October 18th, 2013 | 77 Entries

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77 Entries for “songwriter”

  1. Songwriter. She didn’t call herself a poet, she didn’t call herself an artist, she wasn’t just a plain old writer. Songwriter. There was something in the word that evoked images of colourful plumage and warm, rich melodies. A songbird. That’s what she tried to be, and so a songwriter she was. They weren’t the same thing.

    By Anna on 10.18.2013

  2. She glanced at the screen. A blank stark white machine that clouded her ideas and killed her motivation. she couldn’t even get one word on the page before she drowned in desperation. She needed to just write the damn song. Her ideas were bland and unexciting.

    By Mary on 10.18.2013

  3. Put the symptoms in a song like ingredients in a recipe: the grapefruit knee, swollen, rotten, the bruised nocturnal thumbs, the molding mind, a fuzzy walnut – take your st johns wort, have some wine and it’ll all be grand, life as a songwriter, a documenter of the descent – never mind the spider you killed this morning, huge and orange, tipped you squealing over the line it did – just sing about the tiger balm smear it made on the carpet – and you’ll be fine.

    By Miss Alister URL on 10.18.2013

  4. songwriter isn’t a direct word that relates to my book but it can relate in a way if you think about it. most song writers think in a positive way about life and my book fish is an example of how to bring energy and work in a happy way. it can bring better ideas and a completely new work environment if song writers used this their song could be much more creative and interesting. if they think in a positive way then everything is different. Instead of writing a song about a depressing mood or something bad they could make a song about how to change lives or even teach the same thing that Fish has taught me. it could affect more people than fish could because more people listen to music than hey do read books like fish

    By Greg Piedt on 10.18.2013

  5. in my book,this word really don’t go on my book as a songwriter.

    By Troy Young on 10.18.2013

  6. this book is so boring. all it talks about is managing. I hate this book with a passion. I want to through it away. I wish we didn’t have to read the book.

    By gregory smith on 10.18.2013

  7. songs are a way for me to talk a way to express In
    my mind I may be the quietest but I am loud and heard every where I don’t have to be a good singer for my ideas to be expressed to you I AM A SONGWRITER

    By kristian rimoni on 10.18.2013

  8. I am a songwriter. I flit about the lexicon with fingers like butterflies, soft, dancing, to create meaning.

    By Brynn on 10.18.2013

  9. when I began to write, the words flowed from my fingers like the blood inside them and I wished that I had applied my talents to be a songwriter…and then I read the lyrics and said ‘nah’

    By P J Colando URL on 10.18.2013

  10. There are so many singer songerwriters these days.

    You don’t even need a good voice anymore, just a different one.

    Okay cool, you have a unique gravelly voice and you can play acoustic guitar to accompany it.

    There ain’t enough room for you AND Dan Mangan on my itunes.

    By Dave Nixon URL on 10.18.2013

  11. The composer sat down, meticulously writing every thought and every inspiration, that brought him to that point in time. What he came up with mattered not, because he had put everything on the line, he had nothing left to give.

    By WhoisRGL on 10.18.2013

  12. That’s who I am. I can’t help it. It’s how I express love, fear, depression, and other strong feelings. I can’t help it. That’s who I am.

    By Andrew Davies on 10.18.2013

  13. That’s how I am. It’s what I do. I pour my feelings of love, fear, depression, and hopes into a few lines. It’s what I do. That’s how I am.

    By Andrew Davies on 10.18.2013

  14. If you are a really good songwriter you can get inside people’s heads and make them feel as if your song was written just for them. The truth is so many of us have very similar experiences we just feel like our joys our ours alone and our gut wrenching pain belongs only to us.

    By Tracey on 10.18.2013

  15. Blue nails. He was a beautiful boy, and I was always so proud of him. From the second we met in that orphanage in the rocky land of India, I was in love. This is my son. He was always my son. A songwriter, creative soul.

    By Heather URL on 10.18.2013

  16. He had become an avid songwriter in his long life. He had been through the ancestral chanting to the renaissance to the new age funk and his style was a mix of everything he had been apart of. It was enchanting to those who listened, they had no choice but to stop and listen. Enjoy each other as they enjoyed this trance like state the sound thrust them in to.

    By Chris on 10.18.2013

  17. Songwriter is a person who sings and writes their own music. Usually the most genuine writers and people out there. Examples include Ed Sheeran and Passenger who are both some of my favorites. The music they create is inspiring and touching.

    By Emily Bargamin on 10.18.2013

  18. Pen to paper. If only it had been as easy as said. Yet how do you put all these pictures of memories, this fragrance of pure emotion into simple letters? Needless to say a melody?

    By Corinne M. Child on 10.18.2013

  19. The word songwriter is a word used to describe someone who is unique and intelligent. The word can describe anyone who writes freely and can put the words into a song. This word is awesome.

    By dave on 10.18.2013

  20. the beat
    the feet that waltz
    tap tap tapping
    the words
    the songwriter’s pen
    map map mapping

    By katiekieran URL on 10.18.2013

  21. “How many songwriters you got hired?”

