November 24th, 2018 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “steer”

  1. Joseph tried to steer the boat, but Joseph had no sense of direction. So Joseph wound up sailing us east instead of obviously going west. I guess Joseph had no real sense of direction or knew where exactly the sun set. So we wound up sitting on an island eating raw crab, because Joseph was inept at everything, including managing a vessel on the ocean.

    Oh, well. At least Joseph was handsome. And very effective at sexy times in a makeshift hammock.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.24.2018

  2. She grabbed the wheel and slowly backed out. She started to shift around in her seat, trying to get comfortable.
    “Eyes on the road.”
    “The seat adjustment is all wrong.”
    “Well, put it in park before you futz with it.”

    By Bridget Grace on 11.25.2018

  3. Oh, you think you’re driving this car?
    Sometimes it’s hard to tell
    where the flesh starts or ends
    where the spirit is lead or not
    if its your own deceitful heart
    or the new heart God placed in you
    When you are good
    and you know He makes good things
    is it okay, and are they Good for you?
    is this well with my soul,
    or satisfactory with my flesh?
    Are you steering towards something that is true,

    By Hannah URL on 11.25.2018

  4. Steering clear of the first unidentifiable mass in the middle of the road, the car thundered across the highway without its driver giving it a second thought. It was only after several more occurrences of similar furry masses on the road that the car’s driver slowed down and eventually pulled off the road to examine what the road disturbances were.

    By Juliet on 11.25.2018

  5. To steer is to guide.
    One moves a car by steering, one guides somebody by steering them in a certain direction.
    I can steer you wrong or right, although we spend most of our time in the gray areas.
    Gray area is where the curves lie.
    We steer through the gray areas, searching for our destiny.

    By Jennifer on 11.25.2018

  6. The sky is invisible above this snowstorm, thunder and lightning somehow coming through the solid white air. With the sky invisible, it’s hard to remember that the planets are steering us, somehow. Celestial bodies moving our flesh-and-bone bodies into orbit.

    By Fox Hedgehog on 11.25.2018

  7. Steer? What does that even me? I am confusion. Steering away from goals? something like that? How about steering a ship? lol I’m not even talking about this question but just asking random things and I have no idea wha t I am doing. tralalalalala~~~~~
    oh apparently time restarts if you hit submit but it doesn’t submit. Do I get to read everyone else’s stuff if I submit this? Will others see this? lmao they’re gonna have one hell of a time. I’m fabulous. Maybe I should actually talk about the prompt but I can’t think cause I’m not supposed to??

    By Random Kid on 11.25.2018

  8. I watch your hands on the steering wheel. The air that whips around me is hot, stuffy, clammy and the red scarf I tied around my throat is threatening to blow away. I kiss my lips at you when you look at me in the mirror. You’re a darling for driving us this way, this long, winding way. Just for me. Because you know I adore the sights. The city lights disappearing behind us, winking at us in the dusk.

    I do adore the birds, the hills, the clouds, the frothy top of the beer, which I tend to dip my finger in. I adore the scenic route. I adore the quiet unspoiled countryside. I adore you for taking us this way, far away; where nobody will ever think to look for you.

    By Wonderlion on 11.25.2018

  9. We’re always trying to steer people in one direction or another. Take your children–you think you have answers for them; you try to steer them away from heartache, away from obstacles. And your partner too, you want him to go a certain way. Together you steer toward the stars.

    By Robin Stein on 11.25.2018

  10. omg drive car or a bull. I don’t know which. I like animals, so i step towards the pasture where a magnificent steer stands. He snorts as i approach and i pause. Should i have chosen the car. Death by mangled metal or death by horn. He only has one, so maybe i can avoid the death if i’m careful.

    By Jessica Hewlett on 11.25.2018

  11. I lost my first car last week. It wasn’t tragic but it was mine andI can’t help but feel sad for her. It. She was never named. I grip the new steering wheel with caution – she’s unfamiliar territory. A body I don’t know how to make her tick yet. I want to do well by her but what if she dies on me too? I’m scared of the road and of handling it all wrong.

    By M on 11.25.2018

  12. it is hard to steer a car sometimes but other times it is esay the hard times are on icey roads wich i have seen my dad have trouble with icey roads but the handles it well

    By aidanmowry URL on 11.25.2018

  13. You steer the conversation from the reason that I cannot love you. You do this with ease. And I will not accept this. But still–I have no choice and you walk

    from the earth and I

    By absolutelynthng on 11.25.2018

  14. Grab the steering wheel and go – why am I so afraid? Why do other people judge me so much when I decide to do it? I don’t have a car though, attached to this wheel, just a sad skeleton without wheels. How am I supposed to go anywhere? So many metaphors, the cars, the direction, the gasoline and lack thereof. Where he steers, I have been following. So tired.

    By Maya on 11.25.2018

  15. Grab the wheel and steer. That was a song, way back when, and ironically I remember listening to it whilst driving. And now I am here, just going along with what other people decide, with their steering wheels, cuz mine is just a pretend kiddie one. perpetually in the passenger’s seat. It’s time, I am tired.

    By Maya on 11.25.2018

  16. I steer you out of the door. Exit the bar. Kicked out, we fall into the streets and shout. We shout until the skies are angry with us and it hurts our feelings. We fall into the gutters and blame the wind and the hands of the gods. We break each others hearts–I mean / bones, they break the silence with the flutter of their wings, sending gusts into the caverns of our ears.

    I do not know what they look like, even now / and it hurts. Sends the hairs on my arms into a colossal uprising. And when I look out the window I wonder if you ever learned to break out of your own heart, out of your own box, out of your own / cell.

