June 4th, 2014 | 120 Entries

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120 Entries for “stalling”

  1. Everyone keeps stalling.
    I don’t know for what.
    They have a secret, I know it.
    They’re just hiding it from me.
    I don’t know what they are thinking.
    I hate surprises.

    They know that. They all know that.
    Why would they do such a thing?
    But then again, maybe it’s not them stalling.
    Maybe, it’s me.

    The inevitable.
    I should just get it over with.

    Damn it.

    By Jeffrey Tamayo URL on 06.05.2014

  2. A bit more time. I’m willing my fingers to move, but they’re stuck… It’s always situations like this when I freeze up… in reality, never in the simulations… I just need a bit more time… but the timer on this stupid bomb won’t stop ticking away… so is it the red wire or the green one…?

    By Claire on 06.05.2014

  3. mood lighting: check
    snacks: check
    pen and paper: check
    no interruptions: check
    music: check
    comfortable chair:check
    inspiration: check
    time remaining:…none

    By Tommy on 06.05.2014

  4. all the time. i finally found her, but i have ruined everything. now i am completely lost. i messed up. why are you running away?

    By jimbo on 06.05.2014

  5. I’m stalling for time. The microphone is pointed at my mouth the camera light-bulbs are popping and flashing around me and what seems like a million voices come at me. Did I do it? I don’t have an answer and I’m stalling for time.

    By Shailesh on 06.05.2014

  6. I’m stalling for time. The microphone is pointed at my mouth, the camera bulbs pop and flash around me and what sounds like a million voices come at me all babbling at once. Did I do it? I don’t have an answer and I’m stalling for time.

    By Shailesh on 06.05.2014

  7. i have to stall to get the things that mean the most to me, so i could therefore explain to the best of my ability what I really am saying or doing.

    By Alex Jamal on 06.05.2014

  8. “You’re stalling, Maria,” Johnny said as he took the girls hand, “You remember you can tell me anything, right?”
    “Yeah,” replied the girl, her hands shaking slightly and her head throbbing, “I just can’t admit everything to myself.”

    By Cate Tren on 06.05.2014

  9. her eyes darted around the room looking for something to say. she stared right at his crotch and held her eyes there for a good few seconds, immediately his eyes dropped to his crotch and his eyes said he’d already forgotten

    By visageegasiv on 06.05.2014

  10. Stalling – a multi farious word that means so much – stalling? procrastinating? deliberating? taking time? not forcing things to happen but allowing them to? what is the true meaning of the word stalling? perhaps I am. Perhaps I am putting roadblocks in front of myself. But then again, I don’t think so…

    By K on 06.05.2014

  11. stalling stalling, stalling for time? stalling for a chance? what are you stalling for? what am i stalling for? perhaps im stalling for more time to write this damn thing. oh wait i still have time, but

    By asia on 06.05.2014

  12. I am stalling just now thinking about the garden instead of cleaning the kitchen! That is typical of me, wondering what plants to buy etc. Then I go to the garden and wander around wondering where to start the make over.

    By Doreen on 06.05.2014

  13. I was standing in line at the goliath my friends giggling and laughing as the approached closer and closer to the front of the trecherous coasters line. I kept stalling, excuses, excuses, excuses. I was horrified.

    By lizzie URL on 06.05.2014

  14. He talked and talked. Ramin was stalling and stalling. He couldn’t hear the verdict. The judge entered the courtroom. She stood on the stand. She seemed to go very very slowly to Ramin.

    By Alex B on 06.05.2014

  15. “Wait, I think I left something down here. Oh no, wee=l if I am down here I my as well grab a snack.” “Maria, stop stalling” said her dad

    By Allie D on 06.05.2014

  16. Zach is stalling his shot at the doctors office. He is trying to make weird noises so the nurse giving it to him will wait extra time. He is stalling the shot.

    By David on 06.05.2014

  17. Stalling, the hesitation, the fear, the panic. I wait at the train stop knowing that I’ll be late to school. I tell my mom to put the petal to the metal and she blows through the stop with her blue minivan. I stop at school and my mom hands me my lunch bag. I dash into the school and make my way to my class. I put my backpack in my locker and walk into class. Right on time…..

    By Harrison Menaker on 06.05.2014

  18. He had proposed a few times but now he wanted an answer. If only she would think about properly and stop stalling.

    By Alexandra on 06.05.2014

  19. a compartment for domestic animal in a barn or shed.or cause stop making
    a booth used by vendor to set up markets

    By sana URL on 06.05.2014

  20. I was running our of time. My sister was still out of the house running to drop something off at her friends house. I was supposed to cover for her. My dad comes in and asks me where she is. “Uhhhhh” “Im not sure” I was just stalling. I am in a lot of trouble if I lie to my dad but I’d be betrying my sister if I tell.

    By Maddie A. on 06.05.2014

  21. Joe was holding the ball, he would not let go. Joe’s friend asked, “Why are you stalling?” Joe just kept on holding the ball.

    By Jared G on 06.05.2014

  22. She made a plan with her friend to stall her friend’s mom, so her friend could steal the milk and cookies.

    By Isabella W URL on 06.05.2014

  23. My immediate response to save time was to stall my parents with brainless comments.

    By Ava Cison URL on 06.05.2014

  24. “Wait, I think I forgot something. Oh, it’s not. If I am down here I may as well get a snack and maybe-” “Maria, stop stalling and do your homework,” said her dad

    By Allie D on 06.05.2014

  25. My students are experts at stalling. They stall when they forget their homework. They try to stall their teachers and engage them in a conversation that is completely unrelated to the class. They like to leave the classroom and spend time in the bathroom stall so they can stall the work they have to do!

