November 17th, 2011 | 254 Entries

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254 Entries for “solitaire”

  1. Solitare is a card game. It is a very boring by your self it gets a lot better with more people.

    By Logan Vashon URL on 11.18.2011

  2. solitaire is how I spend my weekends. I like to play with cards all by myself because I don’t have any friends and nobody loves me. I feel happy when I win. When I lose I cry ): wahhh )’: solitair reminds me of soldiers for some reason. weird.

    By brittany on 11.18.2011

  3. My life was a solitary box. No emotion, no love nothing. Just a vast emptiness of nothing and no one.

    By Nathaniel URL on 11.18.2011

  4. I sat in the office playing solitaire on my iPad, waiting for the administrator to come in and discuss whatever problem the company was having now. I was finishing the set of hearts when he came in with an unimpressed look on his face.

    By marisellia URL on 11.18.2011

  5. I think of the card game, solitaire. There are only 2 types of them that I know of, Spider solitaire and regular solitaire. I only play the spider solitaire one.

    By Nicole URL on 11.18.2011

  6. Solitaire is a game you play when you’re bored….Hi Kalianna :)))

    By chloe on 11.18.2011

  7. It was like playing a game of solitaire. Time consuming. Useless. A way to pass the time. It was an easy game once you figured it out. So all I had to do was… figure it out.

    By Marisa URL on 11.18.2011

  8. eriatilos

    By Matthew URL on 11.18.2011

  9. spider solitaire is a fun game, and im really good at it some time but sometimes i lose. i play it on my ipod and on my computer. solitaire means something else to but idk what. i passed my permit test, and i’m done writing now.

    By bethany URL on 11.18.2011

  10. Sometimes it’s fun playing by yourself. You can bend the rules, engage and disengage without worrying about who you’re offending, or how vulnerable you may be. But there comes a time when playing alone doesn’t feel like play anymore.

    By Soft URL on 11.18.2011

  11. card game

    By Danna Town on 11.18.2011

  12. chosen as the last resort
    like the
    game left in the
    accessories folder
    on your desktop
    only there for your
    most pathetic moments

    By neonchandelier URL on 11.18.2011

  13. I play. I play. It is a guilty pleasure. It is a break from work. Not that I’m obsessive, but the games are a break and let my mind turn away from a task at hand. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

    By Ed URL on 11.18.2011

  14. a jail cell
    that’s all this is
    the cold numb atmosphere
    there’s no point to anything
    because there’s no chance to escape
    I will be stuck in this self created prison of loneliness
    every morning I wake up dreading what the day has in store
    and every night I go to sleep hoping that I won’t have to start again tomorrow
    I have begun to enjoy cold steel
    there’s comfort in familiarity
    feeling unhappiness is better than feeling nothing at all
    I just wish there was a reason for it

    By Christian URL on 11.18.2011

  15. I used to play solitaire with my grandmother. She taught me how to play. We would spread out the deck of cards on the patio, shrouded in trailing ivy. The sun would peak through the lattice and illuminate the ace of spades.

    I haven’t played since she died.

    By Tai URL on 11.18.2011

  16. My father used to play solitaire all the time, especially as the Alzheimer’s claimed his mental function. He would sit at the table and play solitaire over and over. Then as his mind faded he would play less and less, just sitting, staring blankly.

    By elizabeth b URL on 11.18.2011

  17. Macintosh for Productivity, Linux for development, iPhone for mobility, Windows for Solitaire. That’s my motto. I have lived by it for more than 25 years. Since the day I bought my first Mac!

    By DrKook URL on 11.18.2011

  18. One word could mean anything from tree’s to apple’s even from the mole on Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark on her face. It could mean the nasty hairs on some mans back or even the sounds of birds in their nest but who knows one word could mean many words.

    By Briana Zambrana on 11.18.2011

  19. Solitaire is a car game people play alone. Why they do it, I don’t know. I never found card games that entertaining. I’d rather create something original, something useful, something funny. My parents used rto play cards with their friends instead of playing with us.

    By spiderjunior URL on 11.18.2011

  20. There I was, sitting in my corner. I was drinking my favorite bourbon i had kept for years. I´m no sure why I opened it, I wanted to save it for a special day. But I was feeling this was the day, my day, the day I´ll finally be… but it was just a common day. I felt sleep and the next morning I went to work.

    By Felipe Arango P. URL on 11.18.2011

  21. What could be the reason for a word like this that sounds so lonely? I can’t imagine anything lonlier than sitting to play cards alone. I would take a walk instead. Cards give me the bends.

    By spiderjunior URL on 11.18.2011

  22. Individual game. Pass the time. Personal entertainment.

    By Annette on 11.18.2011

  23. I hate card games. I hate the pressure of someone waiting for you to play. Games should be relaxing. At least solitaire is a game against the deck. But then I always get to the end and find out that I am missing a card or something. That

    By RWMiller URL on 11.18.2011

  24. Solitaire? I don’t love today’s word. I think it’s just a computer game. If it had said solitary, I would have more to say… Solitary confinement would be the scariest thing in the entire world. I HATE being alone. I can handle being without a man, I can handle being without my family, I can handle being without my friends… but being completely alone all the time? NO WAY.

