October 10th, 2011 | 503 Entries

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503 Entries for “stacks”

  1. I have stacks of paper on the shelf in my closet. She stacks all the hay neatly outside the barn. He stacks his application papers on the desk.

    By Damaris URL on 10.11.2011

  2. stacks are wonderful things. They are lots, mountains. Also library books. What more could one want than stacks of library books. I love stacks. Stacks of bricks – so neat and tidy; stacks of rocks – so creative.

    By E A M Harris URL on 10.11.2011

  3. She wandered through the library stacks, the scent of musty paper, ancient flaking glue, moth-eaten fabric, dust, wafting up. She ran her finger along the edges of the leathery bindings, feeling their age, wondering what secrets were trapped inside, sad in the knowledge that she would never have time to read them all, not in her four years here, not in a hundred.

    By msannethrope URL on 10.11.2011

  4. Books. Paper. Notes. School. Class. Teachers. Bad teachers. You can’t do anything about bad teachers. You have to accept what you get. Like free stuff. Or prizes. Or even news from the dentist. Accept it. Roll with the punches. Don’t take no for an answer. Always fight for what you believe in. Stacks of books have been written on this subject.

    By Stuart on 10.11.2011


    By savanna URL on 10.11.2011

  6. there was a stack of bricks. the END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By madmax1587 URL on 10.11.2011

  7. i like to stack the chocolate bars in a stack i love to stack things.

    By kenna URL on 10.11.2011

  8. there are stacks of books in each classroom.
    the stack wood in there back yard afterschool.

    By elayna baca URL on 10.11.2011

  9. i stack up the many stacks and bails of hay for my horses

    By zoe lewis URL on 10.11.2011

  10. stacks of homework are sitting on my desk and i need a frappuchino because i am tired.

    By Leo URL on 10.11.2011

  11. i had stacks and stacks of homework i had to do last night

    By loveninja URL on 10.11.2011

  12. A stack of books in my room about the word stacks.

    By epicfaceofdeath45 URL on 10.11.2011

  13. Millions of them! Stacks and stacks of books! They are all around me! I am in heaven! Ever book I can think of is here! Truly! I really don’t know what to think! Should I start here or there? Which stack? This is hard!

    By stripes URL on 10.11.2011

  14. there were stacks of blocks on top of the shelf in the room.

    By brayden harris URL on 10.11.2011

  15. i have stacks of oreos that i like to eat and they are in my yellow kitchen cause i love oreos sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By sexyninja URL on 10.11.2011

  16. stacks are piles of stuff that you pile on top of each other mostley paper sometimes stacks are tall or small

    By mr.yankee URL on 10.11.2011

  17. stacks

    By kenna URL on 10.11.2011

  18. cookies can be stacked in stacks. Books can be in stacks. what if you put cats in stacks?

    By Fireman12$$$$ URL on 10.11.2011

  19. stacks of hay stacks of hay I like hay how bout you!:) so o golden hay stacks.
    hay hay hay hay hay ha hay hay hay hay hay ahhhay hayh hay ayy ha.hahahahhaha i like hay hay is good for ya heath. hay

    By Frankenbob URL on 10.11.2011

  20. somtimes stacks are very tall and big but they are very wierd in sometimes there are big stacks and little stacks i like the big stacks better though shhh dont tell th little one

    By Noah Gray URL on 10.11.2011

  21. There they are. The sock with the hole from where our secrets slipped through. The shawl, still stained with your acid tears. The bra with the lipstick, telling scarlet tales. All there, even the ribbon that braided popcorn memories of childhood, in funny patterns. The wardrobe is a secret door to Wonderland. Come, let’s snuggle again under the soft blanket, like we used to, before love became a gash.

    By Harvinder URL on 10.11.2011

  22. Deep in the stacks at night, she stole old books of poetry from the unused, unloved shelves on the 10th floor. She called it liberating, other should call it stealing, but she felt it a crime that the prose would be abandoned as such.

