February 22nd, 2013 | 186 Entries

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186 Entries for “stalled”

  1. I think about stopping at the crosswalk, but I can’t bring myself to stop when I see you on the other side. You’re stalled there and I can’t bring myself to stop because you are what I have been waiting for. I’m glad the cars stopped though.

    By Eeny on 02.22.2013

  2. “Well….” I stalled, kicking the ground. “James told me that he needed my help down at the farm…”
    “Tell him you can’t!” the bitter reply shocked me, and I spun around to look at him.

    By j on 02.22.2013

  3. My life is stalled. Trapped. In limbo. Surrounded by crap up to my neck and only a toothpick to push it away. There are hordes around me with shovels, but they are busy scratching their asses and picking their noses. So I am left to suffocate under the avalanche of their dirty baggage. When my body starts to smell, they’ll toss an air freshener in my direction and blame it on the neighbors. May maggots eat their junkfood stockpiles.

    By JDwrites URL on 02.22.2013

  4. It wasn’t going anywhere. This car had called it quits; right in the middle of the damned highway. Of course it had. Where else would it decide to give up, give out, stall dead with nothing but a puff of black smoke to give away its sudden demise. There was nowhere for her to go, nowhere for her to run. She would be forced to deal with this piece of crap machinery.

    By KT URL on 02.22.2013

  5. the car was stranded on the quiet street, illuminated by the mooon light gasping through the trees. the car had stalled and tom had made his way on foot.

    By rachel on 02.22.2013

  6. stalled
    waiting for you seems to slow me down
    and i am lost
    floating upon your stream of waves
    i am drowning
    revive me
    time is not real
    i am not real
    and i made you up inside my mind, but
    you are as real to me as anything ever was.
    time is only killing me more now.
    time is only real
    when i wait
    for you

    By izzy URL on 02.22.2013

  7. The talks had stalled, and the President of New Centranova was outside the office of parliament, smoking a pricy Red Spice cigarette. It had taken a literal wringing of the neck of the economics advisor to get these, and he was already feeling better about the less assertive replacement. He inhaled the zest and breathed out crimson smoke. Very relaxing.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.22.2013

  8. waiting for a train in some hot country with my best friend. we are going on the see and met our friends to finished out trip to anywhere.

    By Monik on 02.22.2013

  9. put in place. like a horse. in a stall. yes. people think of you a certain way. not positive. maks you angryy to be

    By Hanna on 02.22.2013

  10. I don’t know what happened i swear officer, i was driveing along and the cat ran out in front of my car and it stalled my ar just stalled, i don’t even know how, my car is only a year old and i just got gas i

    By parker on 02.22.2013

  11. stalled is like stopped. it is halting. it is very common and mean to do to someone and you should not do it and it is the verb form of stall. Example, I was stalled on the way to work. I couldn’t go to work. I was stalled.

    By Lula Konner on 02.22.2013

  12. I walked down the road only to watch three cars stall at the same time, i thought that was weird but i kept walking and on the next corner everyone was getting out of their cars, i don’t get it, everyone just

    By MiaParker URL on 02.22.2013

  13. Progress is not stalled by perplexity.

    I cannot be guilted into continuing on the same path that will inevitably lead me to a dead-end. I work for a non-prof. I love what I work towards, I love being part of this movement.

    But this movement is barely paying the bills.

    And it ain’t covering that medical necessity.

    I gots to go where the money flows and the woes are worth the tolls, honey.

    Ain’t no stalling the progress because of social obligations that lead into stagnation.

    Momma ain’t raise no fool.

    By JP URL on 02.22.2013

  14. I’ve been stalled sometimes before. What am I meant to do when stalled? I do what nature does; I go the other way. I can simply turn, go the other way. Grow through reversal. When one’s been blocked, one must progress through another way. I’m not stalled now, though; I can always do whatever I want.

    By Benjamin URL on 02.22.2013

  15. Ooooooo… brain stalled in the intersection between wakefulness and sleep. It is a state o zombie-esque movements and thoughts that run a mile an hour.

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.22.2013

  16. The car had stalled.

    Too bad, he thought, just when I was going to get some pussy.

    James never was quite the man people thought he was. Sure he could bag any girl he wanted at any time. Sure this guy was the most popular guy in high school. But he really didn’t care at all about girls, about basketball, about his friends.

    All he gave his mind to was his guitar.

    By Garrett Hall URL on 02.22.2013

  17. Am I just stalling for time here? Or am I just not ready.

    By Jason URL on 02.22.2013

  18. ‘Oh, um… y’know’ He stepped back, wiping his hands on his jeans.
    ‘What?! I didn’t take anything!’ He replied; smiling. He held his hands out: Empty.
    He mumbled and ran upstairs, a white piece of paper poking out of his back pockets.

