October 12th, 2011 | 484 Entries

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484 Entries for “spring”

  1. spring is beautiful. one of my favorite seasons. every year i know spring i coming by the big red tulips that pop up in my front and back yard

    By zoe lewis URL on 10.13.2011

  2. It is sunny outside, with one or two clouds. some puddles from the morning rain. its spring!

    By epicfaceofdeath45 URL on 10.13.2011

  3. spring is is cool because everything blooms and the snow melts.. fyi i hate spring because i love to snowboard……!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

    By Leo URL on 10.13.2011

  4. The flowers will bloom in the spring.
    Spring time is all about showers of rain.
    Butterflies fly in the beautiful spring weather.

    By jordan URL on 10.13.2011

  5. spring is a season usually the time the flowers blossom.

    By Bubbles1213 URL on 10.13.2011

  6. I like spring it is my favorite season because of the weather and you can do more things.

    By daisy URL on 10.13.2011

  7. it is great and fun i love spring cause u get out of school in spring yay spring

    By packer backer on 10.13.2011

  8. Spring is a a season, when flowers blossom..

    By keilar URL on 10.13.2011

  9. spring is when the flowers bloom and every thing looks pretty i love summer .

    By Pamela URL on 10.13.2011

  10. bouncy fun jump very high in a pen entertaining
    bryce hahahah he is a spring

    By hi pie URL on 10.13.2011

  11. i love spring the most of all. it is my favorite time of year.

    By brayden harris URL on 10.13.2011

  12. spring, fall, summer, and winter
    they all are so beautiful
    they are all so fun
    they are all seasons
    spring, fall, summer, and winter.

    By SydneyRae(: URL on 10.13.2011

  13. I can’t wait till it becomes spring. It is the best season of them all because it is cold and warm at the same time it is just perfect. I love it.

    By Henny on 10.13.2011

  14. Spring is my favorite time of the year when the colorful leaves fall off the trees.I love Spring.Especially because of Spring break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By danielle scott URL on 10.13.2011

  15. spring is cool but it can be very springy p.s. i hate spring because spring has animals like squirrels:)haha

    By Noah Gray URL on 10.13.2011

  16. spring is when the snow melts and the flowers start to grow all of the squirels come out to play. :P ha ha ha blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hockey

    By ChrisBybee URL on 10.13.2011

  17. Spring is when the flowers bloom and the sun shines bright…It’s the most beautiful time of the year.

    By loveninja URL on 10.13.2011

  18. Spring is very interesting……specially because a lot of birds come!!!:D

    By SuSii URL on 10.13.2011

  19. spring is not my favorite season but the springs that run through the city or country side yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >:0

    By Colin URL on 10.13.2011

  20. Spring is a season where flowers bloom, and animal’s come out of hybernation. A time where winter is over, and summer is just beginning. Christmas time is over, and Easter is very near.

    By kaylee Roud URL on 10.13.2011

  21. It springs open and she catches it before it hits her in the face. These things always seemed to be broken–either the spring doesn’t work at all or the spring works too well. This spring had obviously been stretched out beyond its original length, otherwise it wouldn’t have hit her in the face so forcefully. The clown was old and worn, its red nose worn to a burnt copper.

    By nataliecw URL on 10.13.2011

  22. My name is the month inside. APRIL!!! Yes April with flowers, the bunnys and cherry blossom. Cherry Blossom is annnoying I hate it , it gets everywhere all on my front drive.

    By April on 10.13.2011

  23. The clear crisp spring bubbling from deep within gave us refreshment and rejuvenation from the blistering orb high in the sky.

    By BWoolley URL on 10.13.2011

  24. fun cool green red tress bugs birds peotry escape the fate craig mabbitt oh look i make no sense. oh well aint that the point? anway i love spring its when the world seems greener. and i love green. especially lushness green, grass green, tree green every kind of green, even sakuras- though they are pink.

    By dseces on 10.13.2011

  25. Spring is pretty far away and on a cold, rainy day like today that word seems kind of menacing. Spring is about golf and perfect weather. Just being outside, the anti-stress, which I cannot help but feel now.

    By Fredrick Von Leavenstein URL on 10.13.2011

  26. The leaves gathered at the top of my favorite willow tree were a stunning shade of green, I longed so to climb those strong limbs and sit among the leafy heavens. It was a beautifully nostalgic sight.

    By Kari on 10.13.2011

  27. There are birds and flowers and beautiful things.
    There are bees and butterflies and seeds.
    Such beauty in small beginnings,
    such as spring.
    Spring, what a thing,
    My heart beats for you,
    I wait for you,
    on this cold winter night.

    By Sofia on 10.13.2011

  28. spring is my Favorite season it brings colors to the environment and joy to flower lovers, it inspiration for poets and solitude for wanderer

    By filza URL on 10.13.2011

  29. it is the blooming.
    the scent of love,
    or things that disguise
    themselves as love.
    walks along the beach,
    but it doesn’t
    mean it won’t

    By NuSol URL on 10.13.2011

  30. nothing seems to be growing, or moving, there’s an unbearable stillness that won’t shake and that is frightening, i once jumped into a puddle just to feel animated water but once everything was still again, i was overwhelmed by fear.

    By whitney URL on 10.13.2011

  31. Up and down in an impossible circle. Coiled and poised and ever imminent. Once it is here it is as good as gone, all kinetic potential and opportunity.

    By Emily URL on 10.13.2011

  32. Spring into your work. Spring into your own life. Spring into relationships with new people. Spring into love. Spring into play. Spring into everything you can! Sooner or later you’ll lose that spring in your step. Don’t let it go to waste.

    By shelbyrose on 10.13.2011

  33. I was waking up that morning and my head was hurting – probably late night drinking and the way that the flora was playing with all of us in that city. She was laying there and her purse was laying there and I was foggy and needing to remember a name because that’s what I try to do. That’s what good boys like me try to do.

    By Bryan URL on 10.13.2011

  34. i love spring. it means new life and new colors. i can also plant new flowers. its like the beginning of something new. i do my spring cleaning and most the time i get items for my house to make it look new and fresh again. spring also has alot of holidays which means there are more days of from work

    By Denise on 10.13.2011

  35. You weren’t going to stand back, coiled, waiting for him to finish flexing his triceps and biceps and little wrist muscles as he downed his little rice protein shake (for he had allergies) and she wavered around him, mystified. You wanted to spring forward, uncoiled, popping him in the face and stomach and pounded his chest with your tiny fists. That was your mom (single, looking–to your dismay) he was flexing in front of.

    By Dan on 10.13.2011

  36. rain may my birthday flowers
    getting lost in my head right now

    By ceasley on 10.13.2011

  37. time of change, new scents, green, crisp evenings, no clothes, fresh air, soggy streets. new new enw.very far from now, survival of winters past, anticipation of arrival. sadness when it leaves.

    By nacecere@gmail.com on 10.13.2011

  38. spring time, when are you coming back? i think you teased me when you made it 70º and sunny outside. but, now it’s raining. and in the 50’s. please, i’m not the only person who wants you back.

    By Dolly on 10.13.2011

  39. Spring had sprung and the sun became a happy little egg yolk in the sky. Her winter blues quickly melted away into the lush greenery of the April afternoon.

    By Laura URL on 10.13.2011

  40. i love spring. spring time. actually i don’t. my birthdays just then. but spring days are nice when you’re driving home from school and you roll your windows down and its the first real warm day and you blast music and you still feel a little cold. I don’t know. it’s nice, but thats all. nothing like fall.

    By Torrey on 10.13.2011