November 23rd, 2018 | 17 Entries

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17 Entries for “probably”

  1. You probably don’t miss me, miss our improvised conversations, miss the ground floor lamplight and fluorescent computer screens that cast bright shadows on our faces, you probably don’t miss me on the weeks when we don’t see each other. But I miss you. I do.

    By Fox Hedgehog on 11.23.2018

  2. Probably is a polite word in mang ways to chinese people when they don’t want to agree with you, actually, they disagree you.

    By lili on 11.23.2018

  3. Probably is a polite word in many ways for chinese when they don’t agree with you

    By lili on 11.23.2018

  4. Probably is a polite word in many ways for chinese when they don’t agree with you.Actally chinese ddislike to say their ture felling.

    By lili on 11.23.2018

  5. Virtual reality was supposed to be the next big thing, but even with all the billions of dollars invested in companies like Oculus and Vive, many consumers just aren’t interested. Part of the problem is that VR still leaves you tethered to a computer or at least in a limited space that keeps you from feeling like you’re really in the virtual world. Some have suggested building elaborate VR treadmills that let you walk around without going anyplace. Google has just patented something different: motorized VR shoes.

    Most current VR implementations require a power and video cable to run from the headset to a computer. Mobile VR and the expensive wireless video rigs can make VR slightly more mobile, but even if you could incorporate walking into a VR experience, it would be catastrophically dangerous. It’s easy to get turned around or confused about where you are in the real world with a headset on. You’d probably trip over something in minutes.

    So, what you really want is the sensation of walking without actually going anyplace. Hence, the overly complicated treadmill idea. That’s not to say Google’s wheeled shoes are uncomplicated — they seem like a hugely elaborate solution to what should be a simple problem. They could be pretty cool if they work, though.

    The VR shoes described in the patent would respond to your movements as you walk, or try to walk. With each step, the wheels would work to keep you from going anyplace. They would also track your location in the room to ensure you don’t get outside of the boundaries you’ve set. If you do manage to walk yourself into a bad area, the shoes will slide you back to center. Google’s patent covers a few different designs for the shoes including round wheels, tank-like treads, and the omnidirectional Mecanum wheels most often seen on industrial equipment.

    It’s unclear if this would actually give the sensation of walking. The movements would need to be subtle because even a little movement that doesn’t match what you see in VR can cause motion sickness in a substantial number of users.

    This is still just a patent, and there’s no guarantee Google will even attempt to build these VR shoes. It’s not like Google has shown much interest in making VR a priority. Its Daydream mobile platform suffers from serious neglect. Hey, maybe VR shoes would reignite a passion for VR inside Google.

    By illla URL on 11.23.2018

  6. I could probably shoot that far.
    That’s not good enough. Either you can, or you can’t.
    I will try.
    Do. Or die.

    By Rushlight URL on 11.23.2018

  7. The thought had skimmed his mind more than once and bad feelings were not to be left or ignored. This place was cold and had history, of something that made a beast of rage build in his gut.

    By Jordan Ashley on 11.23.2018

  8. Probably it won’t happen again. Probably you will tell me “never again, this is the last time.” Probably you won’t pull me aside in a quiet alleyway and kiss me like that again. Probably I won’t touch the emptiness inside of you again, and grasp at it, hoping it’ll touch my own emptiness, in desperation.

    By Annie P URL on 11.23.2018

  9. What do you think?
    I think it’s great.
    I thought you might hate it.
    I don’t hate it.
    Are you sure?
    I’m sure.
    I’m probably going to keep it like this.
    You should.
    Okay, I’m gonna…
    If you want.
    Do you want?
    I dunno.

    By Bridget Grace on 11.23.2018

  10. In retrospect, I know that I probably shouldn’t have done any of the things I did over those crazy five years. I probably shouldn’t have said the things I said, kissed the people I kissed, believed the things I believed. I know that. I’m just…not sure how to handle the fall-out. Or figure out how I can move forward.

    But I’m here. And I have a job and an apartment. And I own a super awesome cat said Rodrigo. So I can’t complain, really.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.23.2018

  11. Probably wont go home tomorrow. Although I really love to go to church on Sunday mornings, my family believes visiting with loved ones in a different state is more important.

    By Nobody on 11.23.2018

  12. It’s unlikely. The leap from this edge to safety, it’s unlikely I can make it. The river, how deep is it? Deadly, I suspect. Yet, I’ll die if I stay here. I’ll jump. This is probably my last moment

    By janet URL on 11.24.2018

  13. it is an think that you are not sure. It give us a chance of similate same think and get right or wrong

    By Rebeca Matos Conceição on 11.24.2018

  14. i probably want to go to bed it s a word that means maybe but like slightly fancier but not as fancy as perhaps so… probably is tbh kinda a lazy word for some reason like ‘suddenly’ idk how to do this so um what yup

    By Anaya Karim on 11.24.2018

  15. i am probably righting this because i have nothing else to do. I will probably do something else after this because i have never done this before so… Yeah, probably but not certainly or never. we will see.

    By Christopher Clay on 11.24.2018

  16. “Is this really the best idea on the planet?”

    “Hmm,” Danny said, seemingly mulling it over. “Probably not.”

    Kat took his hand. “Fair enough.”

    The cops burst onto the roof, and they jumped, free-wheeling through the air. She could hear him screaming, and she was vaguely aware that she was, too. Whoever said death gave you dignity was lying. The pavement descended towards them, and at the very last moment, Danny pulled her towards him, phasing them through the concrete.

    For a split second, she was wrapped in darkness, her breath quickening as the fact that they were, for all intents and purposes, buried alive. Then they were shooting upwards and her head broke through, as if she’d simply been held underwater, and she took deep, gulping inhales, simply relieved to be breathing fresh air.

    “You’re crazy, Taylor,” she muttered, punching the mutant boy on the shoulder.

    Danny simply gave her one of those crooked half-grins he always seemed to sport. “Probably.”

    By Micah on 11.24.2018

  17. Probably. Maybe. Could be yes, could be no. What it means is I don’t have the answer. I have a guess. Probably get around to it sometime later. As far as i can tell.

    By nescafe on 11.24.2018