August 27th, 2021 | 5 Entries

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5 Entries for “slowly”

  1. As we leapt slowly from the rooftops, light-footed, so as not to disturb anyone, we laughed at each other and at the moon. It was a magical moment supported by magical dust; but really, we’d never left the ground.

    by Rob on 08.29.2021
  2. Like a turtle, inching forward in the race as opposed to a hare, I take life in small strides as opposed to large ones. To look at the smaller picture and slowly get to the end of the race that is life. The best things in life come to those with a lot of patience. Without it, we would be reckless wrongdoers.

    by Tina on 08.28.2021
  3. The dog was slowly trying to get up onto the table to eat the beautiful steak that was left unguarded. Of course, he knew that he shouldn’t and his owner would be super mad and probably throw his canine butt outside but he so wanted that chunk of meat in his muzzle.

    by Brent on 08.28.2021
  4. Slowly she walked into my life, slowly she walked out, everything she did was slowly and yet also with an unfathomable control, making it in a way fast too. The fastness of her slowness made ripples in my life, ripples like waves. Them also slowly.

    by Karoline Heldal-Lund on 08.28.2021
  5. Everything is moving slowly. Everything, So slowly. Its all so slow but yet so fast. I feel every second but yet I feel like the last five minutes only last about 30 seconds.

    by Vanessa on 08.27.2021