    I steer myself to the left of the wreckage and you mumble the colors of the shirts that I wore when I saved you–that time at the park, on the riverbank, in the barn and under the freeway. You list them off with indifference, fingering the scrap metal sticking out of your stomach. Your lilac shirt stained with the brine of what we have done and I steer myself away / from the bloom.

    By absolutelynthng on 11.25.2018

  17. Steer me, darling. We are careening now–into the space between truth and lie. Did you think it could be avoided?

    By absolutelynthng on 11.25.2018

  18. I never liked to drive because i think it is to hard to steer the car. so instead i ride bikes everywhere.
    it is easier than driving becouse you can see where you are going and there is open air and you don’t have any petals to get confused with!

    By Aliyah URL on 11.26.2018

  19. one day I went out in the freezing cold and got in my car cause I got hungry and needed to eat so I got in my car and drove to chikfila and got some food there and I had to steer my car to got into the driveway because the roads were so icy outside cause it snowed very heavily then it rained the next day so now its all ice so I have to be careful or else I will either crash into somebody or go flying down the roads and get hurt so then I went back home and ate my food and watched some tv.

    By taylor URL on 11.26.2018

  20. I was in a car and found everything to be perfectly normal. I steered my way out of the driveway and down our old dirt road. On this dirt road were beautiful green trees and horse poop. I found my self driving for hours not knowing where I was going, but I guess that is how life steers you.

    By jasmine on 11.26.2018

  21. Pa! Hurry! Steer the wagon away from the people in the road! It was too late he hit them. They were not badly injured. Pa forgot to steer away. He needs to learn to steer quicker.

    By Emma on 11.26.2018

  22. In Minecraft I love to steer the minecarts off of mountains. But do you know what’s even better riding in a boat with a chicken over the mountain and hearing people laugh about it. That is so enjoyable making other people laugh!

    Making people laugh is the best gift I can give!

    By Southdakotagirl on 11.26.2018

  23. You have about as good a chance as a steer in a bull herd.
    What does that eve mean?
    You’re going to get your ass kicked, smalls.

    By Rushlight URL on 11.26.2018

  24. “Steer the steer toward the gate!”, Jim bellowed. It looked like it was about to break through the fence and go AWOL. We really need this steer to go to market today. It’s been a rough couple of years and we are going to have a tough time staying afloat if we can’t keep things flowing properly and timely.

    By Fallon URL on 11.26.2018

  25. sitting. sweating as i look ahead. i look down at what seems to be my arm. hair sitting up straight. i’m pushing the wheel, trying to steer but can’t seem to move.

    By macha on 11.26.2018

  26. is there a moment
    steering away from the road
    oncoming traffic
    feeling the highs and lows
    it’s so so
    the honk of the horn
    the drift of the wind
    the smell of roses
    my heart’s fed up
    with a boom and a bang
    it’s a rumor thing
    it’s too much
    this drive
    to see you

    By matt m on 11.26.2018

  27. i steer clear of everything, its better that way, no need to meddle into someone else’s matter, just be safe & play safe… Be the best you can but stay away from someone who dont want you there.

    By Syed Mohiuddin Dastagir Asadi URL on 11.26.2018

  28. My dad took the cover off the wheel last week, only about two months after I’d asked. My hands are giving up now. Tomorrow it’s one year since I worked, and I’m so much worse than I could’ve imagined back then. They told me I’d never get better but the sun never realised. It rises and sets in the most cruel but beautiful way. Just like it doesn’t care. It doesn’t.

    By Aisling on 11.26.2018

  29. It means two things: one, to maneuver a car in a high-speed getaway in the middle of the big city as you try to evade police cars chasing you at 76-mile-per-hour speeds while phoning the big boss to say, “I got da goods, boss, but there’s cops chasing us, and I’m sick o’dis operation, so just gimme my share o’ the loot.” Or, it could mean cattle. You choose. I just make these up.

    By David M. on 11.26.2018

  30. Hannah’s hands gripped the steering wheel, and her delicate shoulders trembled as she stared at the rear-view mirror with wide green eyes. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t think. She could barely even breathe. All she could think about was his face, scarred and bloody, looming behind her, ready to pounce at any moment.

    By Annie on 11.26.2018

  31. driving
    stop light
    farming animals
    drivers liscence
    audi r8
    race car
    formula one
    beep beep
    hydro plane
    new driver

    By Natalie on 11.26.2018

  32. “Eyes on the steering wheel!” Ms. Browlinski screeches into my ears, as I desperately keep my sweaty hands gripped on the steering wheel.

    ‘Damnit, if she would just shut up…’ I thought, as Ms. Browlinski continued to holler, scream, and bark.

    By Shushie on 11.26.2018

  33. my dad can somtimes find it hard to steer his car in the snow and ice but most of the time it is easy to steer the car but it can be hard

    By aidanmowry URL on 11.26.2018

  34. He told her to steer clear of that area of the forest. Steer clear of those people. She didn’t see anything wrong with them. They were unnaturally beautiful, sure, and that made her a bit uncomfortable, but the forest creatures weren’t dangerous. She wished that she could make her brother understand that. But she couldn’t. Instead she snuck out in the middle of the night and joined them in their moonlight dances.

    By Jasmine URL on 11.26.2018

  35. Steer my Life- Yield
    Let God take every decision
    Let God have a higher voice of direction in my life
    Take Hands on, Its my turn at the steering wheel

    By Benjamin Ruiz on 11.26.2018

  36. The steer steered the herd in the right direction, just as you might steer a train on a track. Without being able to mess up at all, with no idea how to make a wrong turn. It is what we call instinct I think.

    By ejaydives on 11.26.2018