October 18th, 2013 | 77 Entries

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77 Entries for “songwriter”

  1. id love to be
    but i find my tongue tied,
    fingers snagging, entwined,
    unable to move as they should,
    wield pen as they should,
    pluck and strum and do anything but drum as they should
    so i sit and stare and wish
    i could tell you
    just how beautiful that day was,
    that girl,
    that love
    my heart swells, about to burst from the knowledge,
    the truths
    but nothing comes,
    no language,
    no rhythm,
    no pulse except my own stymied one.
    le sigh

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 10.18.2013

  2. i have recently come to the knowledge that ke$ha writes her own stuff
    how hard can it be then?
    throw a bunch of glitter on some sheet music
    and people love you
    is that all it takes
    to be loved?
    by someone?
    anyone at all?

    By Naomi URL on 10.18.2013

  3. The music wafted from an open window
    I imagined white curtains falling out
    to peer into a garden
    of rainforest birds

    the music wafted into my life
    holding words to me on a palm
    pristine and perfected
    from the pain.

    By fz URL on 10.18.2013

  4. He never would have labelled himself as a songwriter. Not even when he found himself humming a set of notes while he cooked breakfast for her. Not even when she woke with words written on her bare skin as he watched her sleep.

    By Buggg URL on 10.18.2013

  5. She carried their worries on her shoulder for the longest time – until she found the words, the notes, her voice. She wrote and wrote until her hands ached, until her soul felt light. She kept writing until she could fly.

    By Buggg on 10.18.2013

  6. I have always wanted to be a songwriter. It seemed to be such an interesting choice of work. When I was younger, I believed that the songwriters were magic beings who could spin words into a melody. They are just as great (possibly better) than the singers themselves. A singer that doesn’t write their own music has a great voice, but a songwriter has a creative mind that can little the singer’s voice be used. This is why I love writing songs and then singing them out loud. I wanted to have the magic of a songwriter, and the great sound of a singer.

    By Coolio is Cool on 10.18.2013

  7. She was a songwriter, but she wasn’t writing any songs. Recently she ws not able to write songs because something had happened to her, a trauma so severe that it had taken away her ability to think, to be creative. The trick is… she didn’t know what the event really was about. She’d suffered selective amnesia ever since it

    By Allen J. Clayton on 10.18.2013

  8. She was an amazing songwriter. Her lyrics were profound and meaningful, not like music nowadays, which is just a repition of words and the same concepts.Her songs actually had meaning behind them. She write about her thought, about love, friendship and moral values.

    By fatima on 10.18.2013

  9. if i could write, i would be a billion times better than i am right now. I could travel the world and sing and write music, with my trusty guitar and everybody would love me and i would love them and i would sing for them and let them know true love through music.

    By shan on 10.18.2013

  10. I wanna hear what you write. I don’t care how you sound like. Oh my god, I might be like this. Too bad I can’t even make a sane sentence right now. Food. Food for my stomach. Feed. Feed my soul. Look, I just made a possible couplet for a song.

    By Pierre Giuseppe Gilles on 10.18.2013

  11. everyone is a song writer, going through life stopping on notes and tones and vowels and words that string together to become what is known as life. Sometimes ugly in parts, but sometimes beautiful.

    By Bobbi B on 10.19.2013

  12. The job of a songwriter barely made enough money to pay the rent; how on earth would he be able to pay for school?

    By WearyWater URL on 10.19.2013

  13. He was the songwriter. He wrote the most beautiful of words. It filled my soul and brought tears to my eyes because I knew I meant the world to him.

    By rumi on 10.19.2013

  14. “I’m not a songwriter,” I protested, holding out the sheaf of blank papers. “I don’t write lyrics or music; I don’t even play any instruments!”
    “You write poetry, right?”
    “That is SO not the same thing!”
    He shrugged. “Sure it is. Just write down a few words, maybe even a few rhyming ones for good measure, and it’s all good; it doesn’t have to be perfect or anything,”
    I groaned, squeezing the bridge of my nose in irritation. “It’s like you’ve never even MET me. ‘Doesn’t have to be perfect’…” I trailed off, dissolving into muttering.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.19.2013

  15. “Nope,” Mandy said, looking at the lyrics. He shook his head, again and again, like a metronome.

    “What’s wrong with it?” I asked, heart falling.

    He put down the sheaf of papers. “Are you writing down a set of instructions to fall in love and then out of it? A recipe, just add water?”

    “What do you mean?” I’d studied hundreds of songs in Pop Music class, memorized their lyrics until they wouldn’t go away. Wasn’t it just the combination of a few recurring elements? It seemed so simple I could program a computer to do it.

    “A good song is like a puzzle,” Mandy said, “it doesn’t make sense. And you listen to it again and again, because you think, there is some meaning in it and you’re trying to find it.”

