January 23rd, 2017 | 59 Entries

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59 Entries for “stare”

  1. in this moment however it’s raining i can see some stares send its light for my paper and encarage me to keep on alghout evrything and how i feel i see it in the darck near the moon and the rain still bright and prouds of its selves so i m doing my best to be prouds of myself however it hurts me so much… :'( i m brave … we have to be strang

    By romi maiss on 01.23.2017

  2. I don’t like when people stare at me. Yet I sometimes stare at others when I don’t think they are looking at me. Kids stare and it bothers people in public places.

    By Melissa on 01.23.2017

  3. Elyse stared at the girl before her, small, fragile, frail, but somehow holding a burning fire in her ocher eyes. this burning fire drew Elyse in, this passion that she yearned to possess.

    By Bea on 01.23.2017

  4. “Why does she always stare at me?”

    I rolled my eyes. “Really? Seriously, Olivia? She likes you.”

    Olivia’s eyes bulged. She looked down at her half-drunk soda, then at me, then at her unfinished burger, then back at me. “You…you think so?”

    I nodded. The woman who was gazing at my friend had beautiful olive skin, wavy black hair, anda smile that could melt even my cold heart.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.23.2017

  5. Staring at something that you love can make you realize that it’s the best thing that you have and you learn to love it with everything you have. You never give up on that gift. It’s something so special.

    By Jazmine on 01.23.2017

  6. I am unfazed by a stare
    of jealousy or angry glare
    for rivals are usually unaware
    of superior strength that I bear
    besides a career is a better care
    to afford a trip to Britain’s Aire

    I was, once only, fazed by a stare
    that accompanied a smile and face fair
    I am a fighter not a lover, no menace I fear
    no threats, no gun pressed to lobe or ear
    save a sweet look of desire none could pierce
    I have fought against great odds, eyes steady
    meeting stare for stare until others’ eyes lowered

    but from her mere glance I would not be ready
    my heart fluttered, body shuddered, mouth stuttered
    and my eyes for the first time ever had bowed
    never shall I feel such weakness again I vow.

    By Renzo Saggio on 01.23.2017

  7. affix
    my eyes adored her
    i could not help but stare
    i had never seen such a vision
    a dream
    nothing i’d ever seen could compare
    i’d like to meet her
    but i was frozen
    all i could do was

    By poetwarrior on 01.23.2017

  8. Stare? I just came from the screen word/thieves! I like the word thieves better, so….

    Thieves are pawns in a game
    used by the kingpins that play

    taking on the bulk of foolish risk
    if jailed or killed, the boss won’t miss

    instead he or she will flaunt and gloat
    while in their manor’s heated pool, they float

    By aka Puck on 01.23.2017

  9. i cant help it i need to study every contour every shadow. hear the sounds around me study what thoughts race about just by observing my surroundings clearing the bet i can those thoughts to delve into details big and small. An escape from the obvious on to the hidden. The whispers and dark shadows.Wonder and wait.

    By .Kingnighttunes on 01.23.2017

  10. I was staring at a pretty girl last night. She had perfect pink lips and a perfect smile. I wonder if there is more to it, than just her pretty face.

    By Princy on 01.24.2017

  11. it’s empty, mostly.
    no grip, no purchase, no idea.
    no comfort, no thought.

    By d on 01.24.2017

  12. Eyes are indelible. Some are incredible. They can give you away and you won’t even notice. They wrinkle at the outer corners and show your happiness. They get angry and arch with your long held unamused glare. They try to be strong but get all glossy when you have a lump in your throat and your trying to hold your feelings there. They can get so hurt that they break and flood up completely. Its that stare that I can’t bare because its those eyes that I love deeply. It you thats indelible, Its you thats incredible.

    By Slave2Society on 01.24.2017

  13. why do they want to dissect my soul?
    it’s not a frog.
    or a science project.
    it’ll crumble with such mistreatment.
    it’ll bleed.

    look away, seeker.
    look away, or else i’ll die.

    By anothershadowbox on 01.24.2017

  14. Nicht, denken, nur schreiben. Stare können fliegen. Es sind Vögel. Letztes waren ganz viele im S-Bahnhof Friedrichstraße. Es zwitscherte an allen Ecken und Enden. Stare auf den Fahrzeitanzeigern, Stare auf dem Boden, Stare auf den Müllbehälterrändern. Schwarz mit braunen Punkten.

    By Lisa URL on 01.24.2017

  15. he stared at the screen like he had done for over 100 years – he was made of stone, a statue promoting an age gone by how a generation had been remembered .

