September 12th, 2017 | 53 Entries

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53 Entries for “soundproof”

  1. a fullhouse episode where uncle jesse and joey are trapped downstairs and they cant get out of a soundproof room

    By calista bochicchio on 09.12.2017

  2. I wish I could soundproof my life. To just live and breath and not hear the roar of the sounds of the planet weighing down on my senses. I want to float. To drift.

    By T. Ferre on 09.12.2017

  3. His flat was a soundproof, lightproof, people-proof heaven-like prison, where no one could intrude in any way. Not even a single flyer advertisement, nor the internet could break into his peace and quiet, there was nothing to test his social skills or self-control.

    By cup on 09.12.2017

  4. Can’t hear anything, conceal the words they say, nothing matters. Its all quiet, my earmuffs protect me from their words, soundproof me from reality

    By Isabel on 09.12.2017

  5. No matter what he is, you can hear him; you can smell his crappy cologne and the cigarettes he smokes and the booze he’s been guzzling since this morning, maybe even earlier. You can hear all the things he’s calling her that he says you’re not supposed to ever say; he’s a Catholic, he knows these things. He knows that God watches everything, except him putting his hands where they don’t belong and his cruelty where it hurts the most and all the things he does that push them all away. But he’s never happy with that. Pushing them away is not like pushing them all the way to the same hell he lives in. Nobody wants to go but the only way to survive is go to with him and hope that this trip won’t be as bad as some of the others or maybe he’ll just pass out and you won’t have to go with him at all. Like a snow day, but a soul day when you’re saved by something. Maybe they’ll put him in a straight jacket and shove him into a soundproof room which won’t do any good because even after he’s been dead for 50 years you’ll keep hearing him.

    By sher on 09.12.2017

  6. I sat in a sound-proof room. I had to survive 24 hours without going insane, but that was hard. I sat…and poof! I died! Roo!!!!!

    By Secretcommander on 09.12.2017

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  8. The walls were soundproof. I looked around, hands strapped behind my back and hair amiss. Everything seemed so loud. I wanted to clutch at my head, scream until my throat was raw. Everything was soundproof. So why was I just sitting there? I could scream, I could curse at the voices in my head telling me lie afte

    By Alexander URL on 09.12.2017

  9. “This room is soundproof. Nobody will hear your pathetic cries for help. Don’t even bother trying.”

    So this was it. I had met my end. And her name is Emilia, and she’s gorgeous. Fuck, I’m gay.

    By Katy on 09.12.2017

  10. Every time I step into the studio, the nerves come in with me. The pressure to get it right, to sound flawless yet authentic, to impress but be natural… It feels impossible. And important.

    By KCC on 09.12.2017

  11. Soundproof…soundproof…You have to soundproof the basement or it will sound like you’re inside of a box. What? Soundproof…or at least add some furniture to soak up the sound.

    By Jo' on 09.12.2017

  12. I wish I could soundproof my brain from my memories. Blocking out the old regrets, sadness and shock that will not stop popping up in my memory. Why don’t the good things I have experienced re-play in my head in high rotation instead of the pain that blindsides me on a daily basis.

    By Sister Golden Hair on 09.12.2017

  13. I don’t have a soundproof room. Not at all. I can hear all the noise from the family around me.
    I don’t have a soundproof house. I can hear the wolves and the coyotes and the neighbors dogs.
    I don’t have a soundproof neighborhood. The police sirens wail in the night
    I don’t have a soundproof world. I can hear everything everywhere, and it’s all really scary.

    By Braxton Schieler on 09.12.2017

  14. Wake me up in a soundproof room, where all the screams of the damned are entombed. No one hears the echoes of funeral dirges, or of curses and slights, or of sexual urges. There are bones in the wall and hearts beating in the corners. I can feel the heat radiating off the houseowner. He collects us together – it’s inevitable. He’ll break all of your spirit and drink from your skull.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.12.2017

  15. The thick padded walls should cut out all sound, but it leaks through the lockless door, only as effective as its weakest point.
    Screams and crescendos and moans and flat notes, they mix in the hallways, and from outside the Achilles Heel doors, they all sound the same, so as the new guests scuttle down hallways in a pre-funk buzz, they point to the numbers on the doors and assign each a secret, write out a prescription for what happens behind the closed doors like double-blinded doctors. The moans from the room of flat notes, screams instead of crescendos, it’s a game, it can’t hurt, mismatching and deciding destinies. You have to be locked inside with the door padded over to avoid a game of assumed intentions. And only then, do you have the freedom to starve in an unescapable room, away from whispers and eyes. If you claw your way back out, they see, tell you how words and games don’t hurt, unless it’s true, so what could you be hiding in your little private room?

    By Ai URL on 09.12.2017

  16. I do not have soundproof headphones. It is noisy in this building, this is what it is like to live in Hong Kong. Sometimes I wish I do not have to listen to my brother play piano, others time I enjoy it. Maybe I need soundproof ears that can switch on and off.

    By grace on 09.12.2017

  17. The girl screamed as she banged on the soundproof window. The men in lab coats behind the glass continue to watch, even as the creature begins the creep up behind her. No matter how much she slammed on the window and screamed, she was doomed.

    By the_last_Strider on 09.12.2017

  18. His voice, his singing, his laugh.
    I love hearing his chuckle whenever I make a silly joke, or his snicker when I insult him.
    I love blasting the music in his car, singing on top of our lungs songs with lyrics that we do not know.
    I love the feeling of being around him, having his gentle whispers in my ears.
    I love our conversations about everything, letting every little thoughts slide right out of my mouth.
    Being next to him is like being in this soundproof room, that the whole world seems to disappear.

    But now he is walking away, my voice diminishing every step he takes.
    I stay in the soundproof room so that I will not hear him and his piercing footsteps.
    Yet no matter what I do, his voice still lingers in my mind.

    All I hope is that once in a while, my voice will come across his mind, so that he will pause, look back and smile, remembering everything we had.

    By grace on 09.12.2017

  19. He have gradually developed a soundproof head where voices from conscious does not reach his head anymore. It took him some time but he finally got there,

    By yas on 09.12.2017

  20. you can play music as loudly as you want. you can fire a gun. you can listen to white noise: calm, soothing, fading into the background with no one to hear it but you. no one hears it. perhaps not even you.

    By lauren on 09.12.2017

  21. The soundproof wall proved effective when the sound was not heard from the outside. The music was playing at full blast but not one of the neighbours noticed. It was absolutely great.

    By Jaci Crawford on 09.12.2017

  22. Many of us, as well as myself. Love to listen to blaring music. the louder we are jamming out the more soudproof we think we are, because if we cannot hear anything else then nobody can either. This allows us to become more involves with the music.

    By Nicholas Zavala on 09.12.2017

  23. Working with my father in the construction, as well as bar business. We had to soundproof many rooms, whether big or small. For some of the bars that we built it was insane to hear the difference from walking outside to inside and the amount of noice it trapped.

    By nzavalaj on 09.12.2017

  24. He could not detect even the slightest of sound. The door was a heavy oaken door, fashioned of wood from the deep deserts of Marhara. He could tell this by the shade of the s

    By Hailey on 09.12.2017

  25. She’s scared. The thieves had moved in quietly through the back door, and had been tearing apart the packages in the aisles for 10 minutes. She wanted to call for help, but the soundproof glasses prevented her from doing just that.

    By James on 09.12.2017

  26. the sun is shining, my filter coffee is hot and the proof of the pudding is the sound of the motto stay in the moment and relax.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.13.2017

  27. I was in a room that was soundproof and I was recording a voice over because its really good to record in a soundproof room and the soundproof room had these nice looking pillows on the wall, and all of it was really nice and the sound was perfect and no backround noise.

    By sadads URL on 09.13.2017

  28. Soundproof.

    I soundproofed the walls so no one can hear you scream.


    I covered the walls and floors in plastic

    By Lee on 09.13.2017

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    By dfsf on 09.13.2017

  30. I think this is a good word to use. We need to be able to listen carefully to each other so that we are sound

    By hunter on 09.13.2017

  31. As I hide in the soundproof container, waiting for my team to arrive, I wonder how it has come to this. Hiding in the shadows, being stalked by the very people I have sworn to protect. My mine raced as I heard footsteps.

    By echuaco URL on 09.13.2017

  32. Trapped. Hopeless. Why does no one respond to my cries of agony? Can they not hear me? This is inhumane. I have been trapped within this box like some sort of animal for what seems like weeks but has only been a matter of days.

    By lauryn on 09.13.2017

  33. I hear nothing at all. I sit in this closed room. The lighting is dim, the air is stiff. The smell is gross. I have a feeling this room is soundproof. Am I right?

    By Natalie Rudy on 09.13.2017

  34. She hit her hands against the walls, but she was convinced no one on the outside could hear her. Of course she would make the room sound proof. She pushed her bangs out of her eyes and glanced around. Nothing. There was nothing to help her in here. Okay. Not time to panic. Think it through, Court.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.13.2017

  35. Empathy in a soundproof case, immune to its friends. I should tell my friends i love them today, i should write to my grandmas final days, i should tell my significant that the union of spirits is slidinng for me, that the sound of her warm words battle ninety percent proof walls of depression, i should do something about that, but I will let the apathy consume me –
    day 984 morning, wednesday, coffee, apple, tension, couch bed, nomadic death sits like a pack of small ants and helps me count the seconds until I dissonate into my day

    By 1000 splinters on 09.13.2017

  36. The man carried his microphone into the soundproof chamber. He was a popstar and a pianist.

    By Crystal on 09.13.2017

  37. The room seems like a vacuum, devoid of sound or any external stimulation. A feeling of being all alone hangs heavy. Even if I were to hit on the sides of the walls as hard as I could no one would know I was here, or maybe even care, but this is what life is like in 22nd century.

    By Georgia Annie on 09.13.2017

  38. Jack stood, looking around the foam filled room. There was foam on the walls, causing it to become soundproof. No one could hear his victims screams. His neighbors had no idea that the missing persons in Illinois was because of him.

    By Kait Garro on 09.13.2017

  39. I think this soundproof room is driving me crazy…because unless i’m mistaken, i have done this word before. soundproof rooms need modification. :) Roo!!

    By Secretcommander on 09.13.2017

  40. i want to make some soundproof in my drum room because when i’m prastice its too lound

    By javier on 09.13.2017