    By Doodlepip URL on 02.22.2013

  19. See here you stand up straight and you call out my name but I don’t answer I fear you will see right through me. I keep on moving. Walking running. And there is something bittersweet in the night knowing. I stalled it all.

    By Marni URL on 02.22.2013

  20. I sat at the light and I tried to keep moving. The car was stalled and I couldn’t remember the last time that I got gas. The people buzzed past and I tried to fall in love with my space but all I felt was anger and I couldn’t believe I had forgotten where I was going next.

    By Oodie Taliaferro on 02.22.2013

  21. the car stalled.
    the rain poured.
    head bowed,
    tears fell.
    no more
    no more

    no more.

    By all4imagination URL on 02.22.2013

  22. I feel like I’m stalled these days – only given one or maybe two tasks to work on because “you’re so good at it”. I want to grow, learn new things, try different options….pigeon holed does not look good on a resume…..

    By Amy Munns URL on 02.22.2013

  23. I was walking one day when I came across a cow that looked like it was dying on the side of the road so I stalled from my job and went to help.

    By Pauline on 02.22.2013

  24. Every time one flies too far in the air, they may be stalled. If you shoot for too may, you may stall out and end up with nothing. Boom! You’ve fallen on your face due to lack of judgement. Many try to shoot for the starts and end up where they’ve started or less. It’s safe to say that in order to prevent stalling, you must attempt to work within the confines of your ability.

    By Preston Abbott URL on 02.22.2013

  25. Stopped and waiting. Paused. Halt, horses halting. Transmission stick shift stalling. No progression. Stuck, help. Taking a break, monotone No idea how to move on from it.

    By Megan on 02.22.2013

  26. Grant needed to get out. The baby would be there any second and Maria was there alone. With her parents. But alone. She needed him. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be but it’s how it worked out.

    By Hannah Horvath URL on 02.22.2013

  27. I
    I couldn’t do it
    but I really wanted to
    Stalling, I said that
    I loved him too much.
    Why does this keep happening
    in my dreams?
    Am I actually just

    By Jessica Tower URL on 02.22.2013

  28. I stalled the meeting with my friend. I love her but she puts me down too much anymore. I miss when she wasn’t this annoying. Highschool changes people.

    By jessinoel URL on 02.22.2013

  29. He needed to get out. The baby would be there any second and she was there alone. With her parents. But alone. She needed him. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be but it’s how it worked out. They only just graduated, they shouldn’t be having kids. And she really shouldn’t be going through labor 3 months early. Traffic was jammed.

    By Hannah Horvath URL on 02.22.2013

  30. He stalled for time. He knew he had to think of an excuse, and fast. She had caught him reading her messages, but he had his reasons. None of which she would ever understand. He stammered out words, but somehow they couldn’t come together to make sense to even himself.

    By Alexa URL on 02.22.2013

  31. the car puffed its last breath
    as she smoked her last cigarette
    the little bastard behind her honked
    her hazards blearily blinked through the not quite worrisome
    haze her jalopy was emitting.
    what was another breath of pollution in this city of smokers?

    By Kairn URL on 02.22.2013

  32. He has stalled her long enough, she wanted action now, and she wanted him to show her how he felt about her now.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 02.22.2013

  33. We never did find out what made the car stall that day on the road. Maybe it was a sign that something was going to happen; my father had owned the car for most of his adult life without so much a whirr of protest from the car. Old faithful, it was.

    By rebecca on 02.22.2013

  34. stalled……………………writers block………………..what to do?……………………………

    By lily on 02.22.2013

  35. I was going to the store but before I left a horse appeared at my door and ate my father and I cried and I was hungry but I couldn’t leave to the store. why? Because I was stalled.

    By SVNASTY on 02.22.2013

  36. when my pee stream stalled i recalled the commercial,”trouble going, stops and starts,…” I thought i m too young for this, especially on my thirteenth birthday.

    By Heven Blickest on 02.22.2013

  37. Waiting in the cold for the bus to come and its like -78 degrees out here.

    By Frodo URL on 02.22.2013

  38. Stalled. I stall for all the important things. Finding a job. Signing up for my PFD. Breaking up with him. I stalled getting down here, and I’ll stall getting out. Planes stall, cars stall, I procrastinate. It sounds nicer, don’t you think?

    By Angela on 02.22.2013

  39. There I was – on some nameless two-lane highway between Mankato and Worthington, on the vast expanse of prairie, with whipping wind and sideways snow – with a stalled 2004 Toyota Sienna.

    By Dani URL on 02.22.2013

  40. He deliberated the situation. Whether he should tell her about his experience on the fourth of June at 7:35 PM, or whether he should continue to mask his traitorous euphoria. But she would never know.

    By Annelise Walker on 02.22.2013