January 26th, 2013 | 275 Entries

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275 Entries for “speak”

  1. Sometimes I do not want to speak to anyone. If I do, I will say the wrong thing and then they will get mad at me. I taught my dog Buddy to speak and he is always happy. I do not like to speak in front of adults. I do not like the way my students speak to me most of the time, although there are some who are nice.

    By kayla on 01.26.2013

  2. Don’t speak until spoken to.

    Is it me or do you notice that the blue line moves faster when you type?

    By sigo on 01.26.2013

  3. “Speak!” I ordered.
    He stood there with his mouth hanging open, his eyes wide as the moon overhead. Where was the rest of his unit? I feared the worst as I looked into his haunted eyes.
    “All dead,” he whispered. “Ambush. There were so many…”
    They’d left no one alive to tell the tale besides this catatonic young man who couldn’t be more than nineteen.

    By annie on 01.26.2013

  4. There is this woman sitting across from me.

    She’s just talking. I don’t know what she’s saying to me. I don’t know how she thinks or feels. I’m looking around the waiting room, bewildered. I try to ground myself. I look at the clock. 3:04pm, reads the big digitzed red numbers. It’s day. I’m waiting for someone.

    By janelle on 01.26.2013

  5. i speak on a daily basis. everybody except mute people speak. although we all speak, there are different languages.

    By abby on 01.26.2013

  6. His mouth opened and closed like a fish gasping for air. His skin felt hot and his pants suddenly felt too tight around his stomach. He couldn’t speak as the foam in his lungs gathered in his mouth and blocked his airways.

    As his vision began to blur and go dark, he struggle to question.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 01.26.2013

  7. Talking is hard when you have nothing important to say.

    By Abbey on 01.26.2013

  8. So I was imagining a moment when I would stand n front of the crowd and present my speech. Speaking in front of these people was something I had practiced a million times. In my mind at least..

    By taycommajay on 01.26.2013

  9. Speak now or forever hold your peace. As I say this I mean you must tell me what you think of me now, or I will be gone for ever. You do not need me nor do you want me, but now I stand here before you today with nerves racking my brain. Tell me the truth, or tell me nothing at all. I do not ask much of you

    By Jewls on 01.26.2013

  10. Silence

    Speak now or forever hold your violence.

    For those that say nothing, do nothing, and dare others to do the same,

    Are as silent as the wind that leans against the tree

    but causes nothing to shake, not even one limb.

    If civility is the art of pleasing,

    then justice is the art of allowing others to realize.

    Speak now or forever hold the peace.

    By Will B. Somethin URL on 01.26.2013

  11. She wake up that night, and she did’nt speak. Nobody spoke to her. The silence finally came and closed her ayes again, this time, for ever.

    By Verónica on 01.26.2013

  12. from the heart

    from your mind

    so easy to say and hard to do

    scream swear yell cry get it all out
    I want to.

    By Laura on 01.26.2013

  13. I dont do it enough without being interrupted. I feel as if I can never fully speak my mind to others because they care too much about hearing themselves talk. They dont understand what im trying to say only what they think im going to say.

    By Earl on 01.26.2013

  14. to foolishly run your mouth. Most people do not think before doing such A THING, and nobody seems to understand how much their words have an effect on people, hate it when people speak.I think people just should listen more. People are idiots. And childish. I hate them.

    By Faith Hopkins URL on 01.26.2013

  15. I feel that when just saying speak it is a demand. I don’t like being demanded. If someone is saying “speak” I feel they are saying this to a person who they have just told bad news to. The person being told to do so is out of things to say and doesn’t know how to react

    By Jessica on 01.26.2013

  16. He spoke. And with every word, he made her feel a knife in her heart. “This is the end” he said. And he never spoke again.

    By The Veronica on 01.26.2013

  17. Speaking is also known as talking and when I think of speak, I think of babble a lot. A lot of the time, people babble when they speak. For instance, I am babbling right now. I have no clue what to say. Well have a nice day.

    By ReeganFlattery on 01.26.2013

  18. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. I frowned, and tried again. Nothing. Anna was looking at me with pity, and a little sadness. “They had to take out your vocal cords. There was no other way. You’ll…never speak again. I’m sorry Ashley!” She broke down in tears.

    By Maddy on 01.26.2013

  19. Words thought but never said, never expressed in anyway that is right to the soul. Always there. Always trapped. Never spoken.

    By Me on 01.26.2013

  20. Speaking is a capability that humans have. We take this for granted many times. Animals can’t speak words, but they do speak in their own ways. It is interesting how humans developed many different ways of speaking (different languages). How that came to be is a

    By Becca on 01.26.2013

  21. Speak to me with out using your voice. Use your lips with mine. Foreign or fluent, I’ll always understand. Your words like magic running through my lines. With sparks and fireworks we combine. Creating the truest of poetry. Verses connecting with rhymes. So speak out loud or whisper it in my ear. I’ll always listen to you, my dear.

