December 28th, 2012 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “soil”

  1. The soil was dank, like gravel. It slipped through the spaces between my fingers like sand. Like him.

    By Diana URL on 12.28.2012

  2. The smell of the freshly turned earth burns itself into my memory as I stand by the graveside. I drop a bright but quickly wilting rose onto the polished coffin. “Goodbye.”

    By Kay on 12.28.2012

  3. The soil was rough on my feet. Not rough like the cliches. Or rough like a dog. Roughness — like pain.
    Like tangible pain —
    in every grain of soil.
    Ah, pain.


    By Lizzy on 12.28.2012

  4. From which we rise,
    Into which we fall,
    The earth is always there.
    Soft yet cruel,
    It takes us all
    In the end,
    The eternal soil.

    By Kay URL on 12.28.2012

  5. I sat on the soil. It was slitly damp and had begun soaking into my shorts, but I had ceased to notice. My bare thighs were chilly with the wet earth as I dug my fingers into the ground.

    By Alex elbert on 12.28.2012

  6. I cautiously look around me. Everyone still has their nose stuck in their book. I wonder if I can make it out of the classroom without anyone noticing. I hope I can make it to my locker then to the bathroom. I can’t believe I couldn’t just wait five more minutes for the bell to ring….

    By Stephanie Force URL on 12.28.2012

  7. a girl dug in the soil to plant seeds to grow her lotus. the soil was slightly moist, grains of dirt filled her fingernails.

    By caitlin on 12.28.2012

  8. one time on spring break my best friend and current college roommate had 18 shots and got really drunk. i was sharing a room with her and that night she soiled the bed that we slept in. three times. true friendship if you ask me. I’m not mad.

    By MH on 12.28.2012

  9. soil is a part of the earth. everyone and everything is a part of this earth without it none of anything we know would exist. this world would not be here and i wouldn’t be writing this sentence.

    By meg URL on 12.28.2012

  10. Slowly but steadily, I continued my journey deeper into the earth, deeper towards light. I followed these branch-like sticks until I saw something.

    By Danielle on 12.28.2012

  11. Dirt houses growing baby trees perfectly. I really don’t see how anything else could suffice. I certainly wouldn’t be a good house for baby trees. I am a person. I like my place. I’m sure soil likes its place too, if it can like things that is.

    By Andrea on 12.28.2012

  12. the soil was thick and dark. the man picked up the shovel and started digging as if he was in search of something new.

    By Susan on 12.28.2012

  13. She’s soiling our minds! All my life she’s soiled me. Soiled you. Soiled us. She’s controlling and conniving. She’s a broken soul turned insane and maniacal. She doesn’t want whats best for you. She only wants you as a chess piece in her game of life. That’s all it is to her; a game.

    By Rose URL on 12.28.2012

  14. Soil is a dark and brown substance. It feels cool beneath my feet unlike the feeling of sand on a hot day. One thing that I enjoy is planting in the soil, creating a new life of it’s own. It brings me piece.

    By Katie on 12.28.2012

  15. dirt, the fuel of the world.The creation of all. From soil we were made, and unto soil we shall return. Woe is to he who shall never know his native soil; for he shall never understand his roots. And what a terrible thing it is to not know one’s roots; one’s past, one’s predecessors. Tis a foul thing, indeed, to walk through this life so blindly as to not know the past of one’s self.

    By Alli on 12.28.2012

  16. soil; the land the earth and so much more. The building blocks of life; the base of our world. The fuel for our food, and the cradle from which our lives emerged so long ago. The basis of life

    By Alli on 12.28.2012

  17. I buried my hamster under the soil, saying goodbye to a life that I once cared for. I held hands with my love over the soil, saying goodbye as he left for work. The flowers I planted sprung out and gave a beautiful life that gave me a blissful smile as I walked by, and that too I had to say goodbye when the winter came.

    By Katie URL on 12.28.2012

  18. The cold dead ground under my feet. As I walk, I think of all the things this ground would say if it could speak. Oh the stories it could tell from life to death, from seed to skull.

    By Mouse URL on 12.28.2012

  19. Dirt upon the earth. Good for growing plants. Also, something one does to one’s underwear when in an accident: “First you say it, then you do it”– Bill Cosby.

    By Laurie on 12.28.2012

  20. Soil is a funny word. It feels weird on the tongue the same way the words moist and sasaphrass do. I wonder sometimes if I am the only person to think that. It can be a lonely thought, wondering if you are the only one that thinks something. I think a lot about if I am the only one who sees me the way I do, if the person I see in the mirror is the same person that others see when they look at me.

