October 23rd, 2012 | 376 Entries

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376 Entries for “solution”

  1. question. solution. it should be that easy, but it never is. there’s never just white and black…there’s grey. light grey. dark grey. and in between grey. when did the lines get so blurry? How can we get back to a place where there is right and wrong, yes and no.

    By Jill Puma on 10.24.2012

  2. What is the solution? What is this feeling? Why do I hate you and,yet, love you so much? I can’ stand you. I want you dead. I want your existence to completely disparate from Earth. I want you to be happy and to love widely and wildly. I want you. What is the solution? There is none. We simply can not be.

    By R.Mag on 10.24.2012

  3. “There are some solutions that are worse than the problem”, she whispered.
    But what does she know?
    She’s just the fool that gave away her voice for a mind.

    By Benjamin Fraser URL on 10.24.2012

  4. New York’s Hottest Club is Solution! This ex-chem lab is run by infamous mad scientist Bill Why, and this Club has EVERYTHING: Beakers, colorful liquids, lab coats, explosions, a room full of grey, foul smelling smoke, and Human Bunsen Burners!

    By Remus Drake on 10.24.2012

  5. maths solutions. solutions for life. i hate math. math sucks. more the fact that i suck at math actually. solutions, pft there are no solutions for me i just have to get on and over things when i fuck them up. solution solution. sounds so scientific. math math. i hate math DUMBLEDOOOORE

    By anon on 10.24.2012

  6. I often wondered if I’d ever find a way to make it work. It’d been months now, and I dealt by just pretending it didn’t exist. Well, that had worked so far. I took a deep breath and walked through his door once again.

    By kellie URL on 10.24.2012

  7. There is a solution to everything you just have to know how to find it . There are more good solutions than bad solutions.

    By Pamela URL on 10.24.2012

  8. The solution to your dreams will come one day. When or where it will come no one knows. It will come, but it may be small or may be large. It all depends what you’ve done and what you will do.

    By minecraftplayer101 URL on 10.24.2012

  9. I have to solution to the future. Imagine a world filled with peace prosperity and space travel .

    By Trystan URL on 10.24.2012

  10. there is almost always a solution to something that may seem unsolvable, if there is, go you, if not, whatever, so yeah, times taking forever, there it goes

    By James URL on 10.24.2012

  11. I have a solution to your problem.
    The solution is right there.

    By Bubbles1213 URL on 10.24.2012

  12. The solution for the pirate to find where he entrance to the cave was to make his enemy walk the plank if he wouldn’t tell him the solution on where to find the cave with treasure.

    By whitewizard URL on 10.24.2012

  13. People use solution to solve almost anything.
    For example you can use a solution for math,a story and the list goes on and on.

    By gorge URL on 10.24.2012

  14. The solution to everything is not in you mind its in your heart. <3

    By katlynnt URL on 10.24.2012

  15. Solution. The solution to the maze was going to be a hard one. The maze seemed endless as I turned each corner.

    By Cody URL on 10.24.2012

  16. There simply is no other solution.
    She would have to do it. Soon, or it would never work out. It had to happen as soon a possible, or it might as well not happen at all.
    She was too simple. He to complicated.
    She to skittish and he easy to avoid conflict.
    They would never discuss it, this she knows.
    Oh well, maybe there is hope for tomorrow.

    By Shani URL on 10.24.2012

  17. The solution to E:MC2 is pie.

    By Zachary Williams on 10.24.2012

  18. I have solution for this problem. The solution is eliminate the problems before it begins. This may take a while but that is the ultimate solution.

    By tan on 10.24.2012

  19. always looking for it. but few people would offer it usually need to look for it myself. super happy when found it. but most of time don’t bother to

    By leevanny on 10.24.2012

  20. The solution to my problems just happens to be to ignore life and just live it like i’m dead. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for a human being. I have feelings, and feelings have me. So the only solution? Just be myself and live my life.