    By JaneDoe on 01.26.2013

  22. “Speak up for your self!” Well, what if I don’t want to speak up? What if I don’t want to speak? Words are useless sometimes.

    By Olivia on 01.26.2013

  23. who knows what it actually is to speak, we do it physically, emotionally and obviously verbally. We love to hear our own voices, and we love to hear the voices of other people. We can speak the most beautiful poems, we can speak about the forces creating the universe, and we also can speak the most hurtful statements in the world. To speak is a privilege and we are to use it for many different purposes, what we chose to use it for is our own decision. To use it for good or for evil, better or for worse, we may never know until the moment arises. But we will use this wonderful gift, day after day, night after night, and forever.

    By Collin Stout on 01.26.2013

  24. I spoke one day at a conference for childrens medicine. I wore a suit and a tie and had no idea what I was tlaking about. My profession as a circus clown doesnt allow me that type of cotact with children. But I do see them in their happiest moments, the young ones anyway. If you give a child a balloon instead of pills, they will be happy in just the same way but for longer and with better feelings toward you in the future.

    By Molly on 01.26.2013

  25. speak your mind. it’s something we are all told at some point. speak your mind. but it isn’t that simple. it isn’t easy to push aside the barriers we have created in our own minds and speak what we truly feel. we are laid bare that way. we hand over the guns that we cling to prevent others from seeing who we really are. we lay down the walls that keep others from seeing the monsters within.

    By Casryn on 01.26.2013

  26. The sound of their voices were delicate against the harsh silence that had erupted. They spoke softly of their tender love affair and its secrets. However, their longing and devotion was forbidden. She was married. Their love had come too late in her life and she was already tied to another.

    By Jennifer Bedford on 01.26.2013

  27. My voice has been quiet lately. It’s barely heard. I didn’t mean for that to happen. But it has. I could be speaking to 50 people and be lucky if one even notices me. I’m gone.

    By Kenna URL on 01.26.2013

  28. Everybody speaks, it’s the nature of the humanity. It is also a gift, because as we all know there are people who cannot speak since they were born or during their life because of an accident.

    By Emre on 01.26.2013

  29. Truth is inevitable to those who speak.
    Speaking without listening is useless.
    Speak when it’s hard to, and

    By Ben on 01.26.2013

  30. And you shall…. be heard. And you shall have a voice. Make it know for all to hear. We speak it into existence and it shall be yours. The power of that is remarkable.

    By Trisia Lashon on 01.26.2013

  31. loudly. boldly. assuredly. when there is something worth saying. otherwise. remain silent. it will be a favor to us all.

    By Safon on 01.26.2013

  32. i can’t speak. demons sit on my tongue when i try to speak. they want to kill me. they want to see me suffer. they don’t let me ask for help. they hate me. they want to see me in hell. they don’t let me talk about what’s on my mind.

    By No Man on 01.26.2013

  33. friendship toward sister

    By ancine on 01.26.2013

  34. You liked to talk. You like to talk about nothing and everything- the weather, the stew, what was on TV, nothing, nothing, everything. You talked even though you made no sense. You talked even if no one else was there to hear. But still I listened, I listened because i loved the sound of your voice- the way it rung in certainty, the way it softened in sadness. Your voice was an orchestra to my ears, filled with Allegros and Adagio, Vivace and Grave. So I listened, I listened and I did not speak. I listened till my vocal chords turned to dust, my mouth no longer opened. I listened till I lost the shape of words on my tongue. And still I listened, ever quiet, to your voice. Talking and talking about nothing and everything.

    By liquoricelaces URL on 01.26.2013

  35. i spoke about the great wonders and triumphs of the world. and the world spoke back to me. and shared its infinite wonders.

    By Reanna URL on 01.26.2013

  36. I speak a lot. I mean, all the time. But no one realizes how much they talk, and no one, except for me apparently, thinks about language. They don’t speak about the language they’re born with.

    By Sarah on 01.26.2013

  37. Speak to me
    Speak slowly
    Speak quickly
    In my ear
    Because your words are sweeter than honey
    And your voice is every whisper of my dreams

    By adriana on 01.26.2013

  38. Words flow out of my mouth. I am rambling, but it just won’t stop. Lord help me! It’s like I have a disease where words come to my brain naturally, and fall out of my mouth like a waterfall.

    By Jon on 01.26.2013

  39. I don’t speak. I only think, i never tell anyone about my problems
    when i can, i might one day
    But i believe people will see me as less perfect then they think
    And i don’t want to let them down, and i like the idea that they don’t know my history
    Or my past, my thoughts or my mind
    I know my mind, and It scares me sometimes.
    I’d talk to myself, speaking from the heart, and it would upset me. So i don’t do it to others.

    By Crystal on 01.26.2013

  40. Speak now and forever hold your peace. Aghh… They say at all of the weddings. Do they say them at all of the weddings? I don’t know, I haven’t been to very many weddings. I’ve been two literally two. My grandpas when he remarried after my grandma died, and my friend Chris’s -NOO my friend Nick who w

    By Jason on 01.26.2013