November 18th, 2021 | 7 Entries

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7 Entries for “spirits”

  1. She tipped back the bottle, squeezing her eyes shut tight, and let the liquid burn its way down her throat. It didn’t exactly help–her head was still pounding, her aching body still protesting every movement she made–but it didn’t hurt, either, and right now that was enough. Another few swigs and she might start feeling all right.

    by MT on 11.19.2021
  2. piano always lifts my spirits. my hand feels like its home when i play it. the black and white keys, a perfect reflection of my mind. bright and dark, night and day. its never really grey, my thoughts. i smile as i play the familiar tune.

    by alex on 11.19.2021
  3. The people celebrate. Their spirits are up. Seven days. All over the town

    by JJ on 11.19.2021
  4. He was in high spirits after the party.

    by Malshi Perera on 11.19.2021
  5. i am staring at a photo of my uncle and i in front of some status. he is smiling, there is a twinkle in his eye. the cars are loud outside, each turbulent noise reminding me that every day continues on and on. he is gone; a spirit; a memory. i am tired. i think i will dream of them.

    by lee on 11.19.2021
  6. Spirits means a flowing invisible thing.
    Spirits means the same thing exept multiple.

    by Christie on 11.19.2021
  7. exam is coming, stress and anxiety are pressuring me, I’ve been studying and studying non-stop, I think I’m kinda addicted to it, I can’t even sleep properly at night and I ended up tired the whole day.

    by person on 11.18.2021