November 25th, 2012 | 291 Entries

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291 Entries for “soon”

  1. to be or not to be , that is the question
    but to be soon , is out of question .
    you should say soon only when you don’t have power over what you are waiting for
    otherwise don’t say , just do .

    By George URL on 11.26.2012

  2. I wish I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think he’ll be home soon. I hope, and wish. But maybe he has better to do, or maybe I should be as surprised as Christmas morning when I see him for he is as special as such.

    By Devan on 11.26.2012

  3. there will be sun and the rain will subside. Trees will be green and frogs wont hide. You can climb to be seen or lay to feel the warm beams

    By Ashley Moxley on 11.26.2012

  4. I waved as he got on the plane. Determined not to let the tears sliding down my cheeks show in my smile, the distance covering the fake grin splashed across my face. Two weeks without him I thought, soon, this plane will bring you back to me soon.

    By Jen URL on 11.26.2012

  5. i’ll be coming soon, it’s been too long and far too soon to come back. I don’t know when I’ll see you again, but I’m hoping it won’t be too long my darling thing because it simply hurts. It aches, it pains my heart. Soon couldn’t come soon enough. I can’t bear another soon to come and pass.

    By Saige on 11.26.2012

  6. Soon we will be arriving at the diner. We will be eating our turkey dinner for thanksgiving, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. People are stupid with their whole ideas of traditional turkey dinners, whats the fun of having people over, cooking all day, and then having to clean up when you can jsut go out and have the meal served to you. and better yet you don’t even have to do the dishes. And what’s not good about doing dishes. Nothing, that’s what.

    By Sierra on 11.26.2012

  7. Soon. One word. ‘Soon’.
    Why was this four-letter word at the top of the page with a text box beneath it?
    I didn’t know. No one did. I was locked in the cell till I figured that out though.
    A text box. An empty text box at that. Well, I was going to figure it out.
    Real. Soon.
    At least that was what I thought. At midnight a new word appeared at the top. There was a cycle….. But I was going to get out of that cell. Soon, for sure.

    By Yanny URL on 11.26.2012

  8. Soon, I will be an adult capable or earning an income and winning back the love of my life. Soon, the disastrous individual that has run my life so far will mutate into an evolutionally sound specimen worthy of procreation. Soon, I will respect me.

    By Sam on 11.26.2012

  9. The time is coming soon. I am so excited. I can not wait to see Him. Oh, He is coming soon. Time will come to an end. It will all be over very very soon. He is coming soon.

    By Liesl on 11.26.2012

  10. Soon it will be all over. Our long awaited dream and treasure; that is to witness the return of our saviour Jesus Christ and his promise that we will sit with him in paradise, and share in his kingdom.

    By victor URL on 11.26.2012

  11. another day closer
    reaching out to my heart
    i will see you soon
    months apart without
    taken by an evil
    left to die alone
    you were there
    always waiting
    hoping i would be
    walking back in
    life too short for two
    i cannot remember
    your voice, your words
    seeping into my heart
    i am alive because of you
    carried me you did
    into the bleak of death
    surpassing its grasp
    my heart is yours forever
    as two reunite in sun
    soon is not enough
    for we must be now
    together, forever
    a circle bound
    into the life we have
    walk with me
    love of a whole
    never given too soon

    By Olcsealgaire URL on 11.26.2012

  12. Soon is to far to be near. Soon is to near to be far. Belittle who you will and what you want… But sooner than later or later than sooner I will hopefully be yours.

    By Kiki URL on 11.26.2012

  13. Life isn’t about winning or losing. It’s not about being first or last. Surprisingly enough, it’s about being smart or dumb either. It’s about being ready. Being ready to decide. You can’t be indecisive. -c.s

    By ms on 11.26.2012

  14. To be soon it is very relative. For everyone “soon” is another time. But I prefer soon as to be quicker, faster and if it’s possible with quality.

    By Sophie on 11.26.2012

  15. She hoped that he would come by soon. Noelle had been waiting for days for well, this day. He promised that he’d be here at 7 sharp. His brother would drop him off at her place and together they’d walk down to the little Italian restaurant facing the Susquehanna based river.

    By Uma Mahto URL on 11.26.2012

  16. it will happen, you’ll get everything you’ve ever dreamed about because your horoscopes said so and your mother said so. Your friends all say so, and they mean a lot and you know that you can’t be lonely and in debt and hurt forever. There will come a time, there will come a place and a feeling and it will happen, soon.

    By Sonia on 11.26.2012

  17. Always thinking, waiting and wanting what will come along or what roadblock you might hit, but we know it’s coming and time won’t stop moving. Either we move past everything that comes along, or we stop. All we know is that it’s happening soon. Always, coming, moving, going and never stopping.

    By Sonia URL on 11.26.2012

  18. soon war will be over, there will be no more fighting, no more crying
    soon the world will be one, one with the universe, one with it self
    Soon i’ll be crying in your arms, like a poet in his dreams, embraced by the moment.
    In love ? Soon maybe. It will be like a cloud.

