July 17th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “sonar”

  1. across the depths we look for what is unseen. the ping and the ping, we wait for the spaces in between. silence we gasp and it pings back. noticing a projectile heading straight back. boom goes the air, boom goes the

    By Stephen Cantley on 07.17.2012

  2. they looked at each other at first, both not exactly knowing what to say. “Do you see it” she asked. “The donor?” he asked. “Yea, Ive never seen it so lite up.” they were two nesac’s from the closest ship port and had limited energy.

    By Adam Sherritt on 07.17.2012

  3. The sky. I cant see it. I feel it. I’m alone. Aloof. Constantly. Like I’m in space and everyone else is down on earth. Sonar. I’m far. Like Mars. I can touch the stars though. No one else can do that from earth.

    By shelby URL on 07.17.2012

  4. She was staring down in disbelief. “Do you see how many of them there are?” she asked. “Yea, Ive never seen anything like it. They were both fixated on the sonar for what seemed like ages. Finally, they brought up the subject of there being no help within seven anglars, the new federations measurement for distance.

    By Adam on 07.17.2012

  5. I honestly had no idea what the word ‘sonar’ meant until I looked it up on my Dictionary app. I like looking up words on my dictionary app. I also love the thesaurus. I should walk around with a mini-thesauraus because I use it oh so much. Does that mean I’m not educated if I have to continue looking up what the words mean? I’m not too sure.

    By Madison Hite on 07.17.2012

  6. What is a sonar? I think it’s some sort of technology… like radio waves or something. I’m not really sure on this one. It made me think of dolphins… don’t they send out sonar signals? Hmmm this is one to think about. ………..

    By Emilia URL on 07.17.2012

  7. He had a knack for fishing out feelings from the depths of my insecurities.

    I just needed someone to love me.

    And he knew it, but didn’t act.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 07.17.2012

  8. Radio waves and sound waves, both -ar, like a spanish verb. Sonoy. Not as fast as the speed of electricity.

    By an octopus URL on 07.17.2012

  9. A sonar is the sound of craziness. Sonar is like a satelitte but not. It’s an airplane zooming through the sky super fast. Its like the sound of you’re heartbeat when you’re about to kiss someone you care about deeply. Sonar can be a word that can describe so much more then what is actually is. It describes love.

    By Emma on 07.17.2012

  10. One time I had a gold fish named Sonar. It was my best friend. We were two peas in a pod. We were like Calvin and Hobbs. But then one dreadful day, my mother mistakenly flushed it down the toilet. I cried for days, until my mom bought me a new goldfish. I named this one Radar. When the same terrible ending came to Radar, I bought a dog.

    By Olivia on 07.17.2012

  11. The screech reflected off of the cold, damp walls as I desperately covered my ears. “Where’s my escape rope…fuck…” I thought helplessly, blinded from my surroundings. I felt helpless – empty as the cave itself.

    By Clair on 07.17.2012

  12. Dora deep-sea gas exploration have adverse affects on whales’ sonar capabilities? I believe it does, and this makes me sad.

    By Bea on 07.17.2012

  13. The super villain immediately used his sonar ability to block any sound his nemesis was making and as the latter was screaming at the top of his lungs, to no avail, it looked like he was merely gasping for air while being drowned, yet in his particular situation the water was air and he felt as though he was choking on it, all while the man in black cackled mercilessly.

    By maria on 07.17.2012

  14. I just had this word. What is going on? That’s okay I’m a “go with the flow” kind of bat (get it? bat? because we’re talking about sonar!) so I’ll do just that until the time clock runs out.

    By maria on 07.17.2012

  15. sonar? i have no idea what to write:( yesterday i saw a documentary called Mermaid: A Body Found and supposedly the navy caused a bunch of whale beachings because of their sonar weapon testing (I think it was sonar)

    By aany on 07.17.2012

  16. As objects found by sonar, we must also send things out into the world to discover who we are. For we are what we create, not what we consume.

    By Nathan on 07.17.2012

  17. If I were a shark, my sonar would be hooked on you. You have what I want. What I need. The only thing that I care to notice. You’re the only thing on my radar. The little voice inside me that says, “Take him, he’s the only one for you.”

    I’ll embrace it from here on out.

    By Katie on 07.17.2012

  18. Weak light pierces the knotted canopy roof barely illuminating the damp and dense undergrowth dripping condensation slowly and torturously onto the musky jungle floor.
    Through the shadows the ghostliness of the black panther effortlessly slides, keenly aware of every terrified rustle, twitch, squeak, squawk and movement around as her sonar like hearing tracks and acknowledges her soon to be prey.

    By matty on 07.17.2012

  19. sonar. i can’t even imagine what i would do without her. Sonar was beautiful. Although she was also wicked. it was a shame. why couldn’t she be one or the over? trying to be so evil never got her anywhere.

