March 10th, 2011 | 487 Entries

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487 Entries for “statement”

  1. i makes statements all the time
    i sometimes make them try to rhyme.
    i state a fact, like “i love you.”
    i ask you then, “do you love me, too?”
    make a statement, please don’t lie.
    love me dearly, please don’t cry.

    By Allison Schultz URL on 03.10.2011

  2. facts. truths. lies.
    anyone can make a statement, but its up to you to believe it or not.
    its raining right now.
    my truth.
    if its not raining where you are,
    your lie.

    By Maygan Anthony on 03.10.2011

  3. i am diana. i am strong. i am passionate. i am shy. i hesitate. i hide. i think constantly. i watch. i listen. i observe. i consider. i am in a constant state of re-evaluating myself and the world around me. i want to be better. i want to be important. i want people to care about me and to believe in me. i want to matter. i want to teach. i want to grow. i want to make an impact. i want to inspire creativity in everyone i meet. i want to empower.

    By Diana on 03.10.2011

  4. i dont know what to say about this word other then it is final and ment to be truthful

    By zoeyslayla URL on 03.10.2011

  5. I don’t know why I said it. I shouldn’t have said it. But I did and now it’s out there and that’s not such a bad thing, is it? The statement. The issue of command. Whatever, right? We say a lot of things we shouldn’t. We make a lot of stupid statements. At least I’m not a politician. I’m not a queen. None of my silly statements matter. Right?

    By Sae URL on 03.10.2011

  6. make a statement about who you are and there are chances you’ll be outcasted. make a subtle statement and live it and chances are you’ll be included. fashion statement, statement of opinion, statement of fact, political statement, statement of thought

    By carolineb URL on 03.10.2011

  7. Make a statement. Say something. This is something everyone will see- instantly recognizable. Clothes, hair, demeanor. But what do I want to say to the world? Do I have anything to say at all? Silence.

    By Amy on 03.10.2011

  8. So, I want to make a statement. I want to change the world, to help those in need, and to make my parents proud. The statement I want to leave is that life is only worth living to serve others. Life is a gift, and it would be selfish to keep it to myself. I want to go out into the world and shine.

    By nish URL on 03.10.2011

  9. rips off shirt stands on table steps on hands stretches skin bites through tongue shrieking war cry I am coming for you now I have made my statement

    By Ali URL on 03.10.2011

  10. make a statement, say it loud so that everyone can hear you, its your voice you the only one that matters here. no one can stop you, say what you want. its a powerful thing to make a statement. live freely! do what you want say what you want and how you feel, hold nothing back

    By amanda on 03.10.2011

  11. a statement is a theory of cause. nobody says anything if they dont really mean it right? wrong. all the time you say things that dont encompass you as a person. they are out of character. but you say them anyways. something causes you to say it. something piques the sparks in your brain to start firing that way. is that you?

    By carman URL on 03.10.2011

  12. to give a testimony for a question that is purely for fact or perhaps to entertain a thought that provokes thinking in a different way.

    By michele Green on 03.10.2011

  13. I was prepared to see the word wondered like I did during the rest of the hours I have done this activity in class. I did not expect to see the word statement….hmmmm……I am glad that I have never had to give an official statement to the police – for any reason.

    By English teacher 79 on 03.10.2011

  14. statement
    is something that you stand by no matter what, its something you take with u the rest of your life and never give up to it, Your words might be but your actions are going to tell wether ornot they were true statements.

    By Anabel URL on 03.10.2011

  15. It wasn’t that the statement itself was wrong, but the feelings that came along with it. It just felt uncomfortable, like too tight of pants.
    “What? I just said I love you.”
    “Yeah, I know. I don’t think it’s right.” He shifted, shaking his head. “I’m not lovable.”

    By RayDeeOh URL on 03.10.2011

  16. I ask the student to provide a draft of her personal statement along with her request for a letter of reference. But she never does. Resumes and transcripts, these I can obtain. But personal statements never appear. So how shall I explain in my letter why you are called to THIS graduate program and THIS career? They never care.

    By maritov URL on 03.10.2011

  17. Don’t give me that bullshit. You tell me that you don’t have time, but you do have time. You have all the time in the world. What do you do all day? You sit at the computer and play games or talk on Facebook. Do something better. Write! Write! Write! I’m telling you to do this because if you don’t, then you won’t write again. That’s my statement.

    By Candace on 03.10.2011

  18. Making a statement is not as difficult as people make it out to be. It’s believing that making a statement is a difficult task that makes it so hard to do. Being passionate about something and sharing that passion with other people is what makes it a statement. Whether or not the other person has anything to say about it.

