July 18th, 2013 | 92 Entries

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92 Entries for “stealth”

  1. It takes a lot of stealth to overcome obstacles in your life, such as depression, anxiety, not being wanted by the people in your life. It takes stealth to keep up the appearance of happiness, that you’re okay, that you can keep going, screw what the world thinks. Mental stealth, indeed.

    By HVH on 07.18.2013

  2. The beauty of cats is their way of walking around us quietly. They have this stealth of a predator that a human can’t even begin to understand. Us, with our loud steps, gestures and even breaths, are nothing compared to these hunters. You could own a cat for your entire life, and only see it a few days in a month. They are beautiful, they are silent, and they are deadly.

    By Isa on 07.18.2013

  3. Prompt: Stealth
    Sebastian knew he was stealthy, he often could sneak out of some guys room late at night or early in the morning without ever getting caught. It was a skill he had learned from countless hookups. He was not the type to stick around.
    That all changed when he met Blaine. He finally found someone who made him want to stick around, but the other boy did not return the sentiment. So he acted out, ruined any chances he might ever have had, and lost his leadership position.
    Sebastian told himself he would never let himself fall for anyone again. Meeting Hunter Clarington changed that, before he was ever even aware of it.

    By Sebastian on 07.18.2013

  4. The three of them crept through the unlit home, where two children slept undisturbed in the back room. One guy looked at the girl before grabbing a key that sat on the table.
    “I’ve got it,” he whispered before beginning the search for the small box.
    “What are you looking for?” asked a small boy in his sleeping gown at the end of the hallway. The older guy faced the boy, who was rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
    “We’re in your dream, looking for a box,” he answered.
    “A box? I know of a box.” the small boy said, and began towards the side table. He opened the drawer and pulled out the box.
    “Take good care of it, sir. I don’t want what’s inside to be lost in my dreams.” the boy said before returning to his room.

    By Kami on 07.18.2013

  5. stealth planes that the public will never see streak across the sky. high above the point that we can view on the ground. the planes protect and defend a nervous nation.

    By sg on 07.18.2013

  6. In stealth, my mind goes blank. Memories of emptiness hunt me. Emptiness. Emptiness.

    By vicky on 07.18.2013

  7. I had to live under the radar. Even my roommates had to wonder if I still existed or if they were imagining the monthly $500 that appeared in their bank accounts. But I failed. I couldn’t help it if I liked loud music. Can anyone really listen to Beyonce with the volume turned down? So the CIA found me. Damnit Beyonce!

    By Ruben URL on 07.18.2013

  8. he crept through the alley, staying in the shadows. he made no noise, breathed no air. he was a ghost. when he was finally at her back, the only thing I could see from my window was the glint of his knife in the light of the lampost.

    By Kae URL on 07.18.2013

  9. Vibrantly viciously quite and quiet
    smooth glide salaciously gallantly silent
    sudden red smattering
    spattering wall
    what was once unsmattered is slumped in a ball
    white follows crimson
    lick the wall, lap the ‘crete
    rough tongue up it hard
    ziptuckwipeswish: “so discreet”

    a wash starts to pour on the domes of one live and one bled
    down the slabs and the bile and on passersby heads

    knowbody nos passing slick brick after brick
    nosebody knows it’s not a real trick

    daddy is dead
    in a bag for a bed
    and the trickly
    is trickily sticky real red.

    By Kiki on 07.18.2013

  10. It was a stealth bomber? I really didn’t know what that meant. I just saw it coming down… but it was just a dream.

    By asari on 07.18.2013

  11. A plane used by the government can be stealthy…is stealthy even a word? Perhaps the UFO sitings in the southwest can be attributed to government stealth aircrafts.

    By Joshua Rusch on 07.18.2013

  12. The ninja snuck through the garden on his tiptoes, periodically peeking over the hedges to observe the couple in the clearing. He was silent in the night, making no noise. The couple didn’t hear him coming, the woman screaming as her husband’s head was sliced right off of its neck, the assassin gently returning to the shadows.

    By Liz on 07.18.2013

  13. How much stealth can a ninja have when all of the media portrays them as walking around in their neon jumpsuits, doing strange finger power moves while everyone can see them? Those ain’t ninjas, those are fighters. Ninjas don’t let you see them. Hell, they barely let you hear them. Their footprints are like zephyrs, their weapons the only louder noise coming from their arsenal. Slick, wet slicing sounds. But no ninja to be seen.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.18.2013

  14. When it was given to us,
    you were hidden by the night.
    We were left wondering,
    you gave us such a fright.
    Didn’t know the cards I held would mean so much to you, but–
    this little secret I held, you only could ask “what?”.
    When it’s all over,
    come on back down.
    And I’ll keep your secret,
    exterminate your frown.

    By Marissa on 07.18.2013

  15. Her hair was naturally dark but now, with the aid of neither sun nor moon light, it was indistinguishable from the darkness, trailing past her shoulders in an formless ebony wave. Her clothing was tight, like a second skin, the well-oiled leather supple and silent as the she moved through the courtyard like liquid stealth; like water, volume less and constantly shifting, her body clung to the shadows – or did they cling to her? – as though she were born to them.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 07.18.2013

  16. She was in stealth mode. At least that’s what she told herself, when in reality, she was just keeping her secret. What secret? The fact that she was, again, as she was every night, parked in front of the refrigerator, basking in its light and coolness, about to binge again.