    By Lindsey on 12.28.2012

  21. It was almost like he wanted me to get angry. I not only kicked some wet soil on his brand new kicks, but slapped my dirty calloused hand on his smug little face.

    By Amanda URL on 12.28.2012

  22. DIrty, yet helpful. It is needed for most all life on this planet. While it doesn’t seem like much, it provides the nurtrients for the plants of our world. Little children find thier amusement digging into its depths. Often it is when kids are covered in soil that it is apparent they have had a most imaginitive day. Dirty, yet helpful.

    By Alexandrea Hufford on 12.28.2012

  23. He grabbed a handful of it and hurled it across the bus at the suspicious looking trench-coat wearing iguana. “I have covered you in soil,” he whispered across the aisle at that trench-coat wearing iguana. Why had he done it? Because he had it? Because he had it to throw?

    By Charlotte on 12.28.2012

  24. there was a man in the ground.
    no one knew who he was.
    it was sad;
    even for the ground.

    By Anthony Hasapis on 12.28.2012

  25. dirt brown dirty earth fresh free nature life plants flowers herbs rock ground rock pebbles the start of something beautiful. the simplicity of beat that nature can provide. perfect. simple wonderful. something people can find gross, little do they know that it is something so mysteriously great. its one of the few things earth can providethat gets us closer to magic. the fact that is can build so much, in both small and large quantities.

    By Serena on 12.28.2012

  26. A loving man is like rich soil. Beautiful things grow from it, and nature is attracted to it. The evil man is dry infertile soil, producing nothing, only killing off what is beautiful

    By sturmzie URL on 12.28.2012

  27. When you live in South Dakota, soil is one of the most important things. Everyone’s a farmer, and if not you are best friends with a farmer, or are related to one. This Year we went through a drought, so the soil was bad and the crops didnt grow! Good soil is very important.

    By Jamie URL on 12.28.2012

  28. I like soil. It is somehow soft. It is bouncy and holds life. It is under your feet and in pots that hold beautiful flowers. I once was digging soil when I was younger. It got stuck under my nails. And it hurt. Soil is fancy dirt.

    By Stephanie Handy on 12.28.2012

  29. Delve into the earth, into the ancient mines of long-ago wars and kingdoms and histories. Read the soil and uncover the secrets of the past. Reach deep into its iron grip and pull out tidbits of knowledge to share with the world of today.

    By Gwyn_Paige on 12.28.2012

  30. the soil was moist. it was the first rain of the season. who wouldve known that this is where it would all change. On that day we begun to see things, things we couldnt explain. why were they there? it made us question everything.

    By zoe on 12.28.2012

  31. The soil was tainted with the mangled zombie pieces that were strewn about relentlessly. Obviously when they meant 2012 apocalypse they meant it!

    By Tiffany URL on 12.28.2012

  32. seeds grow in soil, we are made of soil n get mixed in it when we die, without soil there would have been no ffod it retains water grows plants

    By Nirmala on 12.28.2012

  33. Earth. It was what fueled me.
    I was a runner. I ran from those who attempted to hurt me. My shoes would wear, and I would eventually get down to my bare feet, covered in Earth.
    It was what made me run. What fueled me. What carried me away from what I feared the most.

    By Abby on 12.28.2012

  34. soil is the stuff that plants use to grow by using the nutrients that are in it. If you take soil and eat it you could possibly get sick, because there are probably germs. If you rub it on your face, you could look pretty interesting.

    By Bluefruityloop URL on 12.28.2012

  35. I used to play with soil when i was a little girl. I was that kind of tomboy-ish girl who played along with other kids with cars on the ground. Soil is one of the most important elements in our planet and it has always been. It reminds me of the green color and all of the animals that can feed from the plants that soil produce

    By may on 12.28.2012

  36. the earth, something that if it is rich will bring growth but if it is not, will only bring death. so many rely on the soil of the land to provide for their livelihood

    By jewel on 12.28.2012

  37. Soil again? Soiled again. Soil. Roil. Coil. Foil. Oil. Oil soils. Soil. Soil grows things. Things can also be soiled. Black, beautiful soil.

    By grateful URL on 12.28.2012

  38. Fog dredger

    By Baby guy on 12.28.2012

  39. She had stumbled into a magical realm where vines slept lazily between towering palm trees that stood paralyzed in a morning stretch towards heaven’s own spiraling staircase. Even the slightest touch of whimsical feeling could be felt in the mushy, rich soil that crept and slithered between her toes.

    By Deborah Lin URL on 12.28.2012

  40. soil is what plants need to grow. worms live in soil. this is a really dumb paragraph that an elementary school student would probably write. soil is probably underneth my nails. soil is spelled s o i l and has 4 letters

    By katelyn on 12.28.2012