June 9th, 2017 | 35 Entries

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35 Entries for “soda”

  1. “Shiny tops and soda pops when I hear your lips make a sound…”

    By Pop Pop Pop URL on 06.09.2017

  2. A perfect amount
    all you really need
    sweetness that pops like bitterness on your tongue
    on your tongue, every last drop
    plastic bag of hallow cans
    rush of my breath howling through, racing back
    I never take a taste
    not here for my sake
    it’s recycling day

    By Ai URL on 06.09.2017

  3. How much soda can you drink? You’ll be sick before noon, I think. Pepsi, Sprite, and Mountain Dew – Dr. Pepper and root beer, too. Coca Cola served in steins. Do I want some? Never mind. I’ll just stick to water, son. Come back when your binging’s done.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.09.2017

  4. soda
    so duh
    sou da?

    By Sameeka on 06.09.2017

  5. For most people, the word ‘soda’ refers to any fizzy drink, but for me, ‘soda’ only refers to club soda. My earliest memory of soda is from when I was, about, three years old. Papa would drink two pegs of whiskey every night, with soda and ice. After he had finished topping up his drinks, there would be, about, a quarter of the can left. He would allow Lulu and me to dip our fingers into his glass and take a lick of his drink. After that, I would drink the remainder of the soda, from the can. I loved it. I still drink plain club soda, today, at the age of twenty-three. Most people that see me do it think that I’m crazy and ask how I like it. I think that I just got used to it, because I started to drink it when I was so young. I still love it. Sometimes, I get such a craving for it, that the only thing I drink, all day, is soda. Even when I finish a meal or I know that I should be drinking water, I drink soda. In my mind, I have rationalised that soda is nothing but water with some bubbles. That doesn’t seem too bad. At least I’m not one of those people that drink only cola or stuff like that. That’s probably much worse. Because I got so used to licking whiskey and drinking soda, my favourite drink, now that I’m an adult, is whiskey and soda. People still look at me funny when I ask for it, at parties. That’s all I have to say about that.

    By Roxanne Patel on 06.09.2017

  6. Bubbles fill the water as soon as I step into the pool, and I suck in a sharp breath of surprise. Hands rest on my shoulders and push me back into the water as I try to climb out, panic making my heart beat faster. What was happening? This wasn’t supposed to be part of the plan?… Was the spirit of the water going to swallow me whole like the stories said?…

    By Evelynn on 06.09.2017

  7. I don’t know why people are so obsessed with soda in my hometown. Despite their looks I haven’t had any in years. This craze will be over soon and I’ll be left as one of the few without the extra pounds. My mom jeans will fit forever!! hahahahaha!!!

    By elisabeth ying on 06.09.2017

  8. I don’t like to drink soda. I prefer orange juice or other things to drink. My also dont like soda, but my husband drin

    By ale ribeiro on 06.09.2017

  9. The soda stung when she took a sip. She could feel the acid sizzle away the enamel of her teeth. It was too sweet for her now, not like when she was a kid. It hurt her stomach and she regretted it. Like she regretted him.

    By Mariah on 06.09.2017

  10. Carbonated beverage. This vile concoction single handedly puts the health of children in the United States in unparalled, euphoric, risk

    By Kaygon Finakin on 06.09.2017

  11. I like soda for the past couple of years, but I can’t really drink a lot of it now. I am trying to be on a healthier lifestyle right now so soda is out of my list. Damn can’t think of anything.

    By Jia on 06.09.2017

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    By Dallas Rackow URL on 06.09.2017

  13. A bubbly drink that is highly addictive and contains high amounts of sugar that will drive your cavities wild and your dentist visits mad. Some drink it as if it is water – a daily necessity.

    By Lucy Lee-Price on 06.09.2017

  14. I remember being addicted to a soda once. It was fun! Until I got fat and unhealthy…

    By porquezs on 06.09.2017

  15. I like soda but in my country(UK) we don’t really have soda we have soft drinks. My favourite soft drink is Fanta. But I also found a new favourite drink called J2O which I can drink from a glass bottle making me feel very mature.

    By Trijit on 06.10.2017

  16. the sun is up. the wind has a gentle touch. there’s pineapple and cranberry soda in the glass. it’s all warm and fuzzy inside during this holiday. there’s nothing better than laying in the sun drinking pineapple cranberry soda.

