July 20th, 2019 | 9 Entries

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9 Entries for “defend”

  1. We will not attack – we will defend. We will not seize – we will apprehend. We will not detain – we will preserve. We will not traumatize – we will disturb. We will not hold back – we will not desist. We will not act coy – we will resist.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.20.2019

  2. Some days it feels as if the definition of living is defending yourself from your own desires. Defending yourself, and losing the fight.

    By Ella Emma Em on 07.20.2019

  3. You only burn bridges because you think it will keep you warm. You think that this makes you your own hero. And you can be—but not like this. You weren’t made to work twelve-hour shifts and be alone. You were made to be spoken to. You were made to be heard. And even though the monsters in your closet are only skeletons, they still keep you up at night, and it’s okay to need help. Just because you can get through this by yourself doesn’t mean you have to. I can be your hero, just for a moment. I can’t save you, but I can give you the strength to save yourself.

    By magnets URL on 07.20.2019

  4. I extend the pretend of this defensive mode of light. Caterers of logic and dust in my mind help to regrow and rehash all that is movement within me. Happiness is a sterile line of thought. Craters upon craters create the noise / the sound of entropy to which is abounding how I see the world.

    By Ronni Arlowe on 07.21.2019

  5. He tried to defend with all his strategies .But the opponent was loaded with more stronger strategy and in the end he gave up.With his all effort in vain:(

    By arajiev URL on 07.21.2019

  6. One shouldn’t defend wrong acts. Defending our acts will not help us grow. It only makes us narrow-minded and mean person.

    By URL on 07.22.2019

  7. I tried to defend myself. I acted upon my thoughts. What’s wrong in that. End of the day, no one will come to your rescue. Only You can defend.

    By URL on 07.22.2019

  8. I am always defending my mom from attacks of dogs and cats . I’m so done with this .

    By jack lumber URL on 07.22.2019

  9. i defend myself from dogs

    By wright on 07.22.2019