February 25th, 2015 | 109 Entries

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109 Entries for “smog”

  1. one day when i was walking in the street and in the dark night

    By Haoua on 02.27.2015

  2. She blew out thick clouds of smoke that filled the room like the smog that came from the factories. I coughed. “What’s the matter?” she said in between drags.

    By neilu on 02.27.2015

  3. Smog on the streets of London suffocated the crows making them drop dead from the sky. A man was collecting the birds as they lined the streets.

    By butterbuilding URL on 02.27.2015

  4. a lot of people used to smoke with anxiety, they say they cannot

    By msh2015 on 02.27.2015

  5. the suffocating smog in this bustling city is not the thing which bothers me. It’s the stifling behaviour people have towards me.

    By m on 02.27.2015

  6. I looked at my friend Dana with a confused look.
    “Smog? What does that even mean?”
    Dana looked back at me sheepishly. “Well, um, I actually don’t know what it means. I heard someone say it and it sounds like smug mixed with fog so..”
    “Smug fog? Are you sure?”
    Dana just shrugged.
    (this is me not knowing what smog means.)

    By Sidney on 02.27.2015

  7. What a morning. I used to think that smoggy, foggy things were inherently evil. Suffocating. Dirty. (Filthy even…) That’s until one day I needed to hide in something. Anything. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have my thickly misty savior then.

    By Joya Jones on 02.27.2015

  8. i wake up thankfully clear the air, the smog that i create ruptures with no cares. you could call it pollution i say solution, if i held that in me any longer my stomach would be bruisin’


    By grldg on 02.27.2015

  9. There is much smog in the atmosphere of Beijing. This comes from the large factories in China, and the fact that there is no environmental protection requirements made from the government. The smog is thick, and can cause health problems for the many people that live in China. This leads to a lower life estimate for residents.

    By lc on 02.27.2015

  10. Smog.
    Is smog like fog?
    Fog is low but smog is up high
    so they can’t be the same.

    Fog is white
    but smog is grey.
    Can they happen on the same day?

    By Aryn Newnam on 02.27.2015

  11. it is smoke and fog together, it appeared during the victorian times.

    By T on 02.27.2015

  12. I don´t know the meaning of this word but I think it is a mixture between smoke and fog jajajaja LOL I hate tabacco and people who smoke, tabacco brings up cancer and people die sonner!!! Don´t eve talk about the smell…

    By Andie1397 on 02.27.2015

  13. Smog is like fog but with more smoke in it.

    By Jarrett on 02.27.2015

  14. Just disgusting, I hate it. Living in a big city forces me to face it everyday, which is destroying my lungs. Hate this!

    By Nikita Selikhov on 02.27.2015

  15. Low hanging black clouds
    Kept them shrouded in darkness
    And hid their dirt too

    By Soft URL on 02.27.2015

  16. Mixture of elements in the air, it’s time to don the breathing apparatus. They told me the name “Light” is only given to the darkest ones. There’s a danger there. But in a way I understand it. The way in which it must be done, for only the darkest can contain a quicksilver particle such as light. It’s immutable as nature, I see it reflected in the damped nearly invisible street lamps, layers of smog darkening the city. But it’s not always like this and it doesn’t have to remain this way either. That was what it meant to carry the “Light” I suppose.

    By Water URL on 02.27.2015

  17. The air was so thick Jason could barely breathe. It was a horrible nasty day, one he would have preferred to indoors. The smog had been growing steadily worse over the last several years, heavy with pollution and toxic particles.

    By skyrat URL on 02.27.2015

  18. there are manyn smog on earth we need to change this and protect or environment . smog brings cancer and others disis. cigarrtte smog contaminates

    By Andrea URL on 02.27.2015

  19. This smog of nothing-happening cuts patterns out of my days. Hear from no one, hear nothing, nothing will ever happen, the train will never reach another station, it’s just the glowing laptop in the dark bathroom playing epic movies on loop as the tub tap drips.

    By Ella Emma Em on 02.27.2015

  20. I thought the word she said was Smaug, but it wasnt. She was talking about the way it looked outside, and it didnt look like a giant dragon

    By John Hurt on 02.27.2015

  21. The dense smoke like figure. You see it sitting on top of the road calling to you. You keep driving and when you meet this large foe the only option you have if to go through it..

    By Bailee on 02.27.2015

  22. Smog is often seen in polluted areas. It is created by the combination of moisture and particles in the air. I always wondered if the word came from “smut” and “fog”.

    By T.H. on 02.27.2015

  23. The smog in the city today is so thick that it is difficult to breathe. Anna walks along and pauses, wiping her brow and glancing at the barely visible skyline through the horizon.

    By lc on 02.27.2015

  24. Smog covers the streets and the houses like a limitless field of despair.

    By YC on 02.27.2015

  25. The day was dreary as the smog moved in. I know the loch ness monster rose from the swamp

    By SM on 02.27.2015

  26. Smog is a smoky mess over highly polluted cities especially those that are in a hollow of hills that traps the pollution in. Smog is also a good name for a fire-breathing dragon that would possibly eat a Hobbit.

    By pam on 02.27.2015

  27. I do not like it; it smells bad, i cannot see; i cannot breath; my plants can’t grow; i wish i lived where cars do not have to exist.

    By gr on 02.27.2015

  28. Leaves my breath away. Leaves environment less.

    By jfr on 02.27.2015

  29. Overpopulation. LA. Cities set into bowls collecting their pollution like a bubble overhead. Emissions tests in states like California… where there seems to be more smog than anywhere else.

    By Roxy on 02.27.2015