    By Cheryl on 07.18.2013

  17. a stealthy fox slid under the door with it’s copper fur shining like needles and wore but soft and thin like spider’s silk. then the milk spilled in it

    By Ben on 07.18.2013

  18. a stealthy fox slid under the door with it’s copper fur shining like needles and wire but soft and thin like spider’s silk. then the milk spilled on it

    By Ben on 07.18.2013

  19. Monty knew he had to be silent, as silent as ever before, he removed his shoes and softly tread on the old oak floor boards, without as much as a creak. He slid stealthily through the space in his uncles room, and like an envelope being force- fed through the post, he dropped to the floor

    By Joe Cann URL on 07.18.2013

  20. you move,i move.We all have movement for that is life.Whatever we do is movement it is a part of our lives.You,me the animal and the plants we all move.It may change our lives.So live up your live and have THE BEST MOVEMENT hahahahaha

    By sarah on 07.18.2013

  21. The aeroplane looked like a space-ship, umlike any sky-borne object they had ever seen. It seemed to hover above the street, turning the snowflakes into a swirling vortex. Some said it was extra terrestrial, others that it was a Stealth on a secret test flight.

    By Bunty on 07.18.2013

  22. In black,
    translucent as dusk
    and creeping forward at amazing speeds
    ZOOM! Too fast for the eye
    to catch her,
    The flightbird of night glides on.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 07.18.2013

  23. Sly, velvet movements within the cold confines of the shadows.

    You never see me, but I see you.

    My hand does not shake, my lips do not tremble.

    I am aware of my surroundings like no one else.

    I am behind you.

    By A J on 07.18.2013

  24. This was the prank of the moment… stealth is one thing, but when you have technology on your side, you can really rock the boat!! Drones had been evolving for the last few years and were now at the stage where you could replicate insects without anyone knowing the difference. Instead of a sting, you could mount a minute squirt gun, spraying your choice of emotion and sensation to be absorbed by your victim. Horny whilst needing to pee was a popular choice, followed by ecstatic itching.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 07.18.2013

  25. Stealth bombers over Pyongyang. The last man out of Riyadh. Lost in the sandstorms in the empty quarter. The firestorm in Berlin. All gone. All lost. And still here.

    By Shimbo on 07.18.2013

  26. At cockcrow, he absconded into the shadows. An empty can of spray paint rattled down the alley, red still oozing from the nozzle.

    By penny dreadful on 07.18.2013

  27. She was stealth. She was cunning. She was beauty. She was all things silent and deadly. She stepped through the trees on silent feet, the mouth parted and eyes alert. There. In the bushes. A rabbit, frozen and quiet, it’s tiny heartbeat racing. She lunged and snapped up the rabbit. A victory in the wolf’s hunt.

    By Emma on 07.18.2013

  28. She was sly, sleek, mysterious. She traveled my mind in stealth, lurking in the corners, teasing away my other thoughts with the image of her dancing in the moonlight.

    By rhanebrennalynn on 07.18.2013

  29. Bomber in the night seeking the unwitting, cloaked in righteous piety.

    By Nancy Gallardo on 07.18.2013

  30. The art of concealing your presence. To eliminate the enemy. Stealth, hide your identity. Be unseen by your predator

    By Vernon on 07.18.2013

  31. He crept through the house as silent as a ghost, his phasing ability serving him well as he checked the occupants of the sleeper cell against the mission information provided. There was a mole among this cheerful family and it was his job to flush them out without causing undue stress and worry.

    This was one mission that was sure to give him a headache. He checked his watch, waiting for the tone to chime in his earpiece. When it did, he pressed the button to synchronize with his partners outside.

    For the sake of their world, he’d have to be quick and heartless.

    For this sake of this family, he’d have to use stealth and cunning.

    For his own sanity, he’d have to be flawless.

    By Sara H. URL on 07.18.2013

  32. I was at the Daytona 500 racetrack when I saw the stealth bomber fly overhead.

    By A False Terl on 07.18.2013

  33. only criminals need stealth

    and maybe some “good guys” too
    i just thought some really self-deprecating thoughts
    like i’m not good enough because i’ll never have stealth
    and i can’t even
    turn the thought
    into poetry
    i suck.

    By Candice URL on 07.18.2013

  34. I quitely lifted te cookie jar lid and reached inside.

    By A False Terl on 07.18.2013

  35. the stealth with which the panther sprang from branch to branch was exceptional. The photographer looked on through his lens, hoping that the pather would not spring his way. Suddenly the panther looked the photographers way, purred the type of primordial warning that all big game seem to tease their prey with, and departed from the trunk of the final branch of the tree.

    By Bailey URL on 07.18.2013


    “Yeah, yeah, we know,” Clarissa assures him as she pulls a mask over her face. “Just stay in the car stealthily.”

    “Or what?”

    “Say goodbye to your left testicle.”

    “…Got it.”

    By Annie P URL on 07.18.2013

  37. She ran as fast as she could. The monsters were gaining. The rain thumped under her foot, and every splash felt like an extra mile to go. She couldn’t keep going like this, the apocalypse came too soon, her stealth and agility was far untrained. The monsters had teeth of razors. One slice and you were gone. Oh how she wish she hadn’t left the dome before her times. How she wish she hadn’t tried to rebel. The monsters caught up. She was gone.

    By Chloe Fairchild on 07.18.2013

  38. hahahahahaha
    just wait
    just wait….
    almost there……
    “Aww!!! what’s that smell?!”

    By Evan on 07.18.2013

  39. Rickon and Bran were lucky to have Osha on their side when it came time to slip away from Winterfell. Stealth is nothing if it is not joined with cunning and experience.

    By Amanda G. on 07.18.2013

  40. tinha um olhar que era pura discrição. tamanho sigilo que eu jamais pude saber qual o verdadeiro tamanho do abismo que guardava.

    By Juliana on 07.18.2013