August 11th, 2010 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “sponge”

  1. There was a tiny sponge sitting on the counter. I picked it up, dreading the work to come. I started scrubbing effortlessly, knowing the beating would be coming.

    By Luvergal37 URL on 08.12.2010

  2. hii i don’t know what can i write in this time..but i want to read something like science writings.

    By yrf on 08.12.2010

  3. A sponge and again I come back to my mind as a metaphor. My mind as a sponge or not so much any more. It got that dried up and smelly texture that can be reproduced by wiping up vomit and leaving the sponge in the sun to wrinkle and dry.

    By Tom Fall URL on 08.12.2010

  4. like a sponge, my brain just absorbed everything in my surrounding environment. the drug really was working, like a massive computer with input peripherals, i was taking everything in.

    By pakman on 08.12.2010

  5. a goldfish sponge. a sponge i guess is my unintended fate for my pathetic loneliness and pleasure in being outcasted by my own self conscious. though i know in the long run it is a good thing. it is not always necessary to be surrounded by nonstop worthless bullshit just to feel happy in the short time. for the time being, i enjoy being nothing more than a sponge with no real output into the universe, except through cyberspace.

    By Brittany URL on 08.12.2010

  6. the sponge woke up and cooked a Krabby pattie for Mr. Krabs. He gave it to the costumer. the squidward threw it on patricks face where Sandy cheeks came in to save the day from plankton.

    By Jazmine Cruz on 08.12.2010

  7. She saw the pile of oranges stacked outside the grocery. They seemed to simmer beneath the sun, turn liquid, as if melting. She’d taken the pill thirteen hours earlier. How could the effects still be this strong?

    By miatetangco URL on 08.12.2010

  8. sponge soaking up sucking holes filling but still holes become heavier as wet

    By Paul on 08.12.2010

  9. She was a little sponge; she couldn’t get enough information. When she was eighteen months old, I realized that I was not woman enough for her. the world was her oyster.

    By Jamie on 08.12.2010

  10. Greek fishermen dive for these animals. They can be so colorful. We don’t have any in our aquarium – even though it is a saltwater tank. Sponges

    By Gina on 08.12.2010

  11. soak dirty bacteria soap yellow green cut paint wash scrub floor sink

    By Jayme on 08.12.2010

  12. I’m looking for a sponge.
    You know, a person.
    A person who can take every bit of love and care from me and keep it in them, and feel like they were made to be full with my giving.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 08.12.2010

  13. water wet wash your car wash yourself under the sea brown dirty clean soft squeeze drip dishes palmolive scrub holey sponge bob square pants

    By Juanita on 08.12.2010

  14. living under the sea under the deep blue sea its a sponge open to the sea aneomes

    By rose on 08.12.2010

  15. yu

    By Whitney on 08.12.2010

  16. soggy absorbing clump of fleshy mass…. you clean me and touch my skin and a rough watery moment I feel we are one. I am a sponge

    By Nancy on 08.12.2010

  17. it’s the core of thought.
    soaks up water.
    spills of all kinds.
    and lives under the sea.
    it’s how one soaks up
    both the good and the bad.
    And makes up a basis
    of understanding
    and comfort.

    By NuSol URL on 08.12.2010

  18. like a sponge i soak up all around me
    you cannot get anything out of me
    unless you wring and wring and well,
    that hurts

    i prefer to keep things inside myself
    you cannot tell how much i hide

    By Reisdasch on 08.12.2010

  19. Sponges are living creatures, too. Ask Bob. Ask Pat.

    By wirrklich URL on 08.12.2010

  20. doing presently


    By robin pabbi on 08.12.2010

  21. anchored, fulfilled, dragged up to dry on a sink, awaiting daily dead skin scrub,sigh

    By lee URL on 08.12.2010

  22. I picked up the kitchen sponge that lay moldering on the side of the steel sink. It was yellow, but stained with old tomato sauce and bits and pieces of old food. It smelled atrocious and when I showed it to my mother, she simply said “I haven’t had time to run to the store and buy another.”

