November 14th, 2021 | 4 Entries

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4 Entries for “cross”

  1. She snarled at the man sitting across from her, ears pinned back and eyes narrowed, barely daring to believe that this was what her life had become. It would’ve been easier, really, if she’d just gone and died ten years ago, the way everyone expected her to. Giving up on it all was less of a hassle than dealing with this circus.

    By MT on 11.15.2021

  2. I glanced at the busy street, and the flashing sign bidding me to walk. To cross or not to cross, but the cars weren’t stopping, even though I had the right of way. And so I stood there, biding my time and resenting the entitled drivers.

    By Chels URL on 11.15.2021

  3. Aren’t you cross with me?

    By She sells sea shells, Shelly on 11.16.2021

  4. I writhed under the hot blade, screaming in pain.

    “I thought you were on my side” My mind screamed. “I thought you were my friend.”

    He wasn’t.

    By No Thanks :) on 11.16.2021