July 18th, 2019 | 12 Entries

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12 Entries for “stitches”

  1. I hate stitches. They leave scars. But also they save lives. Thank goodness for stitches, really. Doctors practice on bananas before they stitch humans. My sister had stitches. They can be big or small. Sometimes they dissolve on their own and sometimes you have to pull them out. Sometimes the string is blue and sometimes it’s black. I’ve never had stitches. Have you?

    By MK on 07.18.2019

  2. Like the stitches which keep the cloth together,love keep the relations together.

    By arajiev URL on 07.18.2019

  3. Man, that joke was so good that you left me in stitches. I mean, literally. I laughed so f***ing hard, I fell off my stool and took my half full pint of lager with me. Wound up breaking the damn glass and leaving gashes large enough to land flying saucers in. F***ing grand canyons, those wounds. So I got all knitted and crocheted up at the ER. Still, though, fan-f***ing-tastic joke. Well worth the steep medical bills I got now.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.18.2019

  4. something has torn? stitch it. but how do you do that when your heart has been torn, when it has been broken. who will stitch it? who will take care of it? no answer i have for that because even i am in find of someone who can actually stitch my heart and make me feel alive.

    By Khushbu URL on 07.18.2019

  5. something has torn? then stitch it. but what do you do when your heart has been torn? what do you do when your heart has been broken? who is there to stitch it? i have no answer for that because even i am in search for that person who can stitch my heart and heal me.

    By Khushbu on 07.18.2019

  6. down my sides, in every ripping chasm, holding in barbaric gaffs of grievance. afraid and behind besides the stitches burst, the masks yielding and reforming. i don’t want to switch anymore.

    By smurfstoestar on 07.19.2019

  7. stitches is medical equipment, it can also be a scary movie. in my house everyone hates stitches because they hurt bad so when we go to the hospital we’d rather get medical glue…

    By joey URL on 07.19.2019

  8. She was laughing so hard she barely heard him get up. She threw her head back and curled her legs up to her chest. “Oh my god.”
    He was beside her, sliding next to her, his arm around her and her head landed naturally on his shoulder as she giggled.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 07.19.2019

  9. Sometimes when somebody gets hurt really bad, they have to get stitches.

    By Matt URL on 07.19.2019

  10. she had stitches across the back of her hand. The biopsy would reveal the cause of the strange rash she had developed in the last few days. Stitches look so ugly, and dark, like mangled wire weaving in and our of her flesh, pink and raised at the entry and exit points of the abrasive dark thread. It was itchy and uncomfortable but she sort of liked how they looked

    By indira on 07.19.2019

  11. each time I knit back together, I find / numb fingers plucking at the stitches, / tearing little holes to let it all bleed out / again, I keep filling up – I need to overflow, / I’m not good at just going in and closing the fucking door.

    By Ebony URL on 07.19.2019

  12. You refuse to let your thoughts bleed because you’re worried you might stain the carpet. You can, though; I don’t mind. And when you’re through I’ll carefully suture your wounds with the thread of my words and remind you how strong you are for holding yourself together through all of this. Then we can watch them heal into scars together. Scars that might fade, someday. You’re very brave. I think maybe you aren’t told that enough. And I think that’s part of why you hurt.

    By magnets URL on 07.20.2019