on the floor, just hoping to pull together and beat together and fall apart in my arms, again.

    By Meg on 04.14.2015

  39. My muscles continue to twitch as if they would never be able to move again.

    By Nicole on 04.14.2015

  40. My muscles continue to twitch as if they would never be able to move again. I lay there frazzled about how I got into this current situation. I never thought that I night out in the city would end with this. And I’m honestly not sure if I’ll ever fully recover physically or mentally.

    By Nicole on 04.14.2015