September 26th, 2017 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “irritable”

  1. every time I went to school and saw the teacher I just became angry it was so irritable and so easy to get irritated at the teachers, it was really really irratating I dont know what it was, it just was.

    By Samsad on 09.27.2017

  2. Thinking too much, well not as such, if it were lunch or not concentrating on my hunch then i think less but if it were so so then perhaps i would be irritable and slow.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.27.2017

  3. hearing a neighbours mother scream at her kids from morning till night. Oh how it makes me irritable and I have to be careful for it to not affect my day …still / calm

    By Unique URL on 09.27.2017

  4. don’t ask me to finish this sentence
    it only ends in pain
    god only knows why this is heaven
    when surely our eyes know better
    we keep talking away
    idle chit chat
    we have this fear
    we need repenting
    irritable arrangements
    i don’t know who we are
    but i’m better off dead

    By matt m. on 09.27.2017

  5. quick reaction to stupid people with stupid tiny minds. When the world just gets to you and you stop thinking and your brain just gets frazzled and you lash out in small but brutal spurs. Stupid people. Stupid, tiny brains with zero creativity.

    By Lily on 09.27.2017

  6. I am extremely irritable today.
    Maybe it is hormones.
    Maybe it is the weather.
    Maybe it is that I am a teacher and children are irritating, and somewhere between truancy and throwing chairs I did in fact get irritated, and despite my best efforts to stay calm and count to 10, the 8th time one of my students uses the wrong their/there/there, I do in fact snap a little bit, surely it CANNOT BE THAT DIFFICULT.
    Could be any of the above, really, couldn’t it?

    By K Dale on 09.27.2017

  7. Doyoung itu pemarah.

    Walau ia selalu menolak pernyataan tersebut, itu memang kenyataannya.

    “Heh, Kelinci!” Taeyong berteriak dari kejauhan saat menemukan si pemuda Aquarius di salah satu meja kafetaria kampus.

    “Siapa yang kaupanggil kelinci??!!”

    Tuh, kan, Doyoung memang pemarah.

    By d i l i a URL on 09.27.2017


    By SHARON on 09.27.2017

  9. when u are ready to go same were and you say irritable.

    By emonie URL on 09.27.2017

  10. “Seriously?”

    Dana blinked, pulling her hands out of her pockets. Turning to her friend, she started at the anger on her face. Jen was glaring at a spot in the cityscape below them, black irises seemingly darker than ever despite the little moonlight that could be seen tonight. Distantly, Dana wondered what she could focus on through the perpetual yellow smog clinging to the skyscrapers like parasites. “What?”

    Jen sighed loudly and pushed away from the railing. “You know what. He was a no-show yesterday night.”

    Tendrils of irritation began winding around her chest. “You mean I was a no-show yesterday night, and I’ve told you that my shape-shifting abilities are not at your beck and call. So enlighten me on the problem,” Dana said crossly, “and look at me while you’re doing it.”

    She noticed Jen’s eye twitch, before she turned towards her and dropped her pretenses of civility. Dana saw it in the way Jen’s shoulders faced her fully, in the way her feet were pointed in her direction and in the way her gaze turned narrower, sharper and focused, on her.

    “So we’re finally doing this,” Dana scoffed. “Are you going to start being frank with your thoughts about me?”

    Jen curled her fists and ground her teeth. Surprising for a girl normally so demure and laid-back, Dana thought, but not unexpected.

    She stared right back at her partner, unchanging in her expression and posture as Jen met her gaze. She had never hidden her thoughts and feelings from Jen throughout the time they had known each other.

    After all these years, it felt good to finally be treated the same.

    By ethel URL on 09.27.2017

  11. So was the man; the man who watched over the cage. He was very irritable, and therefore disliked the many scenarios where the bird in the cage squawked loudly for a long period of time.

    By Crystal on 09.27.2017

  12. the desire of men is often forth with thoughts of unequal premises and times. For me to explain the season of the men who, for some time have thought themselves greater, or superior is only to dial the frame of mind back to when the centuries first expanded. This, however so is not promising in the fact that little is known of these men, or this time.

    By Kody D on 09.27.2017

  13. The boy was irritable and the teacher could not figure out why. All she could think was that it had been something she had done in class, but she knew that that isn’t always the case.

    By Breahna URL on 09.27.2017

  14. I am an irritable person meaning I irritate everyone who I ever come in contact with. That means that most people get very annoyed by me.

    By Jonah on 09.27.2017

  15. Irritable, garrulous, kids running,
    around in the apartment court yeard,
    lets eat a bannaa,
    the fruit will chill you out,
    leave your smile in a river-ran drout,

    A grubby day that doesn’t let go like a leech suckling on doomsday,
    heals with the power of love,
    go grab a kiss,
    from a loved one,
    your top stun,
    will be a chocolate kiss,
    and I’m not talking about hersheys,
    I’m talking about eating pure choclate,
    while admonishing pure love,
    like its the only candy in the store, that’s in store for you.

    By Milad URL on 09.27.2017

  16. It was so irritable when you get hurt. The pain is not fun to have to deal with. It can make made and so angry every time you get hurt. It is said to see someone get hurt really bad. When ever we see some one get hurt we should always pray for them!

