November 25th, 2012 | 291 Entries

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291 Entries for “soon”

  1. She had held and grasped every morsel of energy for the next moment. She was ready. But the only thought that raced through her head was ‘Soon. Soon. Soon. Soon, this will all be over.’ And she didn’t know what to make of that.

    By Hannah on 11.26.2012

  2. You said you’d be here soon. Right in this text. I waited and stayed—here at my window, I did. You never came. I thought, perhaps you hit traffic. Then I remembered it was 2 AM in the morning.

    By Ca. Adam on 11.26.2012

  3. There’s no time. It’s just that big red hole in the ceiling. The escape route. You might wanna choose the stairs, but, you remember where that led you the last time. Just leave it. Run for the hole. Soon. Enough.

    By Mira on 11.26.2012

  4. Soon it will be noon. Loon!

    By Lala on 11.26.2012

  5. I’ll see you soon. Will you be my little spoon? -Maggie

    By Jonathan C. URL on 11.26.2012

  6. The nemesis of now when I should be thinking right now I am thinking soon
    soon I will write soon I will run soon I will be. soon is my doom
    I don’t have any room for soon

    By Alexandria on 11.26.2012

  7. Soon is not far from now. It seems like it on most days though. I was just talking about how I was going to do something soon in a couple of minutes. The next minute I was saying how soon was a few months from now. So I”m getting old and I’m still not sure what soon is. Isn’t time a funny thing?

    By Christie on 11.26.2012

  8. Soon seems so long from now sometimes. And sometimes it seems so, well…soon. I find myself talking about the things I’m going to do in a couple minutes as soon. I find myself talking about a few months from now as soon. One thing I can know is that soon is not now.

    By Christie on 11.26.2012

  9. Soon and very soon. It’s the idea of hope. That’s the only motivator. Soon this will happen. It’s just a matter of time. We’ll get there. I’ll get there. You’ll get there. Soon and very soon.

    By John Komarek on 11.26.2012

  10. Soon we will have many things in life that are cherished. How soon will you realize that you need to cherish these things? Soon

    By mccrazy URL on 11.26.2012

  11. I will be queen of the mountain in the glowing hills and valleys of my mind,care to join me?

    By mary on 11.26.2012

  12. Soon this will all be over, soon I’ll be able to breathe again, soon the fear will subside and the karma will finally have its day!

    By ldydai22 on 11.26.2012

  13. The boy sat in the room, writing the same illegible curly runes across the floor. He looked up at the walls, covered in the same odd symbols, and smiled. He stood up, still grinning, and walked over to the small, barred window, looking out at the guards. For a high security vault, he thought, the protection was rather minimal. Against magic, that is. Soon, he thought. Very soon.

    By Skyapter on 11.26.2012

  14. Soon. It will be soon. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.

    Not later, but soon.

    Repeat the word “soon”, until it loses all meaning.

    Soon. Does it make any sense now?
    In the present?

    Soon it will all make sense.


    By Cheryl on 11.26.2012

  15. Soon the snow will fall and the Christmas lights will shine, the kids will squeal with delight and I will wonder why I don’t feel the same as the rest of the world. It isn’t the same with you gone. Christmas isn’t Christmas with you 3000 miles away.

    By Sheila Good URL on 11.26.2012

  16. soon.
    soon it’ll be christmas.
    soon the show will be over.
    Soon I’ll be done with college.
    Soon I’ll be done with my career.
    That’s the only word I’ve heard for the past few days.
    I wish soon would come later.

    By raella URL on 11.26.2012

  17. You think your life will be starting
    You think your wishes will come true
    You know you’ll meet the man of your dreams
    But just in case, start living now and don’t put
    all your hopes in what will happen soon.

    By Robin on 11.26.2012

  18. Sometimes soon is better than later, so get going and do it now . You might not get a chance later.

    By Pamela URL on 11.26.2012

  19. My mom said he would be here soon but that never happened.

    By Darius URL on 11.26.2012

  20. As soon as I walked in the room a cold air rushes at me. Then a note blew in the room.

    By jake URL on 11.26.2012

  21. i will be back from the store soon.