    By ANA-MARIA NEACSU on 06.10.2017

  17. I drank it backwards from the can to stop the hiccups. It never fails. I do it because I hiccup backwards, and it hurts. It hurts because my chest gets pulled in and the air expelled violently out of me from my muscles and chest and lungs and middle tightened parts, and it sounds like I’ve been punched in the gut. No up.

    By Daisy King on 06.10.2017

  18. neutral little can with your history of exploited natural resources from cuba and the effects on mainstream and widespread marketing to americans through the boomer years. ah yes i can taste your oppression and the unknown detrimental effects that these little karma bombs rain upon us.

    By 1000 splinters on 06.10.2017

  19. bubbling up, burst and fizz
    sweet sickly, poisonous drink

    By tones8 on 06.10.2017

  20. Soda. Ugh. The sticky scent wafted up into his nostrils distracting him from the ichty grass digging into his feet. The pool party had lasted much longer then his parents tol him it was and now he was pissed. First Sarah had cancelled on him that morning, then his swimming trunks had shrunk somehow, and now this.

    By Margeaux Robinson on 06.10.2017

  21. Bad. Four letter word. Kills joints. Dehydrates. Rots teeth. Deteriorates bones. Don’t do it. Just say no! It is a vice not easily walked away from. Seems harmless. Killer.

    By Lisa on 06.10.2017

  22. Cool soda sipped in the
    summer months; I am surrounded
    by sun shining off of a lake’s surface.

    By peri on 06.10.2017

  23. He cracked open his cold cola, taking a swig as if it were his last, and it was his last. They found him the next day hanging from the ceiling, no letter to be found. The sound of his heavy breath recorded on a loop, in a cassette in his old boom box.

    “Why this?”
    “It was his only song.”

    He sang his heart out in exasperated panting.

    A star that burned out before he ever learned to shine.

    By Emily on 06.10.2017

  24. Soda-licious, superstitious,
    What’s a girl to do when no one’s being vicious?
    Just sit with this,
    Live with it.
    Be a silent sound.

    By Emily on 06.10.2017

  25. So enticing,
    So inviting,
    I could spend all my days delighting
    in those soda-pop eyes.
    Sail around the world with me
    Baby I’m gonna try.
    There’s always an adventure
    In a love so divine.

    By Emily on 06.10.2017

  26. Is there a limit? Drove 30 hours. I still drove 30 hours for you.

    By federico on 06.10.2017

  27. Soda is UNHEALTHY because it has so many calories i don’t like soda (Actually i kinda do) well anyways it still has sugar!

    By Rebecca Buck on 06.10.2017

  28. Soda what a beautiful sight of sprite yummy delicious soda soda soda soda i could drink it all day (Actually i can’t but i’de want to)

    By littleawesomepie on 06.10.2017

  29. Where are you from I am asking you if you say this. People that say soda know that it bugs people that say pop – it is a more difficult more to say. youre doing more work.

    By andy on 06.10.2017

  30. soda at teh bar soda is my favorite drink because soda we drank in the bar where the ace hardware was, next door to the restaurant that always changes. i imagine a soda fountain with a man behind the counter wearing suspenders a whole restaurant you walk into with nothing but

    By a cat on 06.10.2017

  31. She took a deep sip and felt the bubbles sting her throat. It actually felt really good. It felt like it was helping, even if there’s no way it was actually medicinal. She swallowed hard and inhaled. It was almost sharp.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.10.2017

  32. she is amazingly messy;
    from the way she walks
    to way she eats,
    and the cups of soda she knocks over,
    her clutzy self falling.
    falling to the ground.
    falling in love.
    save her.

    By ashley on 06.10.2017

  33. It’s been a strange few weeks, she thought, with lips crooked at the sand. Grapefruit & soda made her head settle. Though they didn’t actually get any of the things done.

    By florencefarfaletti on 06.10.2017

  34. The empty soda bottle sat there calling to me. I sat there willing the traffic light to give me the arrow to turn left. I had to piss so badly and ugh, ugh, it was going to come out of me soon.

    By Lee on 06.10.2017

  35. two glass bottles toppled over on the counter, spilling onto the carpet flooring. it wouldn’t have been weird to any other eye. the lad moaning in the other room should have been enough for me to back out of the apartment to let that party happen but i couldn’t because of the little i knew about jen, i knew she didn’t touch soda.

    two glass bottles on the counter, spilling over cracks.

    who the fuck was in our apartment?

    By StarsInPerdition on 06.10.2017