April 26th, 2019 | 5 Entries

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5 Entries for “sitting”

  1. sitting on the chair for so long makes me so tired but seeing the beautiful view outside the window makes it less boring

    By hamdi URL on 04.26.2019

  2. sitting on the chair for so long makes me tired but seeing the beautifull view outside makes it less borring and more fun

    By hamdi URL on 04.26.2019

  3. Sentado con la cabeza gacha frente a un pastel de fresa uno sólo puede preguntarse dónde quedó la otra silla y qué es eso que nos molesta tanto.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 04.26.2019

  4. After sitting and staring in the same spot for nineteen days, I couldn’t help but notice a small, flickering white light in the distance. It was quite dark in the space, so I had to, ironically, squint to get a good look. The light was stark, and cold, but it felt welcoming. I reached out and touched it.

    There, I felt a new word form in my throat. At long last, I saw letters. At long last, I could speak again.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.26.2019

  5. The boys were sitting on a rock. They looked oiut at the sea and wished they could be on a boat sailing to America. Justr then a mermwid swam up fro m below te shoere. what are you wishing for sitting ther?

    By christine on 04.26.2019