    By remaincalmxx on 07.17.2012

  20. sonar is how the bats hear. sonar means they can channel tiny little aliens to hear for them through tin cans with strings on them connecting to different planets and then they hear what the aliens say which is like “watch out 4 dat tree” lolz

    By eva on 07.17.2012

  21. i dont know what sonar means.. im thinking i has to do with sound or some kind of wave. im not sure i know iv heard it somewhere i just don’t remember something scientific sounds like what dolphins use to ‘see’. or is that something else..

    By Denisse on 07.17.2012

  22. I just think about sonar something. Doesn’t it have something to do about engery. Ithink it does. Sonar. so nar. lol Well I think it has to do with lights. wish my brain didn’t work like this. I hope frank and i are okay. you circles again. Sonar….

    By Shannon URL on 07.17.2012

  23. Sonar, that’s the girl who I fell in love with. It was about ten years back. She was beautiful, different from any girl I’d ever met. She had curly fiery orange hair. Her face was sprinkled with freckles, but her skin was oddly enough tan. She was beautiful inside and outside. I loved her.

    By Sophia on 07.17.2012

  24. I could hear you but I could not see you. floating through me. making my hairs stand on end. waves through me.

    By winterforgettingfall on 07.17.2012

  25. I’m not really sure how much I know about sonar. I think bats use it, right? They use sonar to sense their surroundings. Because they’re blind and can’t see. So they put out waves and the waves bounce back to the bats so they can sense their surroundings.

    By Megan on 07.17.2012

  26. sonar is an instrument used by ships to detect any obstacles or other ships in the area. The technology uses sound waves.

    By bsb on 07.17.2012

  27. “So tell me, Timmy, what exactly do you know about dolphins?” The little brown haired kid next to me turned around to stare at the aquarium. “I know that they use this thing called sonar. It helps them find food and look for their family.” He pressed his face against the glass. “I wish I had a family.”

    By Taffeh.A.Llama on 07.17.2012

  28. I don’t know what to say about the word sonar. Just reminds of that thing that dolphins have apparently. And whales? It would be could to be able to hum stuff and have people far, far away from me understand exactly what I am trying to convey. I wonder who figured that out. And how can we really be sure that’s what they are doing?

    By sidzy on 07.17.2012

  29. Under the water’s surface, sliding silently through the black water, the submarine glided effortlessly forward, with only sonar to guide it.
    Oh. I’m supposed to keep writing??

    By s on 07.17.2012

  30. I think there are boats. Maybe it’s the X-men. Maybe it’s not. All I know is, it’s time for someone to get over here and save us. Bleep. Bleep. Too loud. Too close. We’re running out of time. Any minute now

    By Jenny on 07.17.2012

  31. Well, with a tilde at the top of the “n” it would be “to dream” in Spanish. So I will interpret it as such.

    To dream is to live. Live your dreams. Never forget what you wished for as a child for this is still rooted deep within your soul.

    Never give up on your dreams as they are hope and hope is what keeps humanity from annihilation.

    By SammySkull on 07.17.2012

  32. ship sonar sonar dolphin fish fish no mammal battle sonar submarine sonar goes back bounce back receiver sender sonar mechanism under water bat oh bat! sonar night life animal predator relocate things

    By jane on 07.17.2012

  33. The sonar was working perfectly. The night before he went throughout the entire checklist twice over. Today could not be compromised. He could not drop the ball. But after all the preparation, all the hard work, the event was a source of ridicule.

    By Adam on 07.17.2012

  34. what the f is a sonar? I have no clue what it is……so crazy why not give me a word i KNOW!!!??? uggghhhq!!! omg time is RUNNNING OUUUUTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lllllfeirwhrwihrihwrihwiri WAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITEJOEORWO IWRII JE NE SAIS PAS! JE SAIS JE SAIS! JE COMPRENDS! JE NE COMPRENDS PAS COMME CA!

    By Bree on 07.17.2012

  35. they utilized the ground sonar equipment, hoping everyday to discover the artifacts that would renew their funding before their time was up. Everyday a silent prayer for anything; pot shards, an old bowl, evidence of middens in the muck.

    By naturemummy on 07.17.2012

  36. Sonar. What is sonar? Look it up. I know what it is. It is a system for detecting objects under water. Great. I want that…

    By Motor Vogn on 07.17.2012

  37. The sonar ticked continuously. Every second seemend an eternity and we prayed that it will not quicken it’s pace. That it will not find enemy ships in the vicinity, or else, we would be doomed.

    By Alexandra on 07.17.2012

  38. Used on submarines. They can detect the presence of nearby moving objects or people. Helpful for reconnaissance.

    By Alan on 07.17.2012

  39. i quickly jumped into the ocean to save her… water was rushing into her mouth, then all of a sudden… i lost her. My father quickly tossed me this thing that had sonar detecting thing… idk my brain is dead guys, so im really bad at this .. forgive me

    By sorryimnotperfect on 07.17.2012

  40. like a submarine in the deep i am searching, searching for you. If i shout loud enough maybe the echo of you will return to me.

    By Ruby on 07.17.2012