    By Laura URL on 03.10.2011

  19. I’m here to make a statement, about statements. That is all.

    By Clarasaurus URL on 03.10.2011

  20. Make a statement. Whether it be a fashion statement, an attitude statement, or a lifestyle statement. Just say something. Get your opinion out their. There is always someone to be influenced no matter who you are or who they are. People need other people for guidance and advice.

    By Evan Kluender on 03.10.2011

  21. i am here to make a statement about paper and it’s untimely affair with paper clips.always the clip doing the spooning never the paper. it’s simply not fair that this attrocity is happening on a daily basis in our workplaces around the world. someone needs to take a stand against paper and its strict views and see if it will eventually fold on these said attrocities. thank you,.

    By Alison Blais on 03.10.2011

  22. many statements can be truthful of deceiving
    try to make statements that you can back up with facts
    sometimes the children say the most honest statements of all—maybe at times we should listen to them

    By she53lly URL on 03.10.2011

  23. I am.

    By ange URL on 03.10.2011

  24. I’ve just got this one thing to say to you, a longish thing it is really, just need to get my point across. It’s not a bill, but it could be.

    By Jeanie URL on 03.10.2011

  25. A statement is something that you state- well obviously. But it’s not cool or creative, you say it because you believe you are right, as in stating a fact. I wish the time here was longer, for example. That was my statement. Because seriously, 60 seconds is too short for me and I spend my time worrying ABOUT the time.

    By Avi URL on 03.10.2011

  26. “Honey, what is it?” asked Ms. Robinson, who had been brought into the living room by her daughter who apparently had something important to say.
    Zaley cleared her throat. “Listen Mom,” she said. “I have something to say, and I don’t want to be interrupted.”
    “You can count on me,” Ms. Robinson said. “I was in the middle of work, you know. I can’t afford to make this any longer.”
    Zaley groaned. “Mom,” she complained. “This is important.”
    “More important than your last important meeting when you forgot what you were going to say?”
    “No! Mom, no. Just listen! Anyway, last time I wanted to say what I’m going to say but I didn’t have the guts to.”
    “Then will you please just say it now so I can get back to my work?”
    “Okay, fine. Well, you know I love you,” said Zaley. “But the thing is that – ” she paused.
    “Well out with it, I don’t have all day, you know.” Ms. Robinson checked her watch.
    “I don’t want to live with you anymore. I want to move in with Dad and Augustabeth.”

    By Calla URL on 03.10.2011

  27. everything in life is about making a statement, deciding who you are. a statement can be how you look or how you act, but it is how people judge you. always be proud of the statement you are making, never apologize for who you are.

    By Chelsea McPherson URL on 03.10.2011

  28. Life is all about making a statement. I make mine with my actions, with how i dress and with how i treat other people. Keep it positive, keep it real.

    By Chelsea McPherson URL on 03.10.2011

  29. A statement is a thing you make when you speak. For example, that right there was a statement. As was that. And that. Pretty much unless you’re exclaiming or questioning, you’re making a statement. There are other words for statement, but that’s the most common one. Okay?

    By Kim Bishop on 03.10.2011

  30. A saying, something true, something real, something simple, something sweet.
    something from you.

    By cait on 03.10.2011

  31. It was a bold statement. The red, gold, and green overtones seemed to really stand out. Metallic in nature, but rustic none the less. She was sure that the brothel was going to be a big hit with the locals.

    By Paul Puri URL on 03.10.2011

  32. The statement you made today, took my breath away. I have wonder for so long how this could be so gone. Remember the times we spent, this is the laughter I send sealed in an envelope of lost dreams and hopes, with only one wish that one day you will open up and let me come right in.

    By james on 03.10.2011

  33. Speaking ones mind is always a form of making a statement about ones views. I like it when I make a statement that hits home with people. Statements can be bold or silent. It’s a fine way to liberate ones mine to speak up and make a statement.

    By Sue URL on 03.10.2011

  34. Why do some banks send out statements weekly, and others monthly. Even some send Yearly!!! This is my confusing world of questions. Many people say really stupid statements out of the blue.

    By Kolton URL on 03.10.2011

  35. a statement is something that you say or boust. EXP. i read a statement in the newspaper saying “puppies for sale”.

    By khaze URL on 03.10.2011

  36. My little brother doesn’t know what the meaning of statement is . I kind of don’t know either . That’s so weird.

    By Yadi.M URL on 03.10.2011

  37. Statement is sentence that is firm and not questions. It is very straight forward.

    By devin21 URL on 03.10.2011

  38. lets see here, a statement is when you state something that can or is true.

    By beanie URL on 03.10.2011

  39. a statement is a thing you state or say.

    By Awesome URL on 03.10.2011

  40. A statement is something you or someone else says.

    By alena URL on 03.10.2011