June 10th, 2017 | 18 Entries

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18 Entries for “starry”

  1. Looking at a copy of “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh on a starry night seems appropriate, don’t you think? Though if I could, I’d make it more legit by going to see the real thing in New York. I don’t think they keep the museum open that late, though, after the stars come out. So all I think about is the texture. And the temperature. And the tempest hidden beneath the oily sky.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.10.2017

  2. I figured out what went wrong on those starry New York days, that’s old news, but you appeared in my dream last night, and it all seems a shame again.

    By Ella Emma Em on 06.10.2017

  3. the man from earth says we used to reach for the sky but now that it’s just outside the window, nobody bothers to lift an arm. ask clover to seal your suit, open a port, and connect you with a lifeline and you can safely float outside and catch as many stars as you like.

    with spirit on his breath and illegal cig-e vapors wafting through his cabin, he tells us pro-gen born on craft 42, what it was like living down below in a world that was once sustainable, in a time when the thought of stars once set fires, in an age when holding just one made you a god.

    but the man from earth is just that. a man.

    no stars to remember for that.

    By StarsInPerdition on 06.10.2017

  4. Starren. Mit leeren Augen auf einem Punkt. Nichts mehr wissen. Mich an nichts mehr erinnern. Alles ist leer. Die Spatzen tschilpen, aber ich höre sie nicht. Die Sonne brennt auf meiner Haut. Aber ich spüre sie nicht. Die Wand vor mir hat Löcher. Viele Löcher. Leere Löcher.

    By Lisa URL on 06.11.2017

  5. Looking up at the starry sky, Dr. P.J. North strum new that everything was going to be okay. People had for many years survived on this planet and he had hoped they would continue for many more. The newest problem, the need for a cure.

    By 1perspective on 06.11.2017

  6. starry eyed Harry
    thats all there is to say
    starry eyed Mary
    stay out of your lane
    Harry, marry Halle Berry
    Matthew Perry, Debbie Harry
    anything for the tabloids
    would you…
    do me a favour?

    By too stable on 06.11.2017

  7. One starry night… wait, that is not very original. Starry light, Starry bright, first star I see tonight… ok, I’m stuck without an original thought! Star struck!

    By Carrie on 06.11.2017

  8. In starry eye surprise, she sat there staring at me. Not know what was going to happen next, I stood entranced looking into her eyes. It was like staring out into the sky at night taking in all the stars that lit up the sky.

    By Ryan on 06.11.2017

  9. i love starry nights. where you look at the sky and see a million stars. your problems seem so small

    By katie on 06.11.2017

  10. calligraphy, late night, she strokes
    her pen to create a starry night,
    underneath our warm conversation,
    she confesses her blind side,
    the truth conveys when its late,
    oh well, im still on a starry date,
    lets take a sip and take a cab ride.

    i hope in the morning she accepts my courier
    note i left on the counter,
    because im no more than a night club-flounder,
    a co-founder, of her body’s most intimate seasides.

    By Milad URL on 06.11.2017

  11. The sky above her seemed to go on for forever. She laid back in the sand and inhaled quietly, taking in the smell of the tide and the feeling of abandon. She came back to this place often in her memories. She wished she could identify why. If she could, maybe she would stop feeling so guilty for doing so.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.11.2017

  12. They stood on that hill forever, wondering up at the twinkling pinpricks in the blanket of deep blue-black above. It was something they’d dreamed of for years, so long they were countless, and it took their breath away. it was everything they’d imagined and more. This was the real thing– no more sparkling rocks in the cavern roof. These were bright, and beautiful, and so far out of reach that it made them aspire to greater things.

    By Courka URL on 06.11.2017

  13. Starry eyes
    stare at these scars of mine
    Like nothing could stop the sunshine
    from seeping from my pores.

    Your lovely bones
    Make me feel at home
    Even though
    It’s just a thought.

    By Emily on 06.11.2017

  14. The starry night sky hung over the scene like a canopy. I knelt in gravel and broken glass amongst scattered corpses and my eyes were drawn not to these details, but to those stars. I wondered if there was someone on a planet warmed by one of those stars in the exact same position I found myself in. Somehow I doubt it.

    By Lee on 06.11.2017

  15. Her warm teary eyes glistened under the moonlight, resembling the reflection of a starry night in the waves of a calm stream.

    By JasminJanee on 06.11.2017

  16. Stars are unique, just like us. Each one has a story – how far away it is, where it is, it’s size – yet no matter what, we call them beautiful. So why isn’t it the same for us?

    By J on 06.11.2017

  17. But those were his eyes, starry as ever. Looking at the sky with a hope that was rooted in his heart, and made it’s way all the way to the his irises. A boy too dumb to let go of love. That’s him.
    That’s me.

    By cally d. URL on 06.11.2017

  18. what does that world mean?
    I do not know
    I would like to know what the word starry means.
    Maybe it means that a person is famous or not

    By Friend on 06.11.2017