    By Holden URL on 10.19.2013

  16. He lay in bed just thinking. He sat in his office just thinking. Why oh why can’t this wonderful songwriter put words to this beautiful tune.

    By Alexandra on 10.19.2013

  17. Writing is a form engaging the visual and imagination.
    Songwriting is a form engaging the auditory and emotion.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 10.19.2013

  18. He was famous as a songwriter, but really wanted to be an artist. Some of his favourite work was the doodles in the corners of the sheet music of some of the biggest hits in pop music!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.19.2013

  19. Songwriters sing and they feel the song within their hearts. How do people feel things like music, it’s abstract, it’s not an emotion. But yet songwriters feel music, they tell a story through words, through passion, through love, they feel the music, feel the beat. How do people do that, it’s amazing, I love people like that. The world needs more people like that. They’re like poets, but you can’t move to a poem. You can feel the emotions but you don’t get the same effect that a songwriter can give you.

    By BuyMeCake on 10.19.2013

  20. What a word! Songwriter. I’m in love with a songwriter but I don’t think he loves me. I think he just loves the idea of being in love, not really being in love with a real person.
    So sad…

    By just a girl on 10.19.2013

  21. He kept on changing the words
    And fixing the chords
    Until no one knew
    What his song was about

    (Not anymore)
    (And maybe that’s how he wanted it)

    By Rio on 10.19.2013

  22. He was never known as a songwriter. But he could sing. His voice could be heard drifting on the morning breezes as he herded the sheep from the old barn out into the fields for the day.

    By Cim on 10.19.2013

  23. I cannot remember the last time I listened to song and wondered about what the songwriter was feeling when he/she decided to put their feelings into words.

    By saonuya on 10.19.2013

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    By sheri brown URL on 10.19.2013

  25. He styles himself as a songwriter, but mostly what he writes is “humhumhum dadada somethin’ somethin’ LUUUUUUUUUUUUV.”

    By mrsmig on 10.19.2013

  26. I wish I was a songwriter
    how lovely would it be
    to write about love
    and you
    your face
    and the wonderful thoughts
    that tell me about how I love
    so simple
    yet so complex
    oh how I wish I was songwriter

    By Alicia on 10.19.2013

  27. There was a songwriter sitting in a dark room, to the left of him was an ashtray reaking of cigarettes, filled with butts. His eyes were strained and he was all out of alcohol. Then his phone started ringing. It was from Chip, his friend he hadn’t seen for 2, 3 months. He was a crazy kid but had his head on straight. He asked what he was doing and told him there was a crazy party going on as they were speaking.

    By Michael on 10.19.2013

  28. This is the music I play, music I breathe. It’s more than just song and dance. It’s my spirit in words. I bleed the music I write with such emotion that anything that follows after will hear the sound of my soul harmoniously connecting with the world and all that inhabit it.

    By Peter on 10.19.2013

  29. she looked in frustration at the bars and notes of the piece, trying to figure out where she should go next. What about the variations? Was it too cookie-cutter? Was it too bold? She had no idea, and could only hope that it would satisfy her supervisor.

    By A.J. Cooper on 10.19.2013

  30. It was always hard for her to thing of things to write when she barely knew the singer. She would try to get to know them if she wanted to write a good song, meaning she would always do that. Every single time the song was either loved, hatred, or people claimed that it was a rip off of something else.

    By Bree URL on 10.19.2013

  31. I’m a lyrical poet. A songwriter they call me. Writing a song is just like any other sort of composing, except instead of working with an orchestra or the beauty of the English language alone, I meld both together. I write words to music that has never been heard by living ears, not until I’m done at least.

    By Katie Wright on 10.19.2013

  32. Here’s the song for ya:
    gongbeater – BANG!

    By Volodymyr Bilyk on 10.19.2013

  33. I could write from the gravelly perspective of the jaded old soul, but because I know how I am, serendipity and all that jazz, I’m likely to keep finding something new and wondrous that I’ll also think of as dreamy (or nightmarish). It’s an odd balance, lyricism and musicality.

    By Intuition on 10.19.2013

  34. I am a songwriter. I write songs. They are no good. I am no good.

    By Anna on 10.19.2013

  35. (yesterday’s word: instructor)

    i guess youve always been
    the voice my head talked in

    By h. b. on 10.19.2013

  36. songwriter includes writing the lyrics for the song that is used to be a part of movie in order to
    make the film little more entertainment. these songs may be emotional , caring , love, enjoyable. song writer is often termed as lyrisist.

    By veda on 10.19.2013

  37. All my life, I’ve been famous. Famous for writing songs, famous for singing them too. Most people would kill to live like me. An I would kill to live like them. And so I did. As I walked into the hotel room, I smiled. It would be so easy, like turning off a light. I plunge the knife deep into his chest. Out went the light.

    By No One6 on 10.19.2013