December 31st, 2010 | 264 Entries

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264 Entries for “library”

  1. quietly treading through walls and walls of different worlds…old and new….real and fantasy….a thousand voices from all generations whispering, screaming to be heard…the pressure…to choose

    By Nicole Chun URL on 01.01.2011

  2. dusty, old, blue, pages, yellow, leather, stools, desks, quiet, silence, glasses, librarian, shhhhh!, sewed pages, bookbinding

    By Claire on 01.01.2011

  3. the walls coursed above me. brick. red. my hand was in his and i pulled him to the window; i stood on my tiptoes to peek into the window. rows and rows of books.
    “It would be so fun to sneak in there sometime,” i said.

    By Haleigh URL on 01.01.2011

  4. it’s a place full of books with stories of every imaginable genre and shelves upon shelves of wonderful adventures. It is a place where people go to find what they need or to get away from the harsh reality of the real world. For some it may mean torture and for some, it is a safe haven where they won’t be bothered by others. People enjoy bringing the wonders of this place home to enjoy in privacy and others would rather leave them where they are. This wonderful place is a library, a place of magic and adventure, a place of information and research. It is the place for the people who love to read, and a place for those who love to learn.

    By Betty Bopper on 01.01.2011

  5. the library of thoughts bounces on aged plaster

    we are wise as we are insane
    thin lines dont exist in the spaces between each genius

    grab a book from my brain
    read between

    By Phil URL on 01.01.2011

  6. As he looks around the book store he’s trying to figure out how he can afford all
    the books he need’s to buy for his classes and then brain storm du Library,
    I’ll just check them out .

    By Linda Berryman URL on 01.01.2011

  7. I love the library. It’s like another home. All those books to read, all those stories and lives that are not mine. I need to pay my library fine, that reminds me. I feel so at peace when I enter into a building full of books. It’s got to be the best public service ever. To just be able to read, all the time… I love it so much. There’s always something new too.

    By Candii URL on 01.01.2011

  8. Last year mine was closed for flooding, and it only just reopened. All year I hated to think of the books stored in boxes in the dark, their normally unending chatter completely silenced with no one to read them.

    By Kori on 01.01.2011

  9. The library was opened at 9 a.m. I waited outside the door as the cold wind blew my hair in every direction. I waited. Finally the librarian came and unlocked the door. Opening a world of opportunity.

    By Haley on 01.01.2011

  10. She walked into the dusty library. She only saw a glimpse of some spectacles behind a desk. “Umm…..I would like to donate this book?”

    By Lina URL on 01.01.2011

  11. A refuge. My refuge. The stacks are beautiful. Friends of the strong, silent type. They say the stress is felt during finals, but I always find some nook to lose myself in. There’s always some nook in the library meant just for you.

    By kristi on 01.01.2011

  12. It happened at the library.

    First, the gunshot. It rang out throughout the colorful walls, over and over. It was deafening. I felt Sam tackle me to the ground and I felt something brush the back of my neck, but I was under a thick wooden table and it didn’t hit me.

    Then, it was all over as soon as it started. Cops were there and I was being interviewed. Did I know how lucky I was? I had a slight scrape on the back of my neck from a bullet that brushed me. It lodged in the wall two feet in front of where I had been standing.

    I’m alive.

    By Em. URL on 01.01.2011

  13. The library stood before me, towering high above me as I stood waiting. It opened at 8:30 a.m. The cold air whipped my hair back and forth. Finally the librarian came and unlocked the doors, unlocking a world of possibilities.

    By Haley URL on 01.01.2011

  14. I’ve been trying to get a ride to the library, I haven’t been able to drive since I got that DUI and it’s too far for an easy walk. I envision myself strolling through the aisles. I would reach out and gently caress each book, wondering what each one holds, and taking anything that I see as a good read.

    But none of these so-called friends will give me a damn ride.

    By IsaacNoble URL on 01.01.2011

  15. at the library you can do many things such as read do reasearch and even rent movies. its a pretty bitchin place to be. except that you cant talk. that sucks i want a speakeasy library. imma open one up. itll be the shit. come if you wantttt!!

    By spongebob on 01.01.2011

  16. i can never go back to my library again. its because i have a seriously overdue book – ahem – movie, rather, and i dont intend to return it. whatever though. i dont even like that library it sucks. why is it that public stuff is always shit?

    By Andrea on 01.01.2011

  17. i remember when i was little i was going up the elevator to the civic center library, it had a musty, smell with a hint of dust. I don’t know if I like the smell or not. In this elevator I started crying, crying to my mom and asking her if I was in a dream or if this was real life.

    By danielle on 01.01.2011

  18. a sanctuary, yet it’s a place of mixed emotions. Some people go there to explore & expand their minds, others go because they are forced, and have to write a paper….either way, they are most likely learning something new. I love the smell of old library books.

    By Hannah Ashley URL on 01.01.2011

  19. I have a library in my home, and it contains books from my childhood all the way until my present age, all 49 chapters so far. It is getting quite vast.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 01.01.2011

  20. My mom used to take my sister and I to the library every week. My mom was an avid reader and passed this love on to me. Not so much my sister. I remember trying to check out Are you there God, it’s me Margaret for the 3rd or 4th time and the librarian asking my mom if it was ok.

    By Beth on 01.01.2011

  21. My mom used to take my sister and me
    to the library every week. My mom was an avid reader and passed this love on to me. Not so much my sister. I remember trying to check out Are you there God, it’s me Margaret for the 3rd or 4th time and the librarian asking my mom if it was ok

    By Beth on 01.01.2011

  22. i was one time sitting in a library, flustered with homework when i realized that this time exactly last year, in this library, was with Dan. Dan and i had made love in here, for the first time. not had sex, made love. thats us. thats what started us. people would think we;re crazy if we said that out loud. we love this type of lifestyle and it was both of our last times.

    By Carmen Abush on 01.01.2011

  23. one word,
    a double edged sword,
    grounded concorde,
    a wild horde,
    please, is also one word, so is kill,
    over the hill, courageous still

    By muneeb on 01.01.2011

  24. books, intelligence, everybody should be used to it, it will increase your world, expand it! Enjoy!

    By petite on 01.01.2011