    By Agnes Hwangpo on 10.24.2012

  21. The solution to the problem is…get a bigger house”
    “and how are we gonna do that?” her sister asked.
    “Buy one!”

    By diamond2 URL on 10.24.2012

  22. I desperately looked for the answer. Pounding at my head like a tribal on a drum. I couldn’t stop moving. The inertia was to great. Nothing would stand in the way of my path.

    By Jack Tiffee on 10.24.2012

  23. The answer was hanging between them, there was no way to immerse themselves into the whirlpool of a problem any more. The waves were crashing the walls and the pain was seeping in.

    By Ana URL on 10.24.2012

  24. I need a solution to help the world find peace. For there to be hope for those with out hop, for those without love to find love, for those without health to find to find healing.

    By Kelly on 10.24.2012

  25. He finally found it.
    It had been eluding him for some time, and the more he obsessed over it, the more futile it became.
    But at last, when he despaired the most, the solution finally came to him.
    It was so simple

    By pat gold on 10.24.2012

  26. I always have a solution for something. I might be lost with no food or water but i will have a solution to find my food and water.

    By Devin URL on 10.24.2012

  27. I had the solution to the problem in math no one could find the answer. It was not that hard but everyone in my class thought it was.

    By lissamc URL on 10.24.2012

  28. the solution to your question is e = mc2

    By cecilm URL on 10.24.2012

  29. A solution is a conclusion to a conflict or a problem.

    By Brianna URL on 10.24.2012

  30. The solution to the plan is like the answer or the resolution to whatever you are doing at the moment.

    By Ryan URL on 10.24.2012

  31. I told him the solution to the problem is to just leave it a lone

    By chase URL on 10.24.2012

  32. Solution is when you solve something and finish it.

    By gabrielach URL on 10.24.2012

  33. the solution to the problem is not fighting. so dont fight

    By jonathonb URL on 10.24.2012

  34. solution is when you solve something and finish it. For example, a science project. When doing a science project, you need a solution to finish it.

    By adriana URL on 10.24.2012

  35. the solution to every problem begins with calm. i made a solution to one of my problems by thinking it out. by doing so, i was fine. the solution to every problem is to be calm.

    By danieler URL on 10.24.2012

  36. The doctor did not know how this would end, but he had an idea.

    By samuel URL on 10.24.2012

  37. An aser is the solution. isint that amasing.

    By Nicholas URL on 10.24.2012

  38. The solution to my problem is simple

    By josephfo URL on 10.24.2012

  39. a solution is an answer to a problem.

    By james URL on 10.24.2012

  40. Every Tuesday things change. The morning is different to other mornings, Dad fidgety and worried, preoccupied. He sits at the kitchen table looking through letters and other paperwork full of numbers. His hands shake and his voice gets croaky from swallowing. People come to our house and park their expensive car in the road. Dad says they helped him find a solution to something, but I didn’t know what he meant. They shake hands in the hall while I watch from the top of the stairs. They walk through to the kitchen, Dad last in line. Sometimes there’s two, sometimes there’s three, but they always wear long, heavy, black coats over their suits. The tall man wears dark glasses, trendy glasses, not like the ones old men wear. He never has a tie and keeps his shirt unbuttoned at the top. I hear the wooden kitchen chairs screech on the tiled floor and peer at Dad’s back as he stands in the doorway between kitchen and hall. They talk for a while and sometimes Dad rushes back and forth from the lounge holding things like envelopes or his wallet. There’s more tile screeches and they head back to the front door, shaking hands again as Dad opens it. Sometimes one of the men slaps him on the back as they leave. It makes him stiffen from his elbows, look at his feet and put his hands deeply into his trouser pockets as he rocks back onto his heels. Sometimes I look out onto the road from my bedroom window as they leave. They never talk and they never smile, just walk straight to the car and quickly get in. The tie-less man drives them away. They don’t ever come back until the next Tuesday morning.

    By rhyme79 URL on 10.24.2012