    By Mikkala on 09.27.2017

  17. well i have absolutely no idea what this word means. the first thing that comes to mind is annoying, just like my sister.

    By jazwaz28 URL on 09.27.2017

  18. Today I feel like a storm is raging inside me. Every time someone glances my way i feel a heat wave and a lightning strike. Straight from the eyes. Straight to the heart. I feel as though the world is against me today. Every strength I have is weakened. All the power I had is lost. I am stuck. I am angry. I am a lion waiting to pounce.

    By Amanda on 09.27.2017

  19. Stop staring. Stop hitting. Stop being the way that you are. Every second is torture listening to you. Every moment is perpetual annoyance and anger and dear god just leave me alone! I am a thunderous storm and a flash of sharp lightning. I am heat of the desert and strike of the snake. Just stop. Just listen. Just don’t. I can’t cope.

    By Amanda URL on 09.27.2017

  20. I would hate to make you so.
    I just wanted to tell you about my day.
    I remember walking on eggshells just to avoid this.
    but you’d always find something that I did wrong.
    i am sorry for making you so irritable.

    By Zoe Rountree URL on 09.27.2017

  21. It is natural for people to become irritated towards someone or something. It is part of human nature. Some days one can be irritable towards others.

    By Kaci Miller on 09.27.2017

  22. My mom is irritable today. Nothing I have done pleases her.

    By Karen on 09.27.2017

  23. i was IRRITABLE!! OK?!?! SO DON’T JUDGE ME!!!!!! OK?!?!? SO THERE!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!! WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry i went out of control.

    By Secretcommander URL on 09.27.2017

  24. Mary Mason was extra cranky and irritable this morning, so she decided to go to the grocery and curse out the nearest scrawny and pubescent clerk she could find. Instead of an adolescent loser trying to make enough money to buy a new bicycle, however, was a woman whom Mary fell totally and absolutely in love with. With her red curls and gray eyes, she simply nodded cordially to the grouchy forty-something before scanning her candy bar and bottle of wine – no cheesy and fake smile to be seen.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.27.2017

  25. unhappy, disgruntled, nothing feels right,

    By nancy on 09.27.2017

  26. do you ever have those days
    where you just wake up
    Angry at anything, everything
    Don’t look at me.
    Don’t talk to me.
    I struggle to overcome it
    in vain
    these are the swells of our human ocean
    the best choice…..
    curl your toes around the end of the board
    and ride out emotions wave

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 09.27.2017

  27. annoying
    waste of time
    not nice

    By Aisha on 09.27.2017

  28. your face gets all red and scrunched up when you’re angry. you think it’s ugly but i think it’s kinda cute, the way you’re so irritable about every little thing. scratch that, i don’t think it’s cute, i think it’s adorable. of course, telling you this will just make you angrier.

    By esmé URL on 09.27.2017

  29. when i first met her
    holding our breath beneath a sea of stars
    she hated that she couldn’t breathe
    then i held her hand
    and showed her the pointy cactus coral
    the sun bleached seashell skulls
    and the fluorescent snakes swimming through the sand.
    she didn’t seem to mind
    our constant underwater expedition
    when we shared oxygen
    beneath the galactic waves.

    By esmé URL on 09.27.2017

  30. This is a burden
    logging in every day to write
    I am irritable
    until I realize
    it’s not a burden
    and nobody’s forcing me

    By just_write URL on 09.27.2017

  31. I’m always perpetually irritable, especially when I’m hungry. And tired. and in a hurry. And in traffic, and when I’m in line, and towards the people in front of me. And behind. It’s not on purpose, its just how I feel. And I’m sorry for that.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 09.27.2017

  32. Yes…wondering about this word all day. Why am I so irritable. Why can’t I be zen and let things go. What is the use of being irritable?

    By Rebecca on 09.27.2017

  33. Irritable. The drugs were wearing off. I know this because for the last 4 hours I’ve been mentally checking in with myself to make sure the warm butterflies were still in my stomach. As Jack once said, “What if this is as good as it gets?”..

    By Maxi Million URL on 09.27.2017

  34. the table was irritable, at its ends’ wit
    because someone had placed a tablet upon it
    lamentable; contemptable
    when set under the plate of vegestables
    comfort and stability
    replaced with irascibility
    always taking an ego blow
    just so dinner can be considered “quite tableaux”

    By omqwat URL on 09.27.2017

  35. Interrupted hibernation
    Room invaded
    Rage suppressed under ‘happy’ customer service smiles
    Introvert disturbed by crowding
    Time ticks
    Aggravated bug bites
    Being uncertain of the next step
    Late… for a very important… oh what was it again?
    Exaggerated Expectations

    By C URL on 09.27.2017

  36. Yes i am, that is a what I am feeling, irritable. Irritable like the morning not being content and doing my own thing, how annoying it is sometimes.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.28.2017

  37. I’m feeling more than a little irritable today. The sound of Brandon’s clicking pen – clicking, clicking, clicking – for two hours straight. And the giggling gossip of the two older women to my left, not even pretending to keep it down.

    By darseyrsm URL on 09.28.2017