    “None,” I replied, spitting a half-dissolved Altoid into the garbage can because it was too strong.

    My soon-to-be productor stared at me. My agent smirked.

    “So who writes your songs?” he inquired stupidly.

    I arched an eyebrow. “Guess.”

    My agent couldn’t help letting out a giggle. I reached toward the bowl of butterscotch candies on the producer’s desk. He hardly blinked.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.18.2013

  22. She was a singer; he was a songwriter. She sang the feelings he spilled on the page without feeling them herself, as though one was reading a book in a different language that looked incomprehensible. His feelings were incomprehensible, but she sang them all the more. She didn’t know the real meaning behind the heaviness of the pen on the paper and the ink of the notes that dropped downwards to the paper, sometimes spiraling out of control as though he just pulled his pen across the paper.

    By Caroline on 10.18.2013

  23. sing me a song
    write me a poem
    pour out your love

    By felicity on 10.18.2013

  24. The words trinkle down the page; one letter, another, a word, a phrase, a heartfelt lyric. One day, one day soon, someone will be singing those lyrics in the shower, knowing not that the paper they were written on were covered in tears and sad memories. A songwriter does not share – a songwriter creates.

    By C on 10.18.2013

  25. Lately these words are not giving me any inspiration. A songwriter seems like a flighty character for a hippie story. Someone in tune with the universe, but not the people in it with her.

    By Kristin URL on 10.18.2013

  26. I have an idea for a virtual songwriter app. You enter the words you want to use, maybe a line, and then the style of music. The app will then write a song for you, in the genre you chose, including your key words/phrases. It’s basically the music industry at the palm of your hands.

    By Kristina on 10.18.2013

  27. The songwriter had proven that his emotions were so beautifull that he could manage to make anyone fall in love with him just by writing. And so he kept writing.

    By Brenda on 10.18.2013

  28. Like a poor songwriter pouring his own heart into lined paper he’d eventually crumble, Jason felt he needed to say what he felt

    By Lauren on 10.18.2013

  29. I met a songwriter a few days ago. He looked nothing like anyone I would like to be a friend with, but as I got along with him due to a voluntary thing, I realized that there was more to him. His songs were very beautiful and I can feel what he feels when he sings his songs. I found out that what he writes is the story of his life.

    By Rica on 10.18.2013

  30. Only recently, I was back on the smooth black and white keys of the piano; testing the notes; hearing my voice reverberate against the marble walls around me; Feeling the notes through my bones.

    By jehaan on 10.18.2013

  31. I songwriter is the poet of the song itself. Without the poetry in the song, it would fail to exist. Songwriters always remain mysterious to most. They are rarely known because they do not require the amount of attention that an artist craves. They simply wish to write poetry for the world to hear.

    By trp on 10.18.2013

  32. He was the most handsome songwriter I ever met. And he had a way about him I wish I could tell him about without him thinking I was coming onto him.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.18.2013

  33. the way she playfully spoke her words with a melody — my friend, she’s no artist. but every time she speaks, a new song is born.

    By nyaaawn on 10.18.2013

  34. Will a songwriter ever write a song about me? It wouldn’t be a happy song. It would be full of pain, sorrow, and heartache.

    By Marina URL on 10.18.2013

  35. He was more than just a songwriter, his words were clarity in a sea of mindless noise. I listened to the recorded notes for hours after they’d been written, they made me feel, like no other noise could. With these simple notes, just a few minutes of sound, my day could go from terrible, to utter bliss.

    By Christina on 10.18.2013

  36. He was more than just a songwriter. His work was a burst of clarity in a sea of mindless, distorted notes. I could listen to it for hours. With the notes he spun, I could no longer feel lost or distorted in this forsaken world.

    By Christina on 10.18.2013

  37. She played. For hours she played. Sitting on the street corner. “What has my life become?” She thought as another person dropped a dollar into the open guitar case. She wanted to become something more. Prove them wrong…all of them

    By ChangingMyName on 10.18.2013

  38. I stare at the page. It is blank. My guitar strings are still. Urgh. Why can’t I write him a song? The floor is covered with crumpled pieces of paper – ideas, drafts, that were discarded in disgust. Nothing I write, no chord progression I play around with, seems to mean what it should. Perhaps nothing, not even a song, can ever give voice to what I feel for him?

    By EliseLawrence on 10.18.2013

  39. My thoughts suddenly flying into Lady Gaga and Lorde. Then they fly into my self. I am a songwriter. I am a notewriter. I ever did that. Since you writing a note or even a lyric and sing it, you are songwriter. It’s easy but needs continuous act. Now my thoughts flying into an in-between feeling, no one can save. Then, they fly to Bacon said that we are young people weren’t born to decide, we were born to do. Do what? Do learning, do think, do writing, do sing, do act.

    By Eligia V. A. on 10.18.2013

  40. I’m a songwriter not a video ho! Steph tore off the leopard print vest and when to change into her own clothes. Being a woman in music wasn’t easy.

    By Michelle M on 10.18.2013