February 27th, 2015 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “brewed”

  1. I felt the thought brewing in my head, “Where would I be if not here?” and found no answer. Oh how it would feel to be a bird, to be free, to go wherever I pleased.

    By Yasmina URL on 02.28.2015

  2. I woke up this morning with the smell of freshly brewed coffee steaming into my bedroom. It was an unfamiliar thing to wake up to. Not because I didn’t like coffee, but because it meant that someone was with me. Some beautiful lady had spent the night. I crawled out of bed, landed my feet on the cold floor, and shuffled out to reintroduce myself to whomever was there with me all night.

    By Susie on 02.28.2015

  3. Drink, the finest brew around. In this life of lies, might as well enjoy this.

    By AnnaLeBelle on 02.28.2015

  4. And here we are back to the beginning. Where was I? Yes, brewing a cup of tea and meditating. Blowing steam like it’s a rolling fog across a boiling sea and questioning if this is a proper smoke signal or not. But the thing is this: it’s as the writing on the wall. The subterfuge was context. The iteration of which we call, in conscious circles, subtext. But I walked away from this too. The world is weaving before me and I aim to side step the craters as I see fit.

    By Intuition URL on 02.28.2015

  5. brewed was my heart
    marinated in the thought of loving you
    couldn’t quit while you were ahead
    had to care for you
    more than what I had led
    you to believe

    By Erin on 02.28.2015

  6. Silence. That is all there was. And by the time I had actually figured out what I wanted to say, you had walked away.

    By Sunshine URL on 02.28.2015

  7. beer of titanic crush
    my crush has a crush
    on somebody else
    thats fine
    thats ok

    By too stable URL on 02.28.2015