    By Steve O URL on 01.24.2017

  16. “You’ve been staring at her all morning.”
    “You like her, don’t you?”
    “Then why are you staring at her?”

    By Brooke on 01.24.2017

  17. I don’t like when people are staring at me. It makes me feel like I am a criminal, and I should be tortured through eye contact. They try to use their eyes to burn a hole in my body; and turn their eyes into a sharp knife and rip my throat. People would actually kill me by staring at me.

    By Emily on 01.24.2017

  18. She tried very hard not to blink. She did not look away. This much eye contact was usually intimidating to her, but the stuffed bear on the opposite side of the glass did not seem like he was looking into the depth of her soul. That did make it easier.
    The sound of her name startled her and caused her to lose her focus. “Um… did you just talk?”
    “Hope, behind you.”

    By Bridget Grace on 01.24.2017

  19. stare ahead to see what’s behind, stare away from the solid line. stare at the end when you think of where you’re coming from. Stare at me and we’ll be back there again. But don’t cross the line and don’t close your eyes, I’ll stare into yours and you’ll stare into mine.

    By Megan on 01.24.2017

  20. That’s what I do when I look at my boyfriend. Sometimes I just sit and stare at what I love. I just sit and see his face, and realize how happy he makes me. I wish I could see the way he stares at me to see if he feels the exact way that I feel?

    By Tabitha on 01.24.2017

  21. I look on,
    There’s no gazing here.
    No dreamy eyes or rueful wishing.
    Everything is still.
    Not glazed over or
    romantic in any way.
    They look at me funny as I stand there,
    pretend dreaming,
    walking past me
    my past before me
    and behind me
    tearing into me
    keeping me still and

    By Nightawait URL on 01.24.2017

  22. Staring. He’s staring again. Every day he sits in the back of the room with his head down on the table, and he stares.

    By Emily Jo Harding on 01.24.2017

  23. Eu encaro essa página. Eu encaro o céu lá fora. E o sol que se junta com as árvores. Eu encaro a vida com certo temor, mas não é o temor que deixa tudo mais misterioso? Eu apenas encaro. Encaro de frente. Sem medo. Apenas eu e o mundo.

    By Dan on 01.24.2017

  24. At the end, you wrote me, telling me that one of the things you would miss most about me is the way I would stare at you with that blissful look on my face. On the other side of things, I remember sitting at many a dark restaurant table, moody lighting and a tangible spark permeating the air. Always nonchalant, I would look away from your warm brown eyes. Just to feel your eyes on me, admiring the lines of my face, the curve of my collar bone– one of your favorite things.

    By Sierra on 01.24.2017

  25. Blank

    By Sierra on 01.24.2017

  26. At the end, you wrote me, telling me that one of the things you would miss most about me is the way I would stare at you with that blissful look on my face. On my side, I remember sitting at many a dark restaurant table, moody lighting and a tangible spark permeating the air. Always nonchalant, I would look away from your warm brown eyes. Just to feel your eyes on me, admiring the lines of my face, the curve of my collar bone– one of your favorite of my features.

    By Sierra on 01.24.2017

  27. that girl likes to stare at my good looks. I asked her and she said I can not look away.

    By Simon Woodard on 01.24.2017

  28. Stare at me. No don’t just stare, rather look deeper. See. Feel through your stare. Those be one of those who just surpass the depths of those beautiful beings around them. Stare at me like you love me with all your soul.

    By Maya suthar on 01.24.2017

  29. eyes, eyeball, look, nasty people

    By Amariya on 01.24.2017

  30. When you stare a somebody as if u can be day dreaming and stare at a person also direct contact with someone. basically eyes just stuck on something.

    By Daria callum on 01.24.2017

  31. someone looking at something for a long time. wiythout bliking

    By takanye URL on 01.24.2017

  32. When you look at someone for a long time, and you look like your falling in love

    By Adrian on 01.24.2017

  33. looking
    keep looking at someone
    look at something without blinking

    By Joe on 01.24.2017

  34. is to look at glance to peek.

    By jayden riley on 01.24.2017

  35. people eyes you gf

    By cedrezwilliams on 01.24.2017

  36. When you stare for a long time and don’t look awa

    By Sanaa May on 01.24.2017

  37. When you look at someone like a psycho for a long time.

    By Adrian on 01.24.2017

  38. see

    By Kendell Pugh on 01.24.2017

  39. looking at something that interests you for a long period of time. it often freaks people out. everybody does it. your eyes are involved whit this action. it is a verb. I do it a lot as well.

    By xavier URL on 01.24.2017

  40. looking
    using your eyes
    not blinking

    By gameka on 01.24.2017