    By letitbe URL on 11.18.2011

  25. i love playing solitaire PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCcccccEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I am sick radical. GO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. hyi.n erkijerbfohrn qerklnj berfhjebn ofruvhbefoh jofhber ouhrofuhbqeruofyb oyubfriouqerbf uyobrfo uyboryubfgo uqrybforyub gourghfb oquhebfoduibfoaqyuiehfb wryuifboqwehurbhcv qryhgofqyuergfhv bw4eroiufbheoduifh0s8dh7fbn qpieruhf89aerb7 dfuiw0rf87dyha iperufh0a8udhyf cueh08fuhqwe0fuhe0fu reo0ufhpquehyfipuhq qiuahd hf-quihr fop9euhyf08uqheuihfo8uhew8ufhuedhd hfoauiehf fhe87y 98yg98uyg98ygyg ui9y `yufghefuabfhdbfkdhjbf fbiusdbhvfiuyb vfbfudhsfgbiyuhb fygiadysugf fgiuysdafg idyugfiayugdf9y7fgt9ry7gfa8dgfiuy gfiyuga9iduyfgisdufgyaiuygdiuyfgi gfiuaygdfiuygdfiuaygsfiuydgfiauysgdfiuygfiuysdfgduiagiuydgifauyfjhgjfiyfiygfiyugiyuhgiyfyitfuytfiytfiyfiuyguygiuygiuygiygiuygiuygiuygiyugiyugiyugiuygyygiuygiygytftrdryedfiytfgiygiuygjcdrdu5ri67toy7r7rdutfio7t86rdtiyfr5itfi76rtiuytiyrt667i.kjbljhblhjblojhuuugihugyuhgggouguu7ugtgtakyduhyhyudhhdhhduyuousyfgeoyurgfquoefgyqeouhfgyrgf

    By Kirk Hinrich and Darren Sproles on 11.18.2011

  26. solitaire. a game of one. one person, one deck, one organized game of conformity and discrimination against those of different colors and shapes.
    i’m totally not serious.

    By pandatheBEAR URL on 11.18.2011

  27. I think solitaire is just a computer game. SOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIRRRRRREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    By U can't spell awesome without me. on 11.18.2011

  28. alone.
    staring at
    computer screens.
    filing through stacks
    of queens and jacks
    on overnight
    stays on
    crowded airport floors.
    Longing for something
    or someone to change,
    but the only thing that
    does is

    By NuSol URL on 11.18.2011

  29. I don’t know what solitaire means. I think it is a game,but I don’t really know. What is SOLITAIRE???

    By Venus Williams on 11.18.2011

  30. The desert. You only live twice in the desert baby yr/ snakes all coiled and tangled up like a nest in the last corner of the sunrise awful heaven eventual forget to me-not, am not, are not, proven by the negative of the fact, AM NOT! But don’t refuse. Finished with a train bashing down into new Mexico somewhere caught in Oklahoma barbwire fences full of coyote hair, a fire alone and picking teeth

    By sam on 11.18.2011

  31. “I really need that story in, okay?”
    I nod. “Of course, Jim.”

    In one ear and out the other.
    I have something slightly more pressing at hand.
    That important deadline will have to wait.

    I return my attention to the virtual card game on my computer screen.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 11.18.2011

  32. More then one way to play. Can play on a machine as well. Don’t need anyone to play with. All by myself I can play, cheat and have fun.

    By teeda URL on 11.18.2011

  33. When she opened the door, a musty smell wafted over her. Stacks of yellowing news papers were everywhere. Nobody had been inside for years, a hoarders paradise. In the corner a man lay slumped over a card table. The game solitaire spread out before him.
    “How fitting.” Julie thought before tripping over a box of glass figurines.

    By Chris_one1ii URL on 11.18.2011

  34. One solitaire sacrifice. One solitaire love that made a difference. One solitaire decision to believe that Jesus died for your sins, to make you acceptable to God for eternity. Do you believe?

    By HLB URL on 11.18.2011

  35. im playing solitare with a purple bannana oh the bannana exploded now the soliter cards are covererd in bannana s thye end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the world blows up

    By Tom Brady on 11.18.2011

  36. I like to play the game solitaire, but one time a weird thing happened. I got sucked into the game. I traveled far but got killed and woke up in my bedroom. It is so confusing what happened. I am apparently dead.

    By ATH on 11.18.2011

  37. My mom loves the the game solitaire. Although I have never seen her play it I know she does. I honestly do not know what it is.

    By Stewy on 11.18.2011

  38. My entire day at work is occupied by these miniature cards. Forming them, moving them, double-clicking, scrolling – I’m surprised I’ve managed to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome up till now (fingers crossed). It’s wrecking my posture, as well. My tendinitis is on its way back… Ah, solitaire.

    By Les URL on 11.18.2011

  39. a game you play by yourself when you’re bored. i am solitary right now. in my room eating lunch but i don’t have solitaire on my computer. i never win anyway. its always too hard so i cheat.

    By Kate Roe URL on 11.18.2011

  40. I like solitaire. You can play it on your laptop, or with cards. There’s probably an app about it somewhere. MY mom and grandma are both totally obsessed with it. They always play it. I’m okay at it, I guess. I just do one or two suits, though. Gramma and Mom both do all four suits. They’re the pros.

    By Courtney URL on 11.18.2011