April 6th, 2019 | 5 Entries

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5 Entries for “stale”

  1. I’m allowed to have moved on, right? There are so many hundreds of reasons not to go. But then there’s that one reason that I should.

    By Aisling on 04.07.2019

  2. The tea was cold, the cake was dry, and the cookies were so stale that I thought about using them as miniature frisbees. Still, I drank and ate my fill, just to appease my Auntie Nancy. She beamed the whole time at the party, even as most of the food was untouched.

    The cucumber sandwiches were delicious, though. I had to give her credit for those. I ate about fifteen of those before I remembered to save some for my sister.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.07.2019

  3. There it was. Cereal, all stale and crunchy. This proved the case. Barry wasn’t innocent; the box was found in his house. He was the world’s punniest serial killer.

    By kate on 04.07.2019

  4. stale means something that is no longer fresh or that is old. A good symnominy would be nasty. one example of this world in a sentence woulb be: This bread is really stale

    By VANESSA FACURI on 04.08.2019

  5. Her heart felt stale like an old piece of bread. The morning had started with focus and hope for a good day. However, turned when she was going over her ideas with her sister. They had an upcoming event planned with a dead-line fast approaching. She felt the pressure and angst in her sisters voice. It began to get louder with desperate need. This brought responses back from her sister that continued to escalate. Now, she was trying to wrap her head around why? There must be something she can do, in these moments of chaos? She was quickly approaching her own limits. It was evident in her response to her sister.

    Something was needed in those moments. It was then she had an epiphany. “Listen to her well. She is not in her own mind. There is more to her story than you know. That is why she is responding in this way. Take a deep breath. Ask for forgiveness for your part. Be gentle and kind with your words. Love her uncodontional, the same way you have been loved. Watch your hearts change right before your eyes. No more stale bread. Instead, fresh baked hearts, like fresh baked bread. The sweet auroma permeates thru your homes. Comfort and peace. It ts now, well with your souls.” She follows her recipe to the tee. No deviations. They have found a new joy in the preparation; together with new baked hearts.

    By Donna Whiting on 04.08.2019