    By Ali URL on 08.12.2010

  23. off my friends all the time when i was an active alcoholic. now that im sober, i have found myself homless, and i don’t even want to ask my friends or family if i can stay with them for a few days, because i don’t want to sponge off of anyone anymore. it’s pitiful. they all still love me,which i am infinitly grateful for

    By gjamescarrow URL on 08.12.2010

  24. The grass was spongy from all the rain- a nice change from the dry, crunchy grass it had been just weeks earlier. The world had been drenched again and again, restoring itself and reviving the seemingly dead plants. It was rather poetic: a dead world come alive again.

    By Chuppers URL on 08.12.2010

  25. They are like a sponge, little ones. They take it all in and then run down the street with it sharing, “Do you know what I know? May I share the good news of what I know with you?” They literally drip with the excess, what is left over – mostly her own enthusiasm. “I love life!” the little ones exude. They didn’t know they had the choice to hate everything. Yet.

    By Julie Jordan Scott URL on 08.12.2010

  26. I soaked up your lies like a sponge and squeezed them out in every facet of my life. Sudsy, slippery lies.

    By Elizabeth URL on 08.12.2010

  27. you are the sponge
    to my words
    soaking up the bitterness
    and giving them back
    with clear understanding

    By Kay URL on 08.12.2010

  28. I soaked up your lies like a sponge and squeezed them out in every facet of my life. Sudsy, slippery lies pouring into the cracks and dissolving the glue that held everything important together.

    By Elizabeth URL on 08.12.2010

  29. The sponge is soft and sponegous in a sea of ocean blue neckties and cobblestone creek butterflies. My father told me one day to never put the sponge into a leak in the universe or it would soak up the entire world and my father would be upset if I did such a deed.

    By Kilgore Trout on 08.12.2010

  30. Sponges get dirty
    Their absorption ability is appealing
    They feel more substantial in hands
    Than a dish rag
    But they draw in much more than soapy water
    And as they sit, it grows
    Soon causing more harm
    Than cleanliness

    By Amiee URL on 08.12.2010

  31. at times i absorb the world around me
    seek to take it all in
    but i get the bad with the good
    it weighs me down
    and while others are better
    i am worse
    just like a sponge

    By M C C URL on 08.12.2010

  32. I hate when my sponge in the kitchen gets all nasty. It starts to smell of dirty socks. Usually I try to get rid of them before it gets that bad, but sometimes when you don’t have a spare on hand it infringes on your ability to do the dishes. So I begrudgingly use the smelly sponge and hope the way I douse it with soap combats the funk.

    By Rayma Smith on 08.12.2010

  33. He sucked the energy out of me like a sponge. Taking any happiness, and exuberance out of my life and leaving me with nothing. He grew and expanded with love and happiness and I shrunk into nothing but a dried up entity.

    By kathryn URL on 08.12.2010

  34. The sponge lay in the sink, wondering when his next task would be. The suds were nice and warm and he lay there listening to the bubbles pop around him. He did a backstroke as he moved around the sink, moving around the forks and spoons.

    By Melissa Bowers on 08.12.2010

  35. i’m all fluffy and soaked with emotions
    suds all around
    bubbles burst
    white suds
    yellow detergent
    and sometimes i like to be squeezed

    By jvlz on 08.12.2010

  36. i’m all fluffy and soaked with emotions
    suds all around
    bubbles burst
    white suds
    yellow detergent
    and sometimes i like to be squeezed

    By jvlz URL on 08.12.2010

  37. I wish, oh do i wish, it was so simple I could pick up a sponge and soak up the whole mess. The sponge becomes saturated, and I escape free. Free of trying so hard for something that only gets farther away. The sponge takes my weight, and I fly.

    By Cecilia on 08.12.2010

  38. It’s so freezing in this goddamned place. The cold air in this cave is sucking up all the warmth from my body. The wretched damnable wind whisked away my hat, and I can feel the heat oozing out of my head steadily. This is a freezing death trap, this is.

    By miatetangco URL on 08.12.2010

  39. a sponge is like that of no other being on earth. yellow, green, and fibrous, it is the hivemind of a billion bacteria.


    By jvlz URL on 08.12.2010

  40. the sodden, disheveled sponge lay discarded on the bathroom floor. a vicitim of a recent bathing mutiny, he was tossed overboard and left to weep upon the tiles.

    By janis URL on 08.12.2010