    By taromeet URL on 10.11.2011

  23. Too high for me to count. They lay on the table like kitchen magazines that friends and family are too weird to throw away.

    Too much green everywhere. Is this legal, probably not but it looks like we are in Vegas. Light trickles down from the broken lamb and illuminates the wadded dollar bills. Too much for me to count.

    By kevinmeagher URL on 10.11.2011

  24. i pile my emotions higher and higher.

    the smallest books on the bottom, heaviest on top,
    i carry them on my head like a proper lady,
    they’re weighing heavy on my mind,
    one day they will all come tumbling down.

    By philippa weston URL on 10.11.2011

  25. herd o th bluestcks somewere. Methinks thes was mountains. Bluestakswerever u b i wish i was up ther on you
    fellin the wind an enjoyin da view
    seein the wild birs flyin in da sky
    bluestaks o bluestasks yer i wish ye wer nigh

    By much obliged URL on 10.11.2011

  26. Stacks of books in the library. Studying in the stacks. I’d love a stack of hot pancakes right bout now. With a lot of butter and syrup. And a side of scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon, with a piping hot cup of coffee

    By Nayo on 10.11.2011

  27. i see luvle little chineese dolls an i bot a chinest tshirt with a big dragon ont and these we dol;ls meet me in the street an dey laff an say whos dat fella.
    so to all the wee chineese wimmin i meet isend yee staks o luv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    By much obliged URL on 10.11.2011

  28. I have a stack of papers waiting to be graded. I realize my students need me to give them feedback, and if I ignore the stacks, the stacks take on a life of their own and multiply. I bring this on to myself, but have no way to escape these stacks that always exist in my life, and demand so much of my time and attention.

    By Ary URL on 10.11.2011

  29. The lamp shone steadily on the stacks of paper piled upon the desk, covered in neat lines of equations. The professor’s glasses dangled off the edge of the wood, and a laptop was placed haphazardly atop the nearest pile. The professor himself, of course, was asleep on top of the paper in front of him.

    By sara on 10.11.2011

  30. There were stacks of papers everywhere. All around me, all I saw was words. My words, your words, inspired by all the things we had gone through when we were apart, when we were together, when we knew it wouldn’t last. The stacks reminded me and that’s why the stacks had to leave.

    By Neha URL on 10.11.2011

  31. Stacks. Stacks of money. Stocks of money makes the greedy man happy. Greedy man buys lots of useless things. Greedy man left with no stacks.

    By Bryanna on 10.11.2011

  32. stacks.. you can have stacks of buiscuits, coins.. everything in stacks looks cool.. you can have agame to strike the stacks..
    carrom board coins are also arranged in stacks… i guess that is all i can think about stacks..

    By aashri on 10.11.2011

  33. the stacks were taller than me. I looked up in awe! I felt so small compared to them. I wish I were tall, but sadly I am not.

    By Brea Paiz URL on 10.11.2011

  34. A multiple amount of items on top of echother.

    By keilar URL on 10.11.2011

  35. A multiple amount of objects put on top of each other.

    By kaylee Roud URL on 10.11.2011

  36. The stacks piled up one by one, seeming bars of my dust laden prison, older than time, older than thought, older than everything. The dust cascaded, disturbed by what I knew not and danced in little eddies in the sunstreams by my feet, and I inhale sharply, and feel the dry dry dust rake my lungs.

    By William Wellington on 10.11.2011

  37. The stacks of papers at my desk are piling up in exorbitant amounts. I no longer have any space for my computer, and as as result I have migrated to my bed to do my work.

    By muffinmiruku URL on 10.11.2011

  38. a multiple amount of items on top of eachother.

    By keilar URL on 10.11.2011

  39. things on top of eachother.

    By keilar URL on 10.11.2011

  40. There are stacks and stacks of books at my house, trailing off the shelves, in nearly every room. I can’t imagine not having them, but sometimes people comment on how many books I own and I wonder if they are being judgmental.

    By Linda URL on 10.11.2011