    By Wolf on 11.26.2012

  19. ovo je naše mjesto o kojemu su ispričane razne priče. morat ću nekako saznati što je sljedeće što moram učiniti u životu. odabir nije lak. sada ću uskoro ići na posao kod tete dude. očekujem da mi ljudi pošalju razglednice iz različitih dijelova svijeta. želim putovati, želim istraživati, želim manje analizirati, a više maštati.

    By Tomislav on 11.26.2012

  20. as soon as possible

    By Stas URL on 11.26.2012

  21. soon
    everything is going to be washed away
    and the time will come when
    everything’s new
    but the time is not now
    it is soon

    By valencia on 11.26.2012

  22. 5: 32 PM. Time is a cruel god. I was standing there, staring blankly at the doodled cities on my Chucks, waiting for your sharp footfalls to echo in the halls. Will you come soon? It felt as if eternities have already passed, but I still wasn’t able to glimpse a shadow of your presence. The you-shaped void beside me makes me sore, makes me ache. Will you come soon? It’s been forever since I last saw you.

    5: 33 PM

    By Airiz URL on 11.26.2012

  23. later, near future, time, recent, event

    By Sukanya URL on 11.26.2012

  24. soon the end of the world will be upon us. you better run for the hills. they’re coming for us all. one by one, one by one, until there’s only one at all. times up. time to go. their here.

    By sarah on 11.26.2012

  25. I will soon be lying on the beach, sunbathing, enjoying summer (:

    By Kenia URL on 11.26.2012

  26. Soon, this will be the past. Soon, I will be here in mind, body, and soul. Soon, this all will pass. Soon, soon, soon. Have you ever noticed that there is always something about the present that makes us think of “soon”? Soon the good will be over, soon, the bad will be too. This is power, the beauty, of soon.

    By Eric Nentrup URL on 11.26.2012

  27. Soon I Will Graduate. Soon I Will Get A Job. Soon i Will Go To College. Soon I Will Be a Surgical Doctor. Soon I Will Be Happy.

    By Pashe' on 11.26.2012

  28. I think soon means that something will come out like a new movie coming out soon. It can mean a lot of things that will come out.

    By paul URL on 11.26.2012

  29. My definition of the soon would be in a short period of time.

    Sentence – We will be doing a different assignment pretty soon.

    By Xavier McCallister on 11.26.2012

  30. Soon? Ha, soon we’ll be nothing but corpses. You keep waiting for soon, though. Right now, though. I’m going to leave. Not soon. I’m done giving you time. You’ve said the choice will come to you soon, but sometimes nothing comes to those who wait.

    By who dat gurl URL on 11.26.2012

  31. As soon as we got together I ask him when are we going to meet next? it was just this curiosity of how to deal with the issues in future. Its fine that he will solve this issue for me this time, but what would happen next when I get the same problem the very next time, so I asked him about how and when can we meet next?

    By Asad on 11.26.2012

  32. Soon can’t come soon enough. I guess that’s my personality. I always have this hope for the future. There’s never a time I don’t look forward to what’s to come. I see the future as full of possibilities. It’s amazing how many things can happen. Unlike the past, which I can’t change anymore. Perhaps a cheesy line, but the truth is undeniable – your future is in your hands.

    By cherryade URL on 11.26.2012

  33. Soon. We’ll get there soon. Over the horizon. You’ll see. When the stars settle. When the wind stops. Soon. Just a feather’s breadth away. An iota ounce. A breath, a bounce, a buoyant turn. There.

    By siobhan347 URL on 11.26.2012

  34. Don’t say soon. Soon is too faraway, too vague. Like a balloon set to air that drifts away. Soon is like that. It can escape you. It’s as distant as the North Pole. It placates, excuses, postpones.

    By siobhan347 URL on 11.26.2012

  35. Bald – bald kommt Weihnachten, bald kommt der winter, ich meine richtiger winter und bald werde ich gut schreiben können. doch so einfach ändert sich nichts. bald etwas denken ist einfach, es bald machen ist nicht so einfach, irgendwie fühle ich mich wegen der zeit etwas unter druck

    By kaldyrja on 11.26.2012

  36. Christmas will be here soon. Too soon. Finals will be here soon. Too, too soon. My 9am will be here soon. Too, too, too soon. Time has run out, too soon.

    By Elianne URL on 11.26.2012

  37. hey there my old friend
    what do you know?
    you holding something?
    let it go
    holding something?
    let it spread
    let your flowers grow ahead
    let the sunshine take you home
    live this live today and go
    learn from us, be like them
    soon you’ll find your love
    here forever

    By pounding_sea URL on 11.26.2012

  38. hey there my old friend
    what do you know?
    you holding something?
    let it go
    holding something?
    let it spread
    let your flowers grow ahead
    let the sunshine take you home
    live this life today and go
    learn from us, be like them
    soon you’ll find your love
    here forever

    By pounding_sea URL on 11.26.2012

  39. Soon enough she will be here. Soon enough i will end this depressed stupor that has befallen me. And i will experience joy. Joy in wich i

    By Erandi on 11.26.2012

  40. Soon I will be glorious. I will not have to worry about anything at all. All of my problems will be gone as though they never existed at all. I shall look upon these days fondly and think this is how I made it.

    By esther on 11.26.2012