    By Mrs. Ott URL on 06.05.2014

  26. The car stalled as we heaved and pushed the massive bulk of the Ford out of the rut to escape the imminent wall of sand.

    By Alex on 06.05.2014

  27. The man was stalling. He had to make his choice now. Kill himself, or kill the world. What should he do? Live the rest of his life as a mere assistant to the grievous man who was holding the imaginary knife in front of him? Or jump of the building waiting for serendipity. The man was stalling.

    The man across from him was stalling too, he was locked inside himself. He was trying to keep himself out. The man could only chose everyone’s fate at this point.

    The two men were only prolonging the inevitable.

    By Gab on 06.05.2014

  28. Someone was deniing the fact that they like Ramin. Ramin always showed affections to this person but they didn’t take it in by the heart. One day he gave her flowers but she didn’t accept it. When Ramin walked away,Toby stole her heart. Then he gave her a Taco.

    By Eli on 06.05.2014

  29. Someone I know is stalling and denying the fact they like Ramin. That is when I realized she really liked Toby! Ramin was very upset and did not know what to do so he started stalling.

    By Matt H on 06.05.2014

  30. “Mariana! Quit stalling or you will miss your flight,” screamed my mom from down the stairs. I was heading of the Gracie Boarding School for Girls in Sundance, California. I was leaving behind everything I had ever known in the small town of Dalton, Kansas. so i had a theory, If I staid in my room and stalled then I wouldn’t have to go.

    By Anna on 06.05.2014

  31. The boy was stalling when he heard that he was to take a bath. He was a very stinky kid who hated baths. However, for all his stalling the boy had to take a bath and wash himself very well with lemon and lavender soap. Then after he got out of the bath, he tried stalling to get out of doing his homework for English class. The stalling technique he used got him nowhere again so he had to do his English homework, regretfully. He tried stalling again so he wouldn’t get in trouble for breaking his mother’s precious Japanese vase while he was throwing a tantrum about his English homework. He however, did not stall when it was time for dessert. He absolutely loved dessert time and for dessert time, he got a large slice of chocolate brownie cake which was his favorite.

    By Kathryn on 06.05.2014

  32. Someone was deniing the fact that they like Ramin. Ramin always showed affections to this person but they didn’t take it in by the heart. One day he gave her flowers but she didn’t accept it. When Ramin walked away,Toby stole her heart. Then he gave her a Taco. Then she said “hhzdgw iyersbgiaergbayzrbgdyeaiudgboUGBiuzehrueahgahuhguaieruguaegra!”

    By Eli on 06.05.2014

  33. The carpets needed vacuuming, the toilet needed to be scrubbed. It was probably a good use of her to time to once more check her inbox. Anything but getting into the car and driving to the doctor. If she could just put it off for another day, then it would go away. There was no reason to know today.

    By Beka URL on 06.05.2014

  34. 10 minutes. I nervously glance at the clock, hoping to stall for more time. I’m being forced out onto
    the roof. Nine minutes. “Not yet.” I yell forcefully, hoping for more time as I rush down the stairs, back onto the ground into the rushing street, trying to find my friend. Eight minutes. I see him. I know it’s him because of his piercing eyes, black as the night. Seven minutes. I grab his shoulder as his eyes lock with mine, pulling him into a tight embrace. “I’m sorry.” I whisper, and he’s gone from sight. Six minutes. I yell an apology at the top of my lungs, as everyone turns to stare. Four minutes. I sob into my hands, realizing my mistake. I must compose myself. I walk back to the top of the building and yell, “Stop!” I am told to quit stalling, I had made a commitment. One minute. I glance down at the world. Thirty seconds. Twenty, ten, five, and the world is on fire.

    By Lily Rothschild on 06.05.2014

  35. I’m stalling just writing this. What on earth can I say? There’s not much to write about it, in fact I’m just wondering what everyone else has said. I hope that it’s appropriate stuff cause I’d love to use this with my students, it’s a really cool idea. Maybe I’ll write some curse words to see what happens. Fuck. Okay. Go. Yep.

    By Anna on 06.05.2014

  36. One man in a car.
    Eight thousand three hundred sixty seven cars in a row,
    stalling for an endless afternoon.

    By asavas on 06.05.2014

  37. but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, er, um, er, um, um, um, er, but, er, er, um, um, um, hmmmm, hmmmm, let me think, um, but, that’s a good question…

    By Lee on 06.05.2014

  38. I always feel like I’m stalling for some reason or another, even if there IS NO REASON. Sometimes this fact surprises me as a person. Some days, when I know I have time to complete something, I just sit and wait, knowing that it will always be there tomorrow for me to do. Stalling is the bane of my existence!

    By Ryan on 06.05.2014

  39. Stationary. Stopped. Staggering, Slow. Every other word Starting with S that is a Synonym for Stalling.

    By Aimee Sharpe on 06.05.2014

  40. Deirdre stalled for time, brushing biscuit crumbs from her trousers. The dragon leaned its massive head closer and peered at her through one blood-red eye.

    “Answer, miss.”

    Deirdre gulped. The creature’s breath alone was like a furnace. What would its flame be like, should she answer wrong?

    “I think, sir,” she said after a moment, “that yes, I should very much like a ride.”

    By RS Bohn URL on 06.05.2014