August 11th, 2010 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “sponge”

  1. A sponge can be seen as a metaphor for life, one which is particularly pertinent to those who are not workers, or are old or who have music degrees.

    By Andrew on 08.12.2010

  2. a sponge can one of two things, originally i guess it was one, it came from the seas and was readily available in the Med region, now tyou get horrible synthetic ones, nothing like a real sponge but not sustainable for us all to use them

    By Dave on 08.12.2010

  3. I also questioned the motives of inanimate objects, it was a sort of obsession I have always had. I acted as if they communicated with me, and each object had a specific relationship to me. The Sponge, however, is my worst enemy.

    By wimbles URL on 08.12.2010