June 14th, 2011 | 764 Entries

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764 Entries for “station”

  1. train stations there isn’t one too close to me but i wish there was. I went on a train ride thru switzerland just the other week and it was absolutely breathtaking. I wish i could go back. If there was a train station nearby that’s probably how I would travel so I could see the landscape.

    By jack on 06.15.2011

  2. A location. Destination. Rest place.

    By kimmie URL on 06.15.2011

  3. the station is where the bus is at we tried to look for it afet the taylor swift concert and it took forever nicole and i went from coronor to conronor asking people if they knew where it was at most people were out of town and had no idea where to catch it, most people had the same problem as we did

    By jessica on 06.15.2011

  4. i was sitting at the station on a saterday morning just thinking about you. didnt know what i was doing there. just waiting for you i guess. or thinking about running away. running away to a place where you werent and i could be free.

    By Ellie on 06.15.2011