    By twiz URL on 11.26.2012

  22. soon the worlds fait is in your hands………………………………. O_o

    By katlynnt on 11.26.2012

  23. As soon as the pirate caught his prey he Gutted and cleaned it. In the days to follow the meat would be made into jerkey to feed his crew on thier long journey to find the gold told of in the ancient scrolls.

    By whitewizard on 11.26.2012

  24. As soon as possible, i will be leaving here. I am not really leaving, just moving on in a state of mind. Soon, i will be a different person to many, but to some, i will seem the same.

    By jako360 on 11.26.2012

  25. Soon I will be wearing metal upon my second finger on the left hand which symbolizes a union, and the death of a piece of me. This is not inherently bad… but a death all the same. Love makes compromise and one chooses their best path.

    By Gina on 11.26.2012

  26. soon i will go to the icecream parlour and buy a snow cone. it is my birthday and i deserve to have something sweet no matter what my doctor says. he tells me I’m going to die soon but i don’t really care.

    By Jon on 11.26.2012

  27. So there’s tis girl right? And soon.. I’ll be able to love her. Just as much as she loves me. But right this very moment.. Love is not pullin me away.. It’s just pulling Her deeper into love. That’s all.. And what do I do if she’s the one with the trouble mind that affects everyone else around her. Faces everybody around her because she is the ruler of the jungle of everybody around her; because she has a vagina.

    By Bryananzel on 11.26.2012

  28. How soon you will grow up
    Not to be my little man
    You want your independence
    To Do more than you possibly can
    I will always in my mind see you
    As my love and as my heart
    I have always wanted the best for you
    I have cherished you from the start

    By recogirl URL on 11.26.2012

  29. soon. it’s just on the horizon. a bright, circular sun giving light to the world. soon, things will change. anticipate the future, for it will happen. soon, you could have what you desire today.

    By Enigmatised on 11.26.2012

  30. Soon seems like a long time from now. Immediacy is my only concern. I want now right now. When all I can do is wait the possibilities tease me. Makes me irritated. Irrational.

    By dan URL on 11.26.2012

  31. How distant is soon
    How soon will I arrive
    It may soon be too late

    By Terry Miles on 11.26.2012

  32. And one day soon I will have you puzzled out
    I hope.

    I can’t think what I’m missing but there’s a piece
    A hinge, a capstone, the top of an arch

    Something that brings us crumbling down
    Or seals us in forever.

    By Jessi on 11.26.2012

  33. Too often do I use soon as a replacement for never. I’ll go running soon. Soon I’ll write again. Soon is the death of my forwards momentum, I need more now.

    By Nico guzman on 11.26.2012

  34. Soon the morning will whisper with frost forming on it’s teeth that the noon sun has been selfish with it’s warmth. The grass will cry under it’s blanket for the spring and a new kind of depth will settle in to the valley. If we can survive this moment, soon we will know the grace of renewal.

    By GH on 11.26.2012

  35. It would all be arriving soon. Every single package that I’d ordered off that damn website would be arriving. I shouldn’t have bought any of it but I did, and it was killing me. My wife left me I lost my job, and I buried my feelings in items.

    By Justin Lowry on 11.26.2012

  36. Soon is what we always say to ourselves.. soon i’ll work out, lose 50 pounds, soon i’ll get that job.. we live in the future, we dwell on our past, i can’t reach that goal because of xx happening.. we blame our failures on the variables beyond our control. Fuck that, live your damn life.

    By luna on 11.26.2012

  37. I hoped it wouldn’t come to this. That we’d forget one another, that the skies over our heads would grow dimmer and dimmer until we couldn’t tell who was where. But it’s a lot to ask, huh? When you want someone so much that your bones break at the thought of them forgetting you. So I’ll wait for you there. And I’ll see you soon.

    By Trey on 11.26.2012

  38. i hope to see you soon for the holidays.

    By ashlee on 11.26.2012

  39. soon the world will be in your hands………..O_o

    By katlynnt on 11.26.2012

  40. vacation i will get to go soon but then i could also get a puppy soon or i could die soon you never know when you might die it just happens sometimes. i could turn into a zombie also but i doubt that kittys are cute

    By hannah on 11.26.2012