September 28th, 2017 | 51 Entries

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51 Entries for “staggering”

  1. timing is testing
    judgement is joyful
    figuring out fragments
    to the best of our abilities
    the knowledge
    we don’t envision
    enveloping the images
    myopic dreams
    passivity posing, us
    the future in our hands
    the little children inherit all our plans

    By matt m. on 09.28.2017

  2. Makes me think of someone drunk or hurt staggering away from an area or an entity. Almost as if stumbling or about to fall. Just not in a normal state of mind as well. Feels like the person will pass out.

    By artless on 09.28.2017

  3. The space echoes speechless,
    It has no words to defend itself.
    It breaks the room,
    Like a sudden tumble in a dream,
    Jumping in fear and sweat,
    Helplessly awake now.
    It repeats, comes again,
    Its arrival announced and
    Warmth flees from skin.
    Cold and rigid,
    A heart can’t beat in the atmosphere of the end
    And turns mechanical.
    Every time,
    Because it repeats
    Every time
    A choice that isn’t a choice
    And its chasm left ripped into an empty room
    Goodbyes that sting like finalities
    Every time
    And the different messages received in thirty minutes
    Is astounding

    By Ai URL on 09.28.2017

  4. I think of a corpse, like a zombie from the Walking Dead or something. They just sort of shamble along, and stagger is an excelent word in my opinion because they’re not quite alive, but also super dead. It’s very similar to someone who’s extremely tired, exhausted. I see it a lot in Cross Country. Runners who have burnt themselves away to nothing, but that still push on at a death rattle. It’s painful but I love it for the struggle.

    By John Duarte on 09.28.2017

  5. The women was staggeringly beautiful. Elijah literally stepped back when he saw her and he felt ridicules, but staggering was the only word he could think of.

    By Breahna on 09.28.2017

  6. The colorful blocks were staggering across the floor. The colors were vibrant and bold. Miles loved to play with the blocks and read the books!

    By Tatum S URL on 09.28.2017

  7. strong desire just to drink to much
    and be the person
    i was a few years ago
    mercilessly staggering and
    fast drunk wanting
    to simply open
    the flood gates

    By cowbrowner on 09.28.2017

  8. Breaths in staggering gulps
    Tearing down windpipe like trains through tunnels
    Chugging along the tracks
    The rhythmic thud
    Up and down
    In and out
    Reminiscing of times gone by
    Simple mornings
    Gauzy and effervescent
    Bubbling with laughter
    Choking on dust
    And the weight of a thousand years
    Pressing your chest
    Making heavy your breathing
    Like pillars of salt
    Standing in the desert, longingly
    Forlorn you search for a place to call home
    Please remind me where you came from –
    I haven’t the foggiest.

    By rivertam2x2 on 09.28.2017

  9. The blow is so powerful that it sends the knight staggering backwards. His hand hits his hilt as another punch swings into his face, smashing his jawbone, sticking sharp metal into the side of his cheek, and tearing through some of the flesh there. He feels the clacking of his teeth against metal, and begins to hear a ringing in his head. Over that sound comes the booming voice of the woman in front of him.

    “You lost my wedding ring, you useless pile of shit!”

    By darseyrsm URL on 09.28.2017

  10. From a haze he stumbled. Not intoxicated just overwhelmed. What he had seen… what he had heard. He was left reeling and seeking solid ground not only for his feet but also for the remains of his shattered life.

    By EnsignEwart on 09.28.2017

  11. The drunk man was staggering along the street, like a comedian in a silent slapstick movie. However, there was a strange beauty in his movements, a precision of the rhythm of his steps, waves and tumbles, resembling a mathematical sequence or a musical dynamic. It was a real phenomenon to behold.

    By cup on 09.28.2017