January 29th, 2010 | 428 Entries

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428 Entries for “bundle”

  1. A bundle of hay.

    By Jo on 01.30.2010

  2. a bundle of joy. a bundle of sticks.
    be my bundle of joy?
    what does that even mean?
    b u n d l e
    the word is poetic.
    the world is poetic.
    life is a poem.
    life is a song.
    life is a bundle of sticks.

    By dana on 01.30.2010

  3. catoasjroitqw

    By dald on 01.30.2010

  4. joy

    By Dusty on 01.30.2010

  5. Sticks bound up in tight bundles. She carries them on her head with ease, a babe looped lazily in her left arm, sucking a breast as she walks.

    By Jesse on 01.30.2010

  6. It’s snowing outside and Ellen and I lay naked in a bundle. It’s so natural and I feel so free. We melt together.

    By Chad on 01.30.2010

  7. I saw this bundle of bananas. The texture looked yellow and happy. I don’t know why but I wanted to take a bite so badly. What a beautiful bundle of bananas. I don’t know why I am even writing about bananas but it is kinda funny. The word was bundle. Could be a bundle of anything.

    By luzser1800@yahoo.com on 01.30.2010

  8. I am warm here with you. I am all cuddled up in the heavy knit of your sweater, in the heavy knit of you. I could live here, I think. I’m sorry that that’s kind of cheesy. Wrap me in swaddles.

    By Lucy on 01.30.2010

  9. the bundle of clothes, mixed in with photographs of that summer, and the falling sky all in her room, came together to form a rather epic battle between depression and ‘looking back’

    By alyssa on 01.30.2010

  10. A bundle of joy. i think of a baby. a newborn. in your arm staring at each other. just feeling a new human in your arms that you made

    By mer on 01.30.2010

  11. the bundle of clothes, mixed in with photographs of that summer, and the falling sky all in her room, came together to form a rather epic battle between depression and ‘looking back’

    By alyssa on 01.30.2010

  12. A bundle of flowers on a spring day- they could be for so many things. A gift to a lover, an apology, a funeral, a wedding, a hospital bed, a standing ovation. How could a bundle of flowers mean so many things?

    By B on 01.30.2010

  13. a bundle of wishes, that’s what I am
    the incarnation of mankind’s deepest desires

    of carnal lust I am
    of hope and love I am
    of sorrow and despair I, too, am

    a bundle of wishes, that is what some call me
    so, to whoever’s listening please come set me free

    By the wingless on 01.30.2010

  14. Its so nice to be bundled up, especially during this cold time of year. Whats a better way to be prepared for the cold winter, than being bundled up in some nice warmth to keep you nice and cozy. Or better yet, staying inside, watching a movie bundled in a blanket.

    By Abby on 01.30.2010

  15. up close to me my dear, and never leave… Stay by my side always for here is where you should be.

    By Cayla Rethwisch on 01.30.2010

  16. a bounble of rags was tied to her back as she walked the dusty road to the laundrymmat, it had rained in awhile and while she would have to carry all the wet cloths back, there wasn’t enough water in the well to do it at home

    By Ariel on 01.30.2010

  17. The horse enjoyed the hay more when it was split into bundles. God knows why. Horses are stupid, I guess.

    By Nathan on 01.30.2010

  18. bundles laundry annie the play. ommggg i just found a bucket who took my bucket!!!!! walruss love buckets and blankets !!!!!! wee wee wee all the way home!!!!!! ahahahaha

    By Amanda on 01.30.2010

  19. Bundles of money are what make the world go on.

    By :) on 01.30.2010

  20. a bundle is a group of things often fastened together by something. an example off the top of my head is like a bundle of wheat. or to bundle up. get warm or something.

    By erika brown on 01.30.2010

  21. I was filled with joy when the doctors handed me the little bundle that incased my new bady boy. I held him close to my chest and smiled at him as his eyes fought to stay open. “She’s beautiful” the nurse told me. I agreed.

    By Anonymous on 01.30.2010

  22. Bundle makes me think of something comforting. But now it just makes me think of how solitary I am compared to people who are in close and comfortable proximity to each other.

    By Meg on 01.30.2010

  23. a bundle of feelings right now. happy mad sad paranoid anxious. i don’t know what to do anymore.

    By jessmae on 01.30.2010

  24. Twiggy

    By Afryka on 01.30.2010

  25. hay lots of farmers slaving and carrying things. oriental people in a field. rice. japan. african american people. hot days. tall grass. tied with string. presents at christmas. trees. bags. over the shoulder carrying.

    By Emma G. on 01.30.2010

  26. a group or a bunch of things – bundle things up like wood. a bundle is a child bundled in a blanket. a bundle of hay or cotton although maybe cotton is a bale and not a bundle….bundle me up it’s cold outside, bundle me, bundle me.

    By Christine on 01.30.2010

  27. i have a bundle, i’m gonna take it to kieran. I dont why i want to take this bundle to kieran. probably because he’s all bundled up right now. thats where the connection came from. the counter turns red when you run out og time

    By mark on 01.30.2010

  28